I do NOT own either Lucifer or LORDI OR New York. Other characters i do own the others though.

"So…how do you feel about your obvious banishment from the mall?" Rika chirped as Rosetta shrugged.

"Could've been worse, a lot worse."

"Yes. We could have hundreds of humans screaming their lungs out, minor demons running amuck and Arch angels breathing down my neck. Yes! It could have been worse!" Lucifer fumed, right eye twitching as he rubbed his temples.

"It wasn't that bad."

"Wasn't bad!! Your crude example of a cherry bomb set the building on fire and burnt half the human's who stood around in awe alive. AND confounded the other half! They didn't have time to run before the building collapsed!!" the Fallen Angel nearly shrieked. Both Rika and Dimitri stepped back from the obviously P.O'd man.

"Oi!! Vrozzetta!? Vhat haft' vou done?" Luciana scowled approaching from the nearby shadows.

"I set off this sweet cherry bomb! Now half of the angels up there are calling for vengeance!" Rosetta giggled. Luciana twitched as at least five fire trucks zoomed by, the sirens shrill cry grew quieter and quieter.

"Seriously, why do angels always try to play avenger? You know they don't…"

"You've set fire to about half of downtown New York!!" Lucifer growled before grabbing the fire demon's head and slamming it against the near by bastian. Dimitri arched an eyebrow as his fuming older brother stomped off in a huff. No doubt back in Hell there'd be a few Angels demanding an explanation from Lucifer, Dimitri or Alreatzae. They'd be wondering why he'd let a defiant Ex- Arch Angel run rampant above ground setting random malls on fire with nothing but a can of soup, a can of ax, kitty litter and her guile. Oh it wasn't defiance, it was plain stupidity!!

Rika sat on her knee's poking the lifeless corpse of Rosetta. Of course she wasn't dead, as explained by her random twitching. The back of her head was pretty much mashed though. EW!! And Rika just ate!

"Vou zaprize me zizter. More brawn zen ze behemoth and completely no brain." Lucian muttered, her dialect making her harder to understand, as she dragged her sister's lifeless corpse away and kicking at a few cats and crawling demons that got in her way.

Dimitri sighed, shaking his head as the Shinigami and Fire Demon left before turning back to the poor bastian that now held an obvious head shaped imprint.

"That wasn't there a minute ago…" Rika muttered dumbfounded.

"Do you think we should find Lucifer?"


"I have a feeling he's currently venting his anger by letting hellhounds and demon crawlers chase after those insane homeless people with these signs saying, the end is near!!"

"Well for them it is." And with that Dimitri shoved his gloved hands into the pockets of his black jeans and began to hum Lordi's Blood Red Sandman before hurrying off to find the Ex Angel

"It might be easier if we take to the skies. Look for random trees on fire in parks or people screaming about giant dogs or giant ten legged spiders." Dimitri yelled over his shoulder before in a flurry of black feathers engulfed him. "If we don't hurry he'll end up in more trouble."

"Ayahhh… New York." Rika breathed as she rushed off to follow the other.