T to be safe.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight saga but I do own the characters I made up E.g. Alla and George, who will come into the story later.

After Bella gave birth to Renesmee she wasn't turned into a vampire, but survived. Three years later she still hasn't persuaded Edward to change her, and she's pregnant, again. She gives birth to a baby girl, who they call Alla, and Bella is changed into a vampire, but can Alla live up to her sister?

Chapter One

Alla's POV

13 years later.

"Oh my God!" Mum screeched in my ear. "Renesmee is 16!" I watched her basically jump up and down with joy with a dismal look on my face. "What?" She asked. I didn't answer. "Don't be so boring, you should be happy, it's your sister's birthday." I forced a very fake smile and mum ruffled my hair before walking out. I turned back to the mirror and grimaced at what I saw. My untameable mess of muddy brown hair looked horrid, my eyes were an off brown, not the nice chocolate of Nessie's, and my skin wasn't the right kind of pale. Did Nessie get all the good looks mum and dad had to offer? I locked the bathroom door, stripped down and turned the water on, climbing into the shower. The steam filled the room and the hot water trickled down my skin as lathered my hair in shampoo. As I rinsed it off the bath became slippery and I had to fight for my balance; that was definitely a trait I got from mum when she was a human, well that's from what I heard she was like. The moment I was born Edward, I mean dad, had to inject venom into her to keep her alive, I really am a terrible person, I almost killed my own mother.

"Are you almost done in there?" Nessie called to me from the other side of the door. I wiped my eyes and stared in the direction she was, a scowl on my face.

"Almost Ness." I shouted back, shaking my head to try and get some of the water out of my hair. I did like my sister, no, I didn't like her, I loved her, but because she was born first and no one expected mum and dad to have two children they seemed to love her more. Mum was making a huge fuss over Nessie this morning, if it was my birthday she wouldn't make that much fuss over me. I hummed a tune in my lullaby of a voice, yes you heard me right, lullaby, my voice was the only thing I liked about me, it was beautiful even if I did say so myself. I switched the shower off and grabbed my towel, rubbing myself dry. I put my dressing gown on and wrapped my hair in the towel, unplugging the hair dryer and taking it with me. I walked out of the bathroom and Nessie slipped in after me.

"Hey! Don't take that! I need it!" I sighed.

"Well I need it too sis." I said holding it to my chest. If anyone walked past right now I knew damn well who would win.

"What's the matter girls?" Bella, I mean mum said. Damn. I tried to hide the hair dryer behind my back but it didn't work. "What have you got there Alla?" Mum asked. I gulped and showed her.

"I need it." Nessie said.

"Alla, give it to your sister." I glared at mum, I had it first and I would be finished with it by the time she got out of the shower. "Give it to her."

"But I'll have finished with it when she gets out of the shower, and my hair's wet and hers isn't. I need it too you know." Mum sighed and took the hair dryer out of my hands, passing it to Nessie. There wasn't any point in moaning.

"You can have it when Renesmee's finished with it. It is her birthday you know."

"You'd still give it to her if it was my birthday." I mumbled under my breath.

"What was that Alla?" Mum said. I shook my head and walked off down the corridor. Life was so unfair.

I opened the door to my room sized closet and stared at the long racks of clothes. My auntie, Alice, was obsessed with shopping and fashion and whatnot, I found it best to just step out of her way and let her choose my clothes. Everyone in the house had a closet over half the size of their room; it was a good thing the house was so big. There was ten of us living here, me, Nessie, mum, dad, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Carlisle and Esme, we were one big family. I flicked through my clothes and decided I had to look presentable today; it was Nessie's birthday party after all. I chose my favourite dress and matching shoes, bracelet and necklace. The dress was white and covered in brown flowers and reached just above my knees. I slipped it on and then clipped my necklace and bracelet on; they were brown and matched my dress well. My shoes were brown as well, Alice had to make sure everything went together; otherwise she'd probably throw a fit. I brushed through my hair, tugging hard when I reached a knot. Someone knocked on the door and I ran over to it, still brushing my hair that reached the middle of my back.

"Here you go sissy, sorry about earlier, you can have it first next time." Nessie said as she handed me the hair dryer.

"Thanks and happy birthday." I smiled at her and gave her a quick hug.

"I love your dress," She complimented me and I was glad someone paid attention to me. "I have to go and finish getting ready now. See ya down stairs." She grinned at me and bounced down the hallway, her curls bouncing with her. I couldn't count the times I had been jealous of her good looks, and now was definitely one of them. I shut the door and blow dried my hair, leaving it in its usual waves as there was no point in trying to straighten it or curl it, it never worked.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" We all screamed as Nessie came down the stairs. She blushed immediately and flicked her curls behind her shoulders. As she reached me I hugged her tightly and when I let her go Jacob hugged her. Jacob was her boyfriend, he was a werewolf, yes a werewolf, my world is full of fairytales.

