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Title: Letter A, My Letter A

Pairing: Alice/dark!Tarrant

Rating: M (for later chapters)

Sum-Sum: Alice has been gone from Underland for nearly six years in Aboveland years, traveling the world and expanding her father's business. Now she's finally gone down the rabbit hole and returned home. Everything should be dandy... Right? Then why is the Mad Hatter acting so strange and brooding? Especially whenever Alice is involved?

Chapter 1: Fare-Thee-Well

Thunder banged from the sky above, and wind raged against Alice's rain-soaked gown. Her form being illuminated by every streak of lightning as she stared down an innocent enough rabbit hole. The storm was a fierce one, but she paid it no mind as her thoughts raced on that moment and the events that had led to it...

She had been to China, and had expanded her father's company further than her own wildest dreams. She had braved the burning deserts of Egypt, and the tiger infested jungles of India. She had even hopped over the pond to the States, and had visited the Down Under (despite how scandalous this was to her mother). Alice during her travels took on businessmen twice her size and her number of years, her tongue and wit being at the constant ready. Admirers and greedy males alike had proposed to her on numerous occasions, only to be turned down with a sugar sweet smile. So many other fabulous places and things she had seen and done, the majority of them women her age couldn't even imagine. But now she was home again, back in the Queen's good ol' England, feeling more hollow and empty as ever.

For the past three years (or had it been five? Maybe six? She had stopped counting after the first two and a half.) there had only been one place on her mind... Underland. Sweet, lovely Underland. How she missed it so. Many times over the years she had caught herself whispering to the flowers, and, on occasion, asked a white rabbit for the time. No man has ever looked decent (or fashionable, she adds) in a waistcoat and with pocket watch since her return. No tea has tasted as sweet, always having a lingering bitterness to it. And no hat has ever been as perfect as one of her Tarrant's creations. This created a pause in her wanderings.

"Not my Tarrant," she corrected herself, despite the fluttering butter-and-bread flies in her stomach at the thought of him. "A Tarrant."

Her heart gave a slight ache and her lips fell into an almost-sad pout as her thoughts returned to their destined path.

When Lord Ascot had invited her and her family to a welcome home party, it was like a wish come true. The storm keeping them from leaving, for fear of safety, made it even better.

An hour after the last candle had been snuffed, and the household fell to rest, Alice put her plan to action. Grabbing a robe and shawl nearby, and her handy but tattered traveling bag from its hiding place. (It was hidden just in case her mother took it into her own hands to make rid of it.) She began her search for the rabbit hole. It took longer than expected but now she had, and all she could do was stare down into it as mud pooled into her slippers.

Thunder gave a vicious boom once more, startling her back to the present. She took that has a sign to move along.

"This is it," she muttered to herself, gripping her sack tighter to her chest and taking one last calming breath. Having said all her good-nights and silent fairfarrens, she took the plunge. She cast her eyes upward to watch the world of her past as she faded below, before being engulfed in a dark and winding tunnel. She was finally going home. Her true home.

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