Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter series or any of the characters. This Fic takes place shortly after book five but will not be following the story line of book six or seven.

Chapter 1

It was normally the astronomy tower that students went to when they wanted to be alone, either by themselves or with a significant other. If not there then a lucky few who knew about the room of requirement went there, which handily came with its own bed.

However Harry didn't want to be found tonight or any other night, so a simple class room in some simple corridor among the many of Hogwarts was sufficient enough. Here sat Harry upon a table, his head in his hands and his elbows resting against his knees.

The few candles lit gave a faint glow around the room casting long shadows, giving refuge to any creature that wanted to hide there away from the glare of the flames.

Harry didn't notice his jade eyes were fixed at a spot on the cold marble floor but were unseeing as they were clouded by whispers of memories. His shoulders tensed and his jaw was set as he recalled every moment spent with Sirius. Every emotion that was tied to his deceased Godfather: Joy, Admiration, Bewilderment and Anger.

Joy for the realisation of the link he and Lupin gave him to his family. Two people who actually knew his parents and when talking about them, didn't usually finish the sentence with, you have your mother's eyes or you look just like your father. Harry could work that out for himself with aid of a mirror and a picture of them.

Admiration for the steely will power of the man. To spend a large portion of your adult life with everyone thinking you a murderer, and then to live out your days having every happy thought you can think of being drained from you. To come out and still be relatively normal, that must take some back bone of steel.

Bewilderment that such a person you look up to and look to for some parental guidance turns out to be a complete bully. Yes Snape was a complete dickhead and occasionally deserved a cauldron to blow up in his face and cover him in some horrible liquid to make warts appear or something, but to constantly target him? It angered him as much as it had when Malfory targeted Neville for his rememball.

Then there was anger. Anger for Sirius not living up to Harry's expectations of a role model. Anger for him being so reckless and getting himself lost, making his wait in Azkaban seems completely pointless. Harry also felt anger at himself. For wanting someone to look after him, when he had been perfectly capable to do himself.

Harry was devastated there was no mistaking that, but his soul was more in turmoil about his prophecy then anything. But he couldn't explain this feeling to himself let alone any one else. His friends had given him plenty of side long glances and asked him plenty of questions as to how he was feeling, but he honestly had nothing to tell them.

If he was honest with himself the idea of running away had crossed his mind briefly just so he could be normal like everyone else. Oh yes the thought of Voldemort terrified everyone but they didn't need to directly fight him, they at least could try to flee.

He sighed and thumped the table with his fist. It was the second time in his life that Harry Potter just didn't know what to do. The first was when he was younger, sitting inside a cupboard facing a bleak existence. Then the world of magic had been laid before him, a wonderful escape from the limited world of the cupboard and school.

No one had told him that one of the world darkest wizards would be baying for his blood.

Racist prick.

Now Harry just felt empty his school work and the magic elements that once excited him didn't hold much wonder any more. In fact nothing really stimulated the boy that lived anymore. He still got on well with his friends but his zest for life seemed to have disappeared.

Severus crept down the hall in typical potions professor mode. Contrary to popular belief he was not a vampire and actually enjoyed sleeping. He did not appreciate giving up any hours of sleep to do nightly rounds. If some student ended up strung up by their ankles by Peeves then that was their own damn misfortune.

The only thing that would make this bearable would be if he managed to catch one of the trio of Gryffindors that plagued his existence. Granger was a rare catch but a Weasley or Potter was often more likely.

He turned right at the end of the corridor and stood on a cat stretched out. It spat at him and swiped at his leg before scampering away fur bristling. Cursing he hoped it was McGonagall.

He was sorely tempted to give it up for the night, but then his attention was caught by a faint glow from one of the classrooms. The heavy wooden door had been left slightly ajar.

Whoever it was should have been more careful. Severus would have walked right past it had it been closed. It was more then likely a pair of students. He was toying with the idea of bursting in there and giving the students the fright of their life, before he settled on the stealth mode approach.

