Silhouette Of Hurt.

When Kagome come back, Miroku and Sango could feel her aura, more so than normal, they knew something was wrong. They didn't even have to ask, Inuyasha came back from the way he came, soul stealer's behind him, Kikyo, behind him. Sango and Miroku looked from Kagome, who's eyes were down, back to the couple.

"Uh Inuyasha" Miroku started,

"Kikyo is going to aid us" Inuyasha stated crossing his arms. While help was nice, the air around them was not.

The next day of travel was hot, long and quite. Inuyasha and Kikyo up front, leading the way, sword and arrows ready to fight. Sango and Miroku were next, keeping quite but also keep their eye on their friend, who was looming in back with Kirara. Shippo had stayed behind with Rin, though he didn't want to.

The dirt road they walked on was so dry it cracked under their feet and dust would rise a bit. Everyone was on guard. Seconds later Inyasha stopped with a growl, Kikyo looked to her left, needless to say everyone stopped and looked around. Kagome blinked, it took her a few moments to figure out who it was.

"Sesshomaru" Inuyasha growled, sword ready. Kagome was not sure how she would feel seeing him, she wondered if she should feel anything, in fact right now feeling something would be better then feeling nothing, which is what she felt at them moment.

Sesshomaru stepped out, he was near Kagome, his eyes locked with her, then they moved to the front of the group. His eyes landed on the dead one and narrowed. He then looked back at Kagome.

"Oi what do you want ass whole, to hurt Kagome some more"

"No more than you dear brother"

"Hey, whats that supposed to mean" Inuyasha to his stance to fight,

Sesshomaru ignored him, "The dead one has joined you"

"mmhhmm, she wants to aid us" Kagome said, holding loose to her bow. Hey eyed her, smelled her feelings. He thought he had felt the dead one, but when he placed her with the iun group he was surprised.

"What do you want demon" Kikyo then asked, his head snapped to her,

"What does the dead, want with the living" he simply asked, "Just as she will return, you will return to ash"

That's was all Inuyasha needed to hear, he was after his bother, wanting blood. "You leave Kikyo out of this!"

"Why is it you protect something that is mere dirt"

"Shut up!"

He swung is sword blind "Stupid half breed, father sword is not a toy"

Sesshomaru with easy, sent Inuyasha flying back, Kagome watched, not running to his side as she used to, she had no need, Kikyo was already there. Kagome watched as Kikyo knelt and held Inuyasha up, watched as he held her hand, hurt and confusion mixing in her.

"Am I to believe miko, that your are not with education"

"Hu?" She asked looking back at him,

"Your confused on something very clear"

Kagome was even more confused now, what the hell was he talking about, and since when did he start talking, really talking.

"I'm sorry?"

"If you are confused by this, then you will die in battle, you will be of little worth, just as she" He said looking over at Kikyo and Inuyasha. It dawn on Kagome what he was saying, she looked down. "I'm not confused on what to do" She was confused as to how her feelings got pushed a side, forgot.

Sesshomaru held out his hand, a piece of the jewel in it. Kagome took it from him and placed it in her necklace "Great, one more piece, now I'm closer to making a wish, and going home"

Sesshomaru picked up on her sadness, why was it she was sad when talking of going home? Was she really stuck on his half brother that much? Why, what did he have? Why was she so loyal?

"I shall also join you"


Everyone looked at Inuyasha who was yelling. "Inuyasha your bother could be of great help" Miroku pointed out,

"No way, not from him NO" He stood "No way Sesshomaru, not going to happen"

"I was not asking half breed"

"Why not?" Came Kagome's voice,

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHY NOT! He is the enemy"

"And is Kikyo not mine?"

Kagome care about Kikyo as she did all life, but deep down eveyone knew they were not friends, miko did not have room for hate.

"Whats that supposed to mean!" He snapped,

Kagome turned, hands into fist her eyes closed, mad, she was just mad. How come Kikyo could join but not Sesshomaru, granted they were not the sweetest people, but they were the strongest.

"Inuyasha SIT"

Kagome opened her eyes only to see Sesshomaru looking back at her.

"I'm not confused, I'm hurt!" She told him before stopping off.