Chapter 4: The Dream

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Kim fought the Svart Alfar as she would fight any enemy - with an intensity that defied belief and a skill that few could match. Fortunately for her, the few that could match it weren't wielding stone hammers that night.

It had not taken her long, however, to figure out that she could not keep this up forever or even until daybreak. She was startling them, scaring them, but not defeating them. Knocking out three or four didn't even begin to make a difference to their numbers and the larger forms were beginning to move in.

She had given Ron all the time she could, she had to trust that it would be enough. Leaping up from the shoulders of a larger Svart, she was able to grab the branches of a tree and swing into it. The shuddering feeling told her that the tree was not long for this world if she remained in it and that she would share the same fate if she fell.

Climbing up further, she was able to find a branch she could use to swing to a nearby tree. Not a moment too soon, to judge from the sound of a tree trunk crashing into the ground. The woodland quickly thickened, making it necessary for her to head back to the ground. However, you can't move an army through thick undergrowth and the few Svarts who did catch up with her quickly discovered that this was not a good career move.

Nonetheless, she knew that if she didn't escape the woods quickly, she'd be surrounded and there was no possibility of any gymnastics under these trees.

Just then, she caught sight of something to her right. A slowly spinning wheel of flame in the air. As certain death held no appeal to Kim, she took the only option open to her. She dived through the wheel.

Feeling a wrenching sensation, she understood that the spinning wheel had indeed been the portal she had assumed. The sensation faded and she found herself on the ground but nowhere that she recognized. She could hear water running and quickly discovered she was on an island. A glance at the moon told her it was maybe a few days earlier, though it could just as easily have been many years in the past or future. Her Kimmunicator had no power so she couldn't ask anyone else.

Incomprehensibly, she felt safe, secure and extremely tired. Her adrenaline rush of just moments earlier seemed to have vanished into thin air. She lay down and slept.

In her dream, a woman dressed entirely in white handed her a necklace whose pendent was a figure of a woman. She accepted it and put it on, only for the dream to fade to darkness.

When she awoke, it was daylight and an anxious Ron was standing there. He was a bit of a mess, but probably no worse than herself.