Seoul, South Korea---April 6, 2010

The children are coming out to play and it's not like it was all those many, many terrible years ago in the Korean war...police action, whatever you care to call it. It was brutal , but today is nothing like it. The children look the same because of dirt and mud mixed in with playtime but now, the children don't have to worry about shells coming out of nowhere, enemies dropping bombs.

6 or 7 children were running out of a Korean household and screaming and yelling in pleasure. One boy of about 7 years of age pointed down the road and yelled in Korean:

"That way!"

Birds were singing and the breeze was blowing slightly...perfect day for doing whatever the day called for.

The children ran down the road and just knocking into each other and ditches were on either side of the road filled with vegetation, murky dirty water and that caused mosquitoes to be out in droves. That's mostly why the children had mud all over them, because their own mothers covered them in it, to keep the pests away or at least try.

They were trying to knock each other into the ditches for fun, one big 8 year old boy finally knocked a 6 year old down, the boy was just laughing, splashing water onto his brother and sisters who were laughing with him but ten when he threw his arm back, he hit something.

He asked in Korean:

"'What is it?"

His brother replied in their language:

"Probably a rock"

The boy pulls and tugs at it until he pulls up a skeleton finger of a hand and he gasps, drops it and scoots back as much as he can in the water but his brave sister pulls back the drape of seaweed and other things from it and exposes two dead bodies pressed together, one clutching a tattered bag. One of the boys flatly says in Korean:

"They're dead"