*Jacob's POV*

I ran myself a path from the circles I was running in. I couldn't go too far away from the house without Renesmee. I hated being away from her, but I needed to get my thoughts straight.

She was growing, yes. Our relationship was changing in front of my eyes, and I figured I would be happy to see it progress into the next stage, but I wasn't ready to let go just yet.

Our relationship has been similar to a father/daughter. Now I was suddenly placed out of that bond with her. She only needs me as she would need a friend. Someone to look to when she needed advice.

Having them move in was a mistake. I grumbled to myself. They are the reason Renesmee was forced to pull away from me. She now has her grandparents to look for leadership from. Not me.

Jacob? Leah's voice filled my head. Everything ok?

Aren't you supposed to be back with Sam's pack? I growled at the empty space in front of me.

Girl problems? She chuckled. I imaged myself trampling her and she growled. Seriously, why don't you talk to Sam about it? It's probably just a phase she's going through.

I don't need to talk to Sam. Get out of me head and go back to his pack.

She phased out and I had my mind to myself again.

She was right, though. This was just a phase, just the next step to her growing, and the growing of the imprint. There is going to be phases where she needs me more than others. She needed me more than ever before, I should be grateful for the help now. No imprintee has ever had to rely on their wolf before, not like Renesmee's had to do. This was her cooling off period. A chance to create a friendship with me rather than as a parent.

I glanced at the path that would lead me back to where she was. The sun was about to set, and I could feel her worry in the air around me.

"There you are!" Her voice was strained as she ran across the back yard towards me.

"I was just out running. Had some energy I wanted to burn off."

"I thought you were mad at me." She bowed her head and I knelt down in front of her.

"Never." I urged, placing my hands on her shoulders.

She flashed me her best smile and threw her arms around my neck. "Guess what Uncle Jasper taught me!"

I looked over her head towards him and he shrugged.

Renesmee continued as if I never looked away from her. "I'm learning how to shield some of my thoughts. Just like Mama does!"

My eyes grew wide as I stared at her. "You can do that?" I looked up at Jasper. "She can do that?"

Carlisle was the one to answer, "She's showing signs of it working. Her gift will grow as she does. There's nothing indicating that this is all she can do. She's flipped Edward's gift since birth, but it's Bella's that has always been a mystery."

"I thought she flipped hers as well? No one can get into Bella's mind… and no one can keep Ness out."

Carlisle nodded, pursing his lips. "We don't know that for sure. Edward had only made that assumption because she could get through Bella's shield."

"Isn't it cool?" Renesmee bounced excitedly in my arms.

"Very.." I answered slowly.

"I'm going out hunting soon, are you coming?" I was grateful she changed the subject. I wasn't ready for more changes.

"Of course I'm coming." There was no way I was letting her go off hunting without me.

"Well… could you… keep back a little?"

My jaw dropped. Did she not want me to go?

Jasper cleared his throat and shook his head when I glanced up at him.

I furrowed my eyebrows, confused.

"She mentioned before that she was worried about having you in your wolf form around us while we hunted." He answered my confused look.

"Oh," I sighed, relieved. "How about I stick around just like this," I gestured to my human self.

She smiled and nodded once. "Good!"

She flipped from my arms and ran over to Jasper. "Show me how a real vampire hunts."

"Renesmee, don't you remember hunting with your parents?" Carlisle asked her as we started towards the cars.

"Yes," she answered, turning to look at him. "But I've been hunting with Jacob for so long. I want to refresh my memory."

"It's ok," Jasper smiled, taking her hand. "This will be fun."

Renesmee couldn't have looked happier as he led her away. Something wasn't right with her. There was too much she was trying to learn too quick. She was planning something. There is only one other person in this entire world that crammed like her. Bella.

Whenever Bella wanted to plan something she studied all ways to get it done. Only her daughter could carry it just as bad as she does.

I stayed back while Jasper and Alice hunted with her. Carlisle and Esme stood at my side as they watched like marveling grandparents watching their grandchild at a sports event. They cheered her on and encouraged her when she needed it.

Just like I had taught her, she caught on with Alice and Jasper leading her very easily. She was a natural by the time she was full.

She slept in my arms the whole way home.

"You're worried." Carlisle said softly as I turned her bedroom light off and shut her door.

"You going to be my shrink now?" I mumbled and walked by him.

"I don't blame you for being worried that she's growing away from you. It's natural, Jacob. You don't want her looking only a few years younger than you and still thinking of you as one of her parents, now, do you?"

"It's not the point! Look at Edward and Bella; they are forever frozen as teenagers with a rapidly growing kid…I don't want to discuss this with you." I snapped. I wasn't going to let him be my therapist now.

"She was asking for you all day today. Worried about you."

"I didn't mean to make her worry."

Carlisle waved his hands between us absentmindedly, "I know you didn't. She's still tied to you, but she's going to pull away from your ways of life and stick with her own roots. Her calling as a vampire is very strong, and as she gets older she will want more and more of it."

"Did some research?" I guessed.

Carlisle nodded. "There are others out there like her. I know you're not fond of Nahuel, but he does have sisters. They are nomads just as their father is. They hunt humans as if they were full vampires. Renesmee has the potential to be strong. Possibly more so than Nahuel's sisters. Bella and Edward are not your average vampires. They are both highly gifted, and very talented. As my research tells me, Nahuel's father is not."

I nodded slowly, taking in everything Carlisle had to say. "So we do have a little monster on our hands." I laughed at my ill attempt at a joke.

Carlisle smiled and shrugged. "We will teach her right, Jacob."

"I know." I sighed, defeated. I was exhausted from many ways my mind was torn today.

I went to walk into my room, but stopped short, spinning around to face Carlisle again. "That's it!" I hissed.

"I'm afraid I'm not following…" Carlisle cocked his head to the side, confused.

"She knows the strength she's capable of. She's planning something, I'm sure of it."

"Planning what?"

"Nessie. She's going to… going to… I don't know what she's going to do, but it's big. She's trying to tap into her strength. She knows she's got it. What she's going to do with it, I have yet to figure out."

"She probably thinks she needs to protect you, or us. Her parents were taken from her, so she most likely thinks she needs to be strong enough to protect the rest of her family." Carlisle answered. He smiled to himself, satisfied with his conclusion.

I shook my head slowly as I thought about it. "I don't think that's it, but it's something Bella would do, so it's not unlikely that Renesmee is thinking that she needs to be the protector. I can go with that for now." I yawned and turned back to my room.

"Goodnight Jacob." Carlisle squeezed my shoulder and walked towards the living room.

I shut my door and stared at my bed. I wasn't tired, but my body felt exhausted. I sighed deeply before I dragged my feet across my room, tossing my shirt into the corner, and threw myself on my bed.