Summary :(Title means Konoha's Five-Element Lizard) Uzumaki Suzume is discovered by Maito Gai soon after the Wave Arc. The taijutsu master takes her under his wing to learn the art of hand-to-hand combat. Watch as she becomes a legend surpassing all those before her, The Eki Sennin, lizard summoner, Suzume no Byakugan, and the Gogyou, master of manipulating all five elements. Following her path, she will become Konoha no Gogyou Tokage. This is the ultimate tale of ass-kicking, cussing, and chakra! Fem!Naru, Super!Naru, AU, OOC, Team 7 bashing.

On a side note, Uzumaki Suzume means "Whirlpool Sparrow"

This is a story that's been sitting in my head for a while. Those of you who wanted another Mokuton chapter, don't worry, that will come out soon.

I do not own Naruto. If I did, Naruto would be a girl and Sasuke would have never left.

Where it all began

Konoha no Gogyou Tokage

Suzume fought the tears out of her blue eyes as she threw kunai after kunai at the target with increasing intensity.

You're worthless! You'll never be as good as me or Sasuke-kun!

Dobe. You're pathetic. The only reason Sakura can't beat you is because of Kage Bunshin. You're just a waste of space.



Just go die!

Kill yourself as save us the trouble!

Twelve years of loneliness and pain generally leads to a large amount of emotional baggage, that's for sure.

The jinchuuriki collapsed to the ground, sobbing

'Worthless…I'm not good enough…'

Maito Gai was a person of many faces.

While most people only looked as far as the green jumpsuit and bushy eyebrows, he was different beneath his slightly psychotic exterior. Like many jounin, he had developed his own quirks. Jounin who had fought in the Iwa-Konoha war eventually developed their own oddities/ addictions to throw the enemy off balance. For example, Kakashi had taken to reading smut, Asuma had started smoking, and so on. Gai was just another in the long list of oddities.

Underneath his act, the war had taken a toll on him. Most of his family had been killed after all, similarly to Hatake Kakashi.

But, unlike his eternal rival, Maito Gai had managed to move on.

And that made all the difference.

The above-mentioned jounin was out for a stroll (well, jog really..) within the village when he heard the faint sound of crying. Within the village of Konoha, a rather cheerful place, the sound was unusual. Gai normally would have ignored it, but the sound was coming from where he was going, so the Green Beast decided to check it out.

When he got to the source, he was surprised to see a kunoichi; probably a genin – with bright yellow hair done up in two pigtails. She wore a simple orange t-shirt and black pants. Her hitai-ate was tied around her forehead.

'It's the jinchuuriki…Uzumaki Suzume..'

Unlike most of the village, Gai did note hate the Uzumaki. He simply didn't know the girl from personal experience. The taijutsu master wasn't exactly somebody who would just leave a girl crying, so he decided to talk to her for a little bit.

"Hello. Uzumaki-san, right? What unyouthfullness has made you cry so?"

The blonde's head jerked up at the voice. She wiped her eyes of tears and looked up curiously at the older shinobi. Suzume could sense no ill intent from the man, so she might as well speak with him.

Suzume gave a weak smile before speaking. "I was training to improve my aim…My mind wandered to unpleasant things….ano…"

"Maito Gai."

"Maito-san, then."

"Well, why aren't you training with your team?"

Suzume suddenly found her shoes very interesting. "My team doesn't like me very much.."

Gai raised a bushy brow in curiosity.

Seeing this, the kunoichi continued. "Well, I'm really worthless on my team. I mean, my male teammate is a ninjutsu specialist, like sensei. My other teammate, a girl, is really good at genjutsu. I wanted to specialize in taijutsu, until I found out that kunoichi don't have the strength to do that. After that, I wanted to learn ninjutsu, because I hate genjutsu. But sensei kept going off to train my teammates, saying that I had to have better chakra control before I could learn anything. I'm doing the best I can, but I just don't know what to do anymore."