Dumbledore was not the only wizard who could make himself invisible without a cloak. Severus's image blended into thin air and he manovered himself into the class room. He was taken back when he saw the silhouette of Potter, sitting all by himself.

Well it appeared to be Potter. It looked more like the shell of Potter.

Severus was aware as was every other member of the faculty that Potter was not his usual brazen annoying self. He just floated by to classes and didn't fight back when Severus goaded him. This annoyed him even more.

The students eyes were dull and Potter seemed miles away. Must have been so stressful being a student only having a few lessons and then filling your life with pranks and other such frivolities. He truly detested the freedom of Potter. Granted the Dark lord seemed to have some sort of obsession with the boy, (Merlin only knew why).

But even with the Dark lord stalking him Potter got away with such leniencies Severus could only dream of when he was a student.

Potter's blasted relatives had refused to take him back without his blasted Godfather able to bully them into it. Even the persuasive word of Albus Dumbledore hadn't been enough to convince them to keep the spoilt brat. Although they were Muggles Dumbledore was just another name to them.

Severus could admit to himself he was a little jealous of the things Potter got away with. He had wished when he was a student he could have stayed at Hogwarts for the Holidays. His teachers barely said one word to him being a Slytherin and all; he didn't really have friends even now.

His quest for acceptance had lead to the Dark Mark and still he was excluded from both sides not really trusted by either.

It was for this reason he primarily detested the young boy. True he looked like his father and that was reason enough but the way every one fawned upon him and doted on him was sickening. He hadn't even achieved anything worth merit, his existence was due to his mothers sacrifice not his strength of magic.

True he had a run in with the Dark lord a few times, but he wasn't even at full strength yet and Potter had ample protection around him. Hell he had the full order at his back at the last encounter.

So it was baffling to Severus why the boy was here sitting all alone looking haunted. Then again this Potter shell had been present for a while now. It made him uncomfortable when people did not act the way they were meant to.

It made him uncomfortable because he recognized himself in the boy.

Someone who was lost and did not know where to turn.

Before he could even confront the boy Potter and got down and made his way out of the classroom. Removing himself from the comfort of the shadows fully intent on taking away points he jerked back the door after Potter and nearly slammed into the boy who was staring up at him.

"Something you wanted Sir?" He inquired meekly.

Damn Potter to hell. He was the most feared Professor and here the brat addressed him as if he was holding him back after class, rather then being caught red handed out after curfew. He could at least have a bit of fear in his voice.

"Is your disregard for the rules inherited, learnt or due to your lack of intelligence Potter?" Severus whispered venom dripping from every word.

"I apologise Professor. I just wanted to be alone to think. I'm going back to my dorm now." The boy turned on his heel and walked away.

That was it? Where was the sarcastic response? No Severus was not satisfied with this.

"Although you may have many a member of Staff wrapped around your finger you do not have that favour with me. Fifty Points from Gryffindor and detention tomorrow night with me at seven!" Severus snarled.

Potter turned and nodded his head. "Tomorrow at seven." He agreed.

No angry retort? Just this calm acceptance. Now Severus wanted to make him angry.

"Thinking about your long lost Mutt?" Severus regretted the words as soon as they came out, even he was not such a bastard that he would play on the grief of someone.

The boy stopped walking again and his hand clenched. "Yes actually. I don't forget who caused his death Snape." Potter growled.

Just how had he caused Black's death? He alerted the Order as soon as Potter gave him the stupid Padfoot message.

"What are you prattling on about Potter?" He asked confused.

But the boy just walked away.

(Damn him!) Severus snarled hitting the stone wall with hit hand. Just what was going on with Potter? Whatever it was he resolved to get to the bottom of it. Sighing he moved back towards the dungeons.

He really hated it when his mind became obsessed with something.

It seemed that something was now going to be Harry Potter.