In Five Pieces

Written for Aoihand's Multiverse Challenge, of which the rules were supposedly:


1.) Write minimum five drabbles.

2.) The setting must have an obviously AU slant in a very overt way.

Note: I'm sticking with the traditional definition of "drabble" which is exactly 100 words. Since it doesn't say that all five drabbles have to be in different settings, I'm picking the same AU setting and writing 5 scenarios, like the sneaky loop-holer that I am XD

AU Scenario: If the Straw-Hat crew were comprised of members of the 11 Supernovas instead.

1st Piece: Baratie

"If I get rid of Don Krieg, my debt's off, okay?"

Redleg-Zeff scowled at the glutton of a girl who had in one sitting, scoffed down the entirety of the Baratie's stores. As her unfortunate vessel had been sunk (accidentally) by Krieg, she'd been left with a hefty bill unpaid.

"You stole my idea!" pouted Monkey D. Luffy. The pressed-into-serving-to-pay-off my-debt chore-boy had been about to propose the same thing.

"All debts... off!" growled Zeff, tired. "Just get rid of Krieg!"

One one-sided battle later, the Going Merry sailed forth, leaving behind crying babies and flotsam.

2nd Piece: Drum Island

"After King Wapol fled, a mysterious doctor arrived at the island and claimed the castle for his... work."

That had been what Dalton had said many hours earlier, when Luffy had come to Drum Island for someone to cure Bonney. Now, they were climbing up the sheer freezing cliffs, the rubber-boy clawing in desperation to reach the castle at the top.

Many more hours later, he lay exhausted and frost-bitten at the edge of cliff, begging the dark figure loitering beside the castle to:

"P... Please... Save my nakama."

Law smiled. "Trust me. I'm a doctor."

3rd Piece: Alabasta

Three Straw-Hats stared in disbelief at the presence of Mr. Divide-by-Diez, Crocodile's right-hand man.

Law had half-drawn his nodachi when Luffy said flatly to the stowaway: "Oh, you're not dead?"

"It's your fault I'm alive- I wanted to die!" Mr. "Divide-By-Diez" Drake countered. "I've nowhere else- let me be your navigator."

"Don't listen to him, Luffy!" said Bonney, preparing to turn Drake into Mr. Divide-By-Zero.

"It's okay guys." The captain grinned. "He's not that bad."

"Damnit, it would be nice for a change," admitted Law. "I'm a doctor, not a navigator."

4th Piece: Skypiea

"There should be five survivors," said Enel, "Thus there being six here is quite problematic."

"So you did see me," said Urouge to the mad-god, coming out of his hiding place. "I'd like to have a word about our homeland that you blew up, Enel... Bilkan to bilkan."

"Chances of survival. Individually Fighting: 2%. Escaping: 5%. Joining Forces: 45%," Basil Hawkins, whose crew had been sentenced to cloud drifting, droned. "We should follow the course with the highest chance of success."

Bonney, Law and Drake exchanged glances, conveniently forgetting Wiper.

"Teamwork it is."

5th Piece: Enies Lobby

"...better that I die... they'll never stop hunting me down!" Drake finished, having revealed his past as a rear-admiral.

The five Straw-Hats stood opposing the Tower of Justice, the CP9 and their two captives; Drake and Kidd, on the other.

"Hawkins," Luffy said, "burn that flag."

The "Magician" whipped out a white handkerchief and lit it. The World Government's flag combusted in tandem.

"I haven't heard it from you yet, Drake," hollered Luffy. "Say you want to live!"

"Oh bother." Kidd rolled his eyes at the display. "You lot... are TOO emotional."

And that was seriously fun. I should consider doing another set of 5... Thanks to Aoihand for the fun challenge!