This is Katniss and Gale when she returns from the Games in Gale's perspective. Not a one-shot but I might not be updating for a while.

Disclaimer: Not Suzanne Collins but am simply a fan of her genius!

I saw her as soon as the train stopped.

Katniss. Catnip.

She was with that idiot Baker Boy.

I had to stop myself smashing his nose in when I saw him smile and kiss her as they got off the train.

The press were having a field-day. The star-crossed lovers from District 12. I think she should have just shot him at the end. Save her a lot of trouble but Katniss isn't cold-blooded. I would have done it for her if I was there.

I waited with her mother and Prim.

Mum didn't want to come in case Posy got upset so I came with them and now I have to pretend I am her cousin.

This sucks.

She ran over to us and hugged Prim tightly as though someone was about to come and take her away. She even hugged her mother. If you've known Katniss for more then five minutes, you'd know that she doesn't have a lot of respect for her mother. She's a brilliant healer but Katniss always told me about the times after our fathers died and her mother went into Lock-Down mode.

She gave me a beautiful smile and went to hug me as her mother cut in.

"Katniss. Gale, YOUR COUSIN, came to welcome you home."

She stared at us as though we had two heads. I gave her an encouraging nod. She shrugged and hugged me anyway. The last time I'd hugged her, she was about to be shipped off to her death. I held her tightly. He looked over at us while we were hugging. I moved my hands down to her waist and whispered in her ear.

"Missed you Catnip."

His face hardened and so did mine as our eyes locked. My thoughts were 'If he thinks he's going to win this, his head's filled with flour.'

We broke apart and flashed each other another smile. She walked beside me as we left the station.

"Cousin?" She whispered.

"Yeah. Everyone thought it would be weird if you're best friend was a guy if you're in lovewith lover boy over there."

I remember when he first admitted it in his interview. Yes, I was jealous. I see the way guys looked at her before and I never really liked it.

But I wasn't sure of my feelings until he openly, in front of the entire of Panem said he loved her.

My family went around to Katniss' house when the interviews were being shown and I remember every head in the room turning to see my reaction as he said the words I despised coming from his mouth about Katniss.

I gripped onto the table and nearly broke a bit off.

She blushed.

"Oh, right. Did I sound believable?"

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently. I know it might be mean but I want to hear her say it. I need to hear her say it.

"I was acting, Gale"

Those words are like a miracle. I can't help smiling. She doesn't love Baker Boy.

But I love her.

And now that she's back, I'm not going to let her go.