Hello, fellow Seddie fans!

Unfortunately, this chapter isn't a story, just one big author's note. Hope you guys don't mind.
I just wanted to explain everything so that people wouldn't be confused. =)
Okay, so this is a Seddie collaboration of all the "What if" moments.

Like, What If in iSpeed Date, Sam and Freddie had danced, or Carly had left early? Those types of things. I have some ideas for episodes, and each chapter will be each different idea. Not ALL will make Seddie happen each time, but all will definitely have a significant moment in it.
If readers want me to do a "What if" moment that I didn't think of, you can just send me a message or review and ask me to do that idea, and for the chapter title I will write your username and say that it's your request (unless your username is too long, then I will just say it in the author's note). Also, if you want to make a story and submit it to me so I can publish it, I would be happy to do that, and I would write that it's your story and that all credit goes to you, of course!
I know that it may sound stupid, LOL, but I thought that it would be fun to do, and I would really love your guys' support in this! I'm looking for some episodes to do, and this is my first time at attempting to write stories, so please, no flames! (But still criticize and tell me what I can do better, please! I'd really like to learn.)
I just wanted to explain just in case people got confused, and I wanted to make sure everyone understood and wouldn't get confused!
So, hopefully, you'll find this interesting, and once I figure out what episode I want to do first (it'll probably be iSpeed Date, but I'd like to decide) (or if you want me to do one), I will have the REAL first chapter up soon!

Bye!! =)