Chapter One

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When Recca-niichan received that phone call, I did not know what was in store. All I knew was that Fuuko-neechan ran over and asked for me to hasten. We needed to go to hospital.

I thought someone close was in big trouble. The first person that came to mind was Yanagi-neechan. People always worried for Yanagi-neechan, perhaps because crazed and demented people like Mori Kouran often sought after her and her abilities. She had always been a big concern, even if a strong baka like Recca-niichan was her ninja. I like Yanagi-neechan a lot. She is very sweet and nice to me, like another Fuuko-neechan. But no one can beat my Fuuko-neechan.

As we sat in Mikagami-niichan's car, I kept pestering Fuuko-neechan to tell me what it was about. She hushed me a lot and didn't answer much. She looked as though she was thinking. It's not often that she thinks. Like what Mikagami-niichan once said, she acts first and thinks later.

Since she wouldn't answer me, I asked Mikagami-niichan instead. I doubted that he'd answer, but it seemed good to try anyway. "Ne, Mikagami-niichan, what's going on? Why is Fuuko-neechan acting so weird?" I asked.

"Something unexpected has happened," he said. " And Ganko, stop grabbing my seat, I can't concentrate on the road like that." I shrugged and plopped back in the back seat right beside the stoned-out Fuuko-neechan. Mikagami-niichan's answer seems reasonable enough. I guess he did know more than that, but he didn't say. There wasn't a person on earth who could read Fuuko-neechan like a book like Mikagami-niichan.

The ride seemed really long, and lonely too. Fuuko-neechan refused to play with me and tell jokes right then, so I had to find interest in something else. Mikagami-niichan often kept some colouring books in his car for me whenever he gave me rides, but I didn't feel like it today. For some reason, I felt a bit…upset.

Soon, we stopped outside a big white building. I know this building very well. When I had broken my arm whilst climbing a great big oak tree with Koganei, Fuuko-kaachan brought me here with Fuuko-neechan. The doctor-man was really nice. He put my arm in this big white thing and gave me a huge lollipop. I came here lots of times when the doctor-man called for "check-ups". Sometimes Fuuko-kaachan brought me here, at other times Fuuko-neechan.

Fuuko-neechan led me by the hand to a white counter. There was a pretty-looking lady dressed in white there. She was behind a computer when Fuuko-neechan spoke to her. Fuuko-neechan then whispered something in her ear. The lady nodded her head and gave a string of numbers to Fuuko-neechan. I didn't know what it meant, but Fuuko-neechan seemed to understand every word of it.

We waited a little while because Mikagami-niichan had disappeared somewhere in his car. He came walking towards us afterwards and then we walked to a lift. It was very spacious in there. I think ten Domon-niichans could fit in it. Mikagami-niichan was quiet as usual, but Fuuko-neechan was acting weirder than ever. Sometimes, I swore she glanced at me with a strangeness in her eyes.

We stopped on the seventh floor. The corridors were white. The ladies were dressed in white. Everything was so bright and white that it made my eyes hurt and I had to close them for a minute, holding on to Fuuko-neechan's hand tightly. She didn't seem to mind and led me on to one of those white doors.

We stepped inside and found a white room. There was a white bed with white sheets and a white chest of drawers. The only things that stood out of the white were those blessed blue curtains. It cast a blue light on the white floor and on the white bed. I felt Fuuko-neechan's hold tighten on my hand and she walked towards that white bed, dragging me along.

Beside the bed, seated on a wooden chair, was Neon. I hadn't expected to see her there or anything, but she was just there, as though she was important in this entire white affair. Her eyes were really red and watery, and her nice complexion was spoilt by streaks. Her nose was red and she smiled weakly at me. She didn't say anything, so I looked at the person in the bed.

I hadn't noticed him at first. But I should have, because I might have wanted to run out the room and far away. It was a man in the bed. His black hair, a bit long, resembled that colour of Recca-niichan's. His arms were for some reason rested above the white blankie that covered him. He had this set of bangles on his arm and his fingers were too long and sharp too. There were tubes connected to his wrist and he had all sorts of funny looking wires plastered on him. His earlobes had these red, round earrings on them and on his face, surrounding his left eye, was an ugly burn…

I let go of Fuuko-neechan's hand and began running back towards the white door, but everything was so white that I couldn't make out where it was. I felt trapped. I noticed how I was trembling. There were tears running down my face. I looked around for a safe place to hide and threw myself into a corner, hugging my knees.

What is he doing here?

Why is Kurei here?

Can somebody make him go far away?

