A/N-I might be doing something of a time crunch here, I know Spearchucker disappeared in season 1 and Ginger was on until season 3 but let's use our imagination and crunch those 3 seasons together in one?

Hawkeye, Radar, Trapper and Margaret stand around with themselves in shock while Hawkeye's daughter and Trapper's girls look confused and the black man standing in front of them is just as confused and he starts to say:


Radar says:

"Oliver Ballis"

The man says:

"Yes, how did you know?"

Hawkeye clears his throat then says:

"Um, does a Ginger Ballis live here?"

The man says:

"Yes, that's my mother"

They all look at each other and Oliver asks:

"May I ask who you are?"

Hawkeye shifts his feet then says:

"I'm Benjamin Franklin Pierce, this is John McIntrye and Walter O' Rielly and Margaret Houlihan, we, uh, all served in the war with your mother"

Oliver then says:

"My mother doesn't talk much about the war"

Margaret speaks up and says:

"Well, this isn't about the war so much as it is about a colleague of ours from that time, could we come in?"

He looks at them all and hesitantly steps aside and Hawkeye asks:

"Um, this is not any of my business I know but what do you know about your father?"

He looks at them then says:

"Not much, like I said, mom doesn't talk much about those days"

Hawkeye asks:

"Could you go get her, please?"

He looks at them all then goes into the other room and Margaret asks:

"Ginger had a baby? What? When? Ah…"

Hawkeye says:

"Listen, listen, don't you guys remember? It all makes sense now?"

Trapper asks:


Hawkeye looks around then says:

"After Spearchucker disappeared, Ginger went into a depression and Henry, bless his heart, gave her a lot of R & R time…and somehow all her r and r was about the time, the army physical's came around, she never let Trap or I touch her"

Then Margaret adds:

"There was that time she gained a lot of weight but we all just thought that was…part of her depression"

Radar says:

"I remember she went to that long nurses convention that I thought was too long"

Trapper asks:

"What about the baby? Who raised it?"

Hawkeye shakes his head then says:

"I don't know, we may never know…."

Just then Oliver comes back in the room with Ginger, he's helping her walk and puts her in a rocking chair and Hawkeye says:

"Ginger? It's me Hawkeye"

Margaret smiles and says:

"I'm here also Ginger and Trapper"

Radar smiles and says:

"Radar O' Rielly Ma'm"

Ginger looks around and says:

"Hawkeye? Margaret? Trapper? Radar? What are ya'll all here for?"

Hawkeye says:

"Well, Ginger, its about Spearchucker"

A tear comes to her eyes and she says:

"Spearchucker? What about him? He's gone…"

Oliver says:

"I don't know if this was such a good idea…."

Hawkeye puts up his hand then says:

"Ginger, do you remember a boy named Dhan?"

Ginger thinks then says:

"Dhan? Dhan? Oh yes, Spearchucker tried to help him, he was worried about him"

Hawkeye goes on and says:

"Ginger, the boy had a Uncle, the Uncle thought Spearchucker and another guy were going to take Dhan away, he killed Spearchucker"

Her eyes as well as Oliver's widen and she says:

"He killed Spearchucker? He didn't leave me?"

Hawkeye smiles and says:

"No, he was coming back to the camp for you Ginger, he didn't leave you; he was killed…they man didn't mean to, he was slow, didn't understand things right. It was just a horrible misunderstanding"

She goes quiet then signals for her son to come closer and she whispers something in his ear, he leaves the room and comes back and hands Ginger a picture of Spearchucker and she cradles it like a child.

Oliver walks over to Hawkeye and Hawkeye says:

"You know now that your dad died a hero"

Oliver wipes away tears then says:

"Thank God, you don't know how this has….affected her over the years"

Hawkeye hugs him and all goes silent then Radar says:


Hawkeye looks at him and Radar points to Ginger. Ginger has died peacefully in the rocking chair, clutching the picture of Spearchucker. A tear falls down Margaret's cheeks and Oliver goes over and picks up his mother's frail hand and says:


Margaret says:

"I'm sorry Oliver"

Oliver shakes his head then says:

"I think she was just waiting for this"

He wipes some more tears away then says:

"Excuse me, I have to go make some phone calls"

Margaret thinks on something then just before Oliver leaves the room, she says:

"Excuse me Oliver, I know we are just strangers but…they are going to bury Spearchucker's bones in Forest City, Georgia and I think your mother…"

He shakes his head then says:

"I think she would like that"

He leaves and Hawkeye and company just stand around almost in shock.

A few days later, in Georgia, Hawkeye, Margaret, Trapper and Radar bury their two friends. Taps is played and the American Flag is folded and given to Oliver and one of Spearchucker's surviving nieces. A 21 gun salute is going off and Margaret says to both her ex-husbands:

"I'm glad we did this"

Trapper says:

"What do we do now?"

Hawkeye says:

"Go back to Crabapple Cove, have a drink and play poker"

Margaret looks at the graves and the caskets going in the ground then she looks in the sky, in the white clouds and she sees…a faint image of a man and woman looking like they did 57 years ago walking off together. And Margaret smiles then says:

"Let's go home"

They do.

At NCIS headquarters, Jethro, Tony, Tim and Ziva walk in. Tony and Tim put their bags on their desks and Ziva puts hers on the floor and starts typing away at her computer then Abby walks in and says:

"Hey guys, what took you so long?"

Tony says:

"We had some things to do in Korea before we left then we went to Sgt. Hamilton's funeral, most of his family is dead so we felt like we should go"

Tim says:

"Jethro felt we should go and he was right"

Ziva then asks:


Jethro looks at her and says:


Ziva looks confused then asks:

"That colonel over in Korea, was his named Andrew Spangler?"

Jethro shakes his head then says:

"He never did say his first name, why?"

Ziva then says:

"Look at this, according to this, Andrew Spangler died in Korea in 1951 in the same conflict that killed nearly all of Sgt. Hamilton's unit"

Tony laughs and says:

"Got to be another Andrew Spangler"

Jethro says:

"No, that's him"

Tim thinks of something and types in a few well placed keys then says:

"Look at this boss…the building we were in, it was headquarters for the Marine's….in 1952-53 but it's been shut down ever since"

Tony says:

"I know we were there, we found two bodies, we buried them; we were in Korea"

Abby asks:

"What do you think it means Gibbs?"

He pours himself a cup of coffee then takes a sip then says:

"No man left behind"

He just leaves and goes up the stairs and Ziva asks:

"What did he mean by that?"

Tim says:

"No man left behind, it's a Marine code of honor"

Abby asks:

"You mean, you don't think….?"

They start arguing amongst themselves then Director Vance comes out and looks down and asks Jethro:

"What are they doing?"

Jethro just says:

"Just being a family"

He throws his cup away and walks off.