The Girl Who Like Explosions

Greg's 'Journal'

July 4th

I think Rodrick has died. He's been acting waaaay different lately. Today, he even made me my breakfast after he 'accidentally' woke me up way to early, and he hasn't been threatening me, or playing any tricks on me all week. And I think I saw him smiling this morning… It's scaring me a little. Anyway, he can't be trusted anymore ( as if I had ever trusted him before!).

I'm going to Rowley's today to play his Wii, but I have to come home for dinner, because we're suppose to go see some fireworks tonight. But mom said I could invite Rowley to come with us. And Rodrick said he had something special to tell us. Maybe he decided to stop be such a jerk, and stop that stupid noise he calls music.

Hey, a guy can always dream, right?

"Rowley is here," I heard mom call from downstairs.

"Coming!" I replied, grabbing my journal and putting it in the top drawer of my dresser. I hurried downstairs, quickly put on my shoes, and opened the door. "Hi Rowley."

"Greg, take your coat in case it rains," mom told me.

"Fine." I grabbed my coat before leaving the house.

"Bye, little bro," Rodrick called after me.

"Let's get out of here before I go crazy," I said, grabbing Rowley 's arm and running off down the street. I turned back to see Rodrick standing in the window, waving and smiling like a maniac.

"Greg, we're gonna have so much fun- whoa! What's wrong with him?"

"Weird, isn't it? Let's just go."

"O...kay… Anyway, mom got me a new game, and I haven't played it yet. I bet it'll fun though."

"What game?"

"Cooking Mama," Rowley replied cheerfully. I sighed.

"That supper was amazing, Mrs. Helfley," exclaimed Rowley, climbing into the backseat of the car next to me. We were on our way to the fireworks. Roderick was taking his van, and had left before the rest of us had even finished our supper.

"Why, thank-you, Rowley. I just wish a certain someone could appreciate my cooking as much as you do," mom replied, casting me a fiery glance. I laughed nervously.

The drive was filled with Rowley and I asking 'Are we there yet' repeatedly to see how long it would be before dad cracked, but he managed to keep his cool the whole time.

"Keep an eye out for Roderick, everybody," dad told us as we got out of the van. "Oh, look, there he is!"

"Dad!" We all turned to see Rodrick running toward us. With his dark purple skinny jeans and black System of a Down t-shirt and his black eyeliner, I sometimes wonder if mom might have dropped him on his head when he was a baby. He stopped and turned around. "Come on, I'm sure nobody'll hate you."

"Ev'ry bloody time! I've told you a million times how frustra'ing it is trying to run in these stupid bloody boots!" cried an annoyed but humorous voice. I knew it had to be a girl, with an English accent or something.

That's when she stepped into view.

She had long, wavy brown hair, and bright hazel eyes. She wore bright yellow skinny jeans, black knee-high boots, a black t-shirt that read "The Cranberries", and a unzippered purple sweater. She reminded me a lot of Rodrick: skinny and kind of... scary looking. But she didn't wear makeup like he did. Which was weird. She ran ahead of Rodrick quite suddenly, then turned around so we could see the green shamrock on the back of her sweater. That's when Rodrick seemed to trip on something. She bent over and started laughing like a maniac.

"Cute butt," I heard Rowley whisper. "I think I finally got it."

I swallowed hard. "Yep." I looked up to see the girl standing right in front of me. She held out her hand.

"'Ello, I'm Irish," she said.

"Nice to meet you, Irish..." To my surprise, she started laughing again.

"That's not my name! I just like establish that fact when meeting someone new. You can call me Cookie."

"So you're Irish?"

"Okay, no, I'm Canadian. I just like to test out my fake accent sometimes. But I'm part Irish." This time she spoke without an accent. "Fun, eh? And just so you know, we Canadians do not say 'eh' all the time, got it buddy?"

"Name's Greg," I said, taking her hand and shaking it. "Rodrick's little brother."

"I know that! Rodrick told me all about you. He told about how much you two love each other, and always do things together... Sounds cute." She leaned in closer to me. "Actually, I don't believe him. I have a little brother and, even though I love him and think he's the cutest thing ever, things aren't like that at all. We get on well most of the time, but... brothers in middle school destroying your reputation are annoying."

"Trust me, I never hear the end of it," I sighed. She smiled and was about to reply when Rodrick grabbed her by the arm and pulled her along with him. I heard her mutter something like, "I'm not some sort of object..."

"Mom, dad, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend," he announced.

"Hi, Cookie, nice to meet you." She offered her hand.

"What kind of name is that?" my mom asked her.

"My real name is just down right awful, trust me. My mother herself can't stand it." There was an awkward silence, and mom and dad looked away.

"Anyway... she just moved here with her family. She lives just down the street from us, actually."

"We're the ones with all the cats." Again: silence.

"Umm, well, let's get set up then," said dad, popping open the trunk and getting out our camping chairs. Rodrick and Cookie grabbed two chairs each (Manny was going to sit on dad's lap) then showed us back to their picnic blanket where they set up our chairs. They sat down on their blanket and Cookie took out her iPod and put one ear bud in her ear, the other in Rodrick's. Then they kissed each other. It was a bit gross.

"They're going to start soon," mom told us.

"I do love a good a firework show," said Cookie. "So many pretty colors... And I like that they're explosions. Just something else that adds to the awesome factor."

"That's, umm, wonderful," dad said.

"Rodrick, honey, can you take Greg and Rowley with you? The car is a little crowded." Roderick sighed, and looked over at me.

"No problem, mom."

Rowley, Cookie, Rodrick and I all climbed into the van and we took off. Cookie didn't stop chatting the whole time. She seemed as if she always had a story to tell. Her old friends sounded so interesting, too. The best part was that she had a great sense of humor, and could make the sad things seem comical.

"Well, this is where I get off," Cookie said, opening her door. "Bye, you guys." She got out and walked around to Roderick's opened window. The entire mood seemed to go down the toilet all of a sudden. She stuck her head in the window, and Rodrick whispered something I couldn't hear, then he kissed her. But not like they had earlier, but like they do movies just before dad turns off the TV and says it's time to go to bed. Then she walked off and went into her house.

Rodrick turned around, his eyes red. "If you tell mom about that, I'll kill you," he said.

"Are- are you crying?" I asked. "What's going on?"

"N-n-no, I'm not. Things are... they're complicated. You wouldn't be able to understand it."

Finally back home in my nice warm bed. It was a little cold outside, but Cookie lent me her jacket. I thought tonight was a lot of fun, but I don't know why Rodrick and Cookie seemed sad. I'm a little worried about them. What if something bad happened? I don't know what it could be, but I plan on finding out. But at least I think I know why Rodrick has been acting so differently lately.

Rodrick is in love!