"Ganko! What are you doing?" Fuuko-neechan came to where I was and kneeled down, so that her face was nearly level with mine.

She reached for my hand, but I pulled it away.

I don't know why I did that, but I felt like Fuuko-neechan had done something wrong. Ever since the day I left Kurei's service, I've been fearing the sight of him. He always told me that traitors would be killed, and he nearly proved it when he instructed Kurenai to get rid of me. Lucky thing that Recca-niichan saved me just in time.


Fuuko-neechan looked hurt.

"Ganko, Kurei can't hurt you right now," Mikagami-niichan's voice sounded out somewhere in the whiteness.

I heard Neon sniffing again.

"Ganko…" Fuuko-neechan tried again. She looked at me with her big, clear blue eyes. I hate when she looks like that. It makes people want to do almost anything for her. It makes me want to do anything for her. "Ganko…Kurei is really sick," she said.

I looked back to where Kurei was lying, still as one of those dead fish waiting to be sold off. The only difference is, his chest was gently rising and falling. Somewhere, I noticed, there was a constant beeping sound.




The monotonous beeping rang in my ears.

I remember that sound.

That was the sound that kept ringing in my ears when Okaasan was lying in a hospital bed too.

I rocked slowly along with the rhythm of the beeping. I remember how white Okaasan was when that beeping kept going. How thin she was.

Slowly, I got up.

I wanted to see if Kurei is as white and thin as Okaasan was.

The beeping just kept on beckoning me.


The beeping grew louder as I neared it.


I want to switch it off.


I don't want to hear the beeping stop and make a loud squeaky and long sound like that again.

Then I finally reach where Kurei is lying.

Where the beeping sound is the loudest.

Kurei looks paler than he usually is.

He doesn't look like he could kill me now.

In fact, his face looks almost peaceful. His lips were slightly parted and there was this plastic thing covering his mouth and nose. Everytime he breathed out, a mist would form it. His closed eyes…for some reason I want them to open.

Then I notice this blood red tube attached to his wrist. I follow its trail to see where it is coming from. There is this bag of red liquid on this stand some one metre taller than me.

I know this liquid.

I've seen it before.

I quickly move away from under the bag of red. I don't want the blood to drop on me.

In my dress pocket, I feel a bulge. So I reach in and find a cold, round shaped object. I know what it is.

It is my Kata Kugutsu.

It is the Kata Kugutsu that Kurei gave me some two years ago.

He gave me a temporary Okaasan back. But a temporary Okaasan was better than no Okaasan.

Then he used me to fight against Fuuko-neechan. He told me that if I weren't willing to help him, he would take away the Kata Kugutsu. Take away my temporary Okaasan.

Then I feel it again.

I step away from the bed. Away from Kurei.

I don't want him to wake up again. I don't him to take away my Okaasan again.

Then I feel Fuuko-neechan's hands on my shoulder. She doesn't say anything.

There is a warmth that she always gives me, but now, I can barely feel it as I stare at the sleeping Kurei.

Mikagami-niichan also comes near the bed. He stands beside Fuuko-neechan and looks at Kurei.

Mikagami-niichan somehow reminds me of Kurei. Both of them don't talk very much. Both of them seem pretty emotionless, even if Mikagami-niichan has "thawed", as Fuuko-neechan might say, recently. And they both have a…well…hidden, nice side of them.

Kurei…when I was living in the Uruha mansion, I never got to see him much. He was with Koganei so often. Training Koganei or just talking to him. At that time, I remember, Koganei's life seemed to revolve around Kurei. It had always been "Kurei this" or "Kurei that". Everything was about Kurei. The man did train me, too. But it was always with one of the women around. Be it Neon or Kirin-neechan. He told me the various usages of madougus, how some of them worked, and how my Kata Kugutsu worked. He treated Katashira Reiran as though she were another Neon or Miki, not as some doll. He brought me up and requested private tuition just for me. If Koganei thought him a brother, I thought him a provider.

Kurei gave me the most important thing in life. He gave me the thing that I had loved so much, even if it was a silly mannequin. If he had not appeared then and I had milled about that shop for years, I believe that my hope might have run out sooner or later.

He didn't let reality slap me in the face.

In a way, he let reality come to me gently, through Fuuko-neechan.

I step back to just beside the bed where Kurei is still softly breathing and just gaze at him for awhile.

It is a pity that Kata Kugutsu can't do a single thing about humans. If not, I would have attached it to Kurei's arm. Just to see his eyes open.

And even if they don't have a chance to blink, it would not matter.

Would it?


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