Gai's eyes narrowed. 'Whoever this girl's sensei is, they're basically telling her that she's just a failure. The fact that she's even trying after that is impressive.'

The Green Beast thought for a moment before speaking. "You know, just because you are female doesn't mean you can't specialize in taijutsu. How about this, you meet me here after team practice every day. If, at the end of the week, you decide to continue with taijutsu, I'll introduce you to my team, alright?"

Suzume mulled over the proposition. "Thank you for this chance…Gai-sensei!"

Suzume jogged happily into training ground 10, the place she had met Gai yesterday.

The blonde was greeted with the sight the taijutsu master doing push-ups….with his thumbs.

Suzume blinked. "Umm…Gai-sensei…"

At the sound of the blonde's voice, Gai stood up. "Welcome, my student, to the youthfulness that is taijutsu!"

Suzume translated that to "Let's get started, shall we?", and nodded. "Sure!"

"First thing: Weights! Follow me, my youthful student!"

After Suzume got 15 pounds of metal strapped onto each of her limbs, the pair traveled to another training ground, where Gai began to speak.

"While normally it would be useless to teach a kunoichi the Goken, as you pointed out earlier, you are much stronger then most of your peers. The fact that you are walking around normally wearing 60 pounds is proof of that. So, be prepared for your training."

Maito Gai's training was hell. While it defiantly had good results, Suzume was exhausted at the end of every day. The blonde now had a basic grasp on the Goken, and it was defiantly easier for her to understand then ninjutsu or genjutsu.

Today was the day that she was going to meet Team 9. Suzume had left a shadow clone with team 7, so she would be fine there.

When the jinchuuriki looked up again, she found herself at her destination. The blonde sighed, and entered the clearing. Once there, she saw a Hyuuga branch member, a girl with a Chinese style shirt, a mini Gai-clone, and the Green Beast himself.

The girl was the first to speak. "You're the girl Gai-sensei told us about, right? Uzumaki Suzume."


"Well, then introduce yourself!"

Suzume shifted uncomfortably. "Well, as you know, I'm Uzumaki Suzume. I like ramen, friends and training. I dislike stuck-up pricks, lazy assholes, and fangirls. My hobbies are training, pranks, and eating ramen. My dream is to become a powerful kunoichi, and Hokage!"

"Yosh! Suzume-san's flames of youth burn brightly!" Lee exclaimed.

Said kunoichi felt a bead of sweat slide down her head. "Umm…Thanks…"

"My name is Rock Lee! I like green, taijutsu, Gai-sensei, and flames of youth! I dislike arrogance and geniuses! My hobby is training with Gai-sensei! My dream is to prove that you can become a most splendid shinobi, even without gen- or ninjutsu!"

"I'll go next." The Hyuuga said, cutting off Lee's rant.

"I am Hyuuga Neji. I like training. I dislike a certain practice in my clan and the fact that my father is dead. My hobby is meditation. My dream is to desegregate the Hyuuga."

(In this fic, Neji knew all along that his father had sacrificed himself willingly.)

The bun girl smiled before speaking. "Hello! I'm Ryuusei TenTen. I like sharp objects. I dislike weakness and fangirls. My hobby is fortune telling. My dream is to become a shinobi as strong as Tsunade-sama!"

Suzume felt her mouth curl up into a smile. She like the optimistic kunoichi already.

"Alright, my youthful students! I have gotten permission from Hokage-same to take Suzume-san with us on all of our missions C-rank or higher! May our flames of youth burn brightly and never diminish!"

"Yosh! Gai-sensei!" Lee shouted, getting up and hugging his teacher, while Gai hugged back.

A background of a sunset and crashing waves appeared.






"BOTH OF YOU, SHUT THE HELL UP!!" TenTen shouted. "Good grief!

Neji, at the moment, was covering his eyes with both hands, and was only now daring to peek through his fingers.

Yep, a normal day for Team Gai.