"Happy birthday baby." He whispered in her ear as he passed her a present. She thanked him and kissed him lightly on the lips before turning back to us. I handed her a present, she thanked me and then everyone else gave her one and she thanked them.

"Thanks guys." She gushed, her eyes lighting up. She placed them all on the coffee table in the lounge and then walked back to us. "Breakfast?" She asked, taking a seat at the dining table. Esme nodded and I joined her, smiling cheerily.

"You look beautiful." I said, I loved to compliment her and it wasn't hard, she always looked beautiful. She smiled and it lit up her face in a lovely way. She was wearing a pink, strapless dress that reached just above her knees and pink shoes and earrings to match.

"So do you."

"I'm not so sure about that." I mumbled looking at the table.

"What are you talking about?" She said, smiling. She nudged me kindly and Jacob sat down at the table with a plate of food. Esme then appeared with both of our breakfasts and we dug in happily. After breakfast we all crowded round Nessie and watched her open her pile of presents. She opened Jake's first and practically jumped on him. He had got her a gold chain necklace with a heart on it that was a locket, and it opened to reveal a picture of the two of them.

"Thanks." She said with her arms locked round his neck. He lowered her down and she grabbed my present. She slowly ripped the paper off and looked at the present with wide eyes. "Oh my God Alla! You didn't!?" She almost choked me when she hugged me with so much force. Three weeks ago, when we had been shopping with Alice, Nessie had spotted a beautiful lavender rose hair clip and beautiful lavender earrings. She was going to buy them but she also needed to buy the dress for her birthday party and she didn't have enough for both, so she only brought the dress and little did she know I went back to the shop and brought her the clip and earrings for her birthday. Well, she knows now.

"Oh, thank you so much Alla." She said grinning as she slid the clip into her hair and changed her pink earrings for the lavender ones.

"Glad you like it." I said, ecstatic that I had pleased my big sister so much. She opened all the other presents, trying to be equally as pleased.

"We used to give the birthday girl or boy beats at our school." Jacob pondered.

"Beats?" I asked. He chuckled softly to himself.

"It's where you punch them so many times, so as Nessie's sixteen I get to punch her sixteen times." A wide smile spread across his russet brown face and Nessie took a step back.

"No Jake, no." She said. He started running at her, this was obviously all a joke, he would never really hurt Nessie. She ran around the house screaming as he followed her. We all just stood and laughed and when Nessie returned to the lounge he caught her and scooped her up into his arms.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, all done." He said as he kissed her cheek that many times. She giggled like a child as he put her down.

"Nice punches." She laughed. Jacob slung his arm round her shoulder as Esme brought in a birthday cake. "Wow!" Nessie's eyes widened. "That's amazing!" She bounced happily. It was amazing. It was a layer of chocolate sponge cake, a layer of chocolate icing, more sponge cake, more icing, more sponge cake and then a layer of icing, all topped off with sixteen pink candles. She grinned from ear to ear, her eyes lighting up.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you." We all sang, Emmett singing extremely loudly. Alice squealed as Nessie blew out the candles and made her wish. I looked round the room, from person to person. Rosalie was looking stunning, as usual, and was in Emmett's arms, Jasper was standing behind a hyper active Alice, Esme was cutting the cake and Carlisle was standing with a smile on his face. Mum was in dad's arms and they were both looking adoringly at Nessie, who had a massive grin spreading from ear to ear. Esme put a piece of cake on a plate for me, Nessie and Jake. We all bit into it and the chocolate melted in our mouths, it was like heaven on a plate.

"Yum." I said when I had finished and I put the plate on the table. Esme smiled at me and then walked off. When she came back she put a CD in the stereo and turned it on loudly. Nessie smiled at me and grabbed my hands, pulling me into the empty part of the room. We danced crazily together and slowly everyone joined us, flicking our heads and hair about. Nessie and I sang loudly to the bellowing music and skipped around the room, smiles permanently glued to our faces.

A few hours later we were all sitting round the dining table, chatting and laughing about the fabulous day. My head was on the table and I had my eyes closed, listening to the buzz of voices.

"Alla?" I heard mum ask. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her.

"Yes mum." I murmured softly.

"Bed time I think." She got up and scooped me off of my chair and into her arms. I lay limp in them, hardly being able to keep my eyes open. She hummed in her soft voice and I bounced as she walked up the stairs. I was surprised she wasn't running, usually she ran when she wasn't with humans, walking at normal speed could bore vampires as they could run and be at their destination within moments. I heard a door click open and I managed to open my eyes enough to see my room. Mum lay me down on the bed and I felt the soft mattress and pillows sink beneath me. She pulled the duvet over me and up to my neck and kissed me lightly on the forehead.

"Night." She whispered and I kept my eyes closed, my breathing steadying. She closed the door and I was left in the dark room on my own. Before I had time to think about anything unconsciousness swallowed me and I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.