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Chapter 2


Naruto made a set of handsigns and closed his eyes before he pressed his hands to his chest. "Reverse Summoning Jutsu!" He slowly opened his eyes to see… the exact same thing as before. "Damnit!"

"I told you it wouldn't work, kit." Kyuubi reminded him. "You came from here, you weren't summoned."

"I don't belong here." Naruto stated, annoyed. "There is nothing here to tie me to this place."

"That Kakashi guy seems pretty nice." Kyuubi said reasonably.

"Yeah, but one man does not make up for a half-dozen attacks since my arrival three days ago."

"Those idiotic peasants. As if a runt like you could be me! The almighty Kyuubi!" Naruto laughed as he imagined a humanoid Kyuubi flexing.

"Right. I mean, who could mistake someone as awesome as me for a stupid fox without thumbs or toilet training!"

Kyuubi growled at Naruto as he cracked up. Suddenly, a pair of chunin appeared. "Naruto Uzumaki? You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto was pissed. He pressed his hands together, forcing chakra to build in his palms. "That's it." He slammed both palms into the ground. "Summoning Jutsu!"

The two chunin saw a giant shadow beneath them and looked up, only to scream.

Five minutes later, Naruto arrived at the Hokage's tower, carried there on a giant toad. He picked up the broken bodies of the two chunins and tossed them through the window, before jumping in himself.

"See ya, 'Bunta!"

"You owe me one, kid! Calling me to deal with a couple of wimps like that?!"

"Let's see, I think that makes it three in my favor? Besides, you know how good a stress reliever it is to drop a massive object, or toad, onto a couple of people."

"Whatever. Stay safe kid. Oh, and get me something to drink! I haven't had a mortal made drink in ages." Gamabunta said as he vanished.

"N-Naruto? What the hell was that?" The third Hokage asked.

"Oh, I was in a bad mood and these two came to tell me I was under arrest for attacking the Uchiha who tried to kill me for a fucking bell. So I dropped 'Bunta on their heads." He said with a shrug.

Sarutobi was stunned. This boy summoned a Boss just to relieve some stress? "Well, you are under arrest…"

"Whatever. Let's get this over with." Naruto paused. "Just so you know, I'm not going to accept whatever punishment that you see fit to give me. I don't respect your authority, and if you try anything, I'll summon Kyuubi in the middle of the fucking village and let her raze it like she should have done in the first place. You tell me, how the hell did half of this goddamn village know that I was the one that Kyuubi was sealed into the moment I arrived?" Naruto was pissed.

"They deserve to know that their hero has returned." Sarutobi tried to defend his actions.

"Really? So your village attacks its heroes with mobs? Well, then I hope you don't mind when your heroes defend themselves. You'll find your villagers in several streets. Oh, and just so you know, I didn't really pick what to summon. I just opened a gate and let whatever wanted to help loose. So you should probably check them for poison… I thought I saw one of Manda's lieutenants in there…"

Sarutobi shivered before sending an ANBU to get some medics to the hurt villagers. "The council is waiting."

"You are late, Uzumaki." One councilmember stated. He obviously wasn't a ninja.

"You are an idiot." Naruto replied lightly.

"I will not stand for this insult!" The man shouted, rising to his feet, his face red.

Naruto shrugged. "Then don't stand." A snake wrapped itself around his feet, knocking him to the ground before dispelling.

"That's enough." Hiashi Hyuuga declared.

"Oh, so you've all decided to stop being stuck up idiots? What did that ass," He indicated Sasuke, who was sitting near the head of the table with a smug look on his face, "tell you I did?"

"The honorable Sasuke Uchiha informed the council that, during a training exercise, you rammed a sword through his shoulder. In addition, you wrapped my own daughter in a vile substance that prevented her from moving. The honorable Uchiha demands the sword and your immediate exile from the village. All in favor?" A woman who looked like an older Sakura asked. About eighty percent of the council were in favor of Sasuke's terms.

"Did your dishonorable Uchiha tell you that he attacked me with a lethal jutsu before attempting a taijutsu assault. I defended myself, as is only proper. Or is it expected that one be willing to take a fireball from a supposed teammate?"

"He is lying." Sasuke said, assured of his victory.

"He is not." Kakashi said from behind the Hokage. "During their final exam, the three members of team 7, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, were required to take two bells from me. It was an exercise designed to see whether they could work together without being told to do so. Naruto managed to take a bell from me and, within thirty seconds of revealing his accomplishment, was attacked by a fireball. Sasuke attacked him immediately afterward. Sakura attempted to attack Naruto as well, but Naruto used a summon to prevent any injuries to her as well."

"I was attacked and demand recompense! Give me your sword!" Sasuke shouted.

"Ass, let me tell you something." Naruto summoned his sword. "This sword is worth more than you, your clan's assets and history, as well as the Sharingan. You are unworthy of even touching it. In fact, if you were to do so, it would likely destroy you."

"Such a powerful weapon cannot be left in the hands of the demon boy! Give it to the Uchiha!" A council member demanded, right before his head was removed from his shoulders. The council was shocked.

Naruto looked at the Hokage, his sword smoking slightly as the blood was removed automatically. "That is the punishment for breaking the law of the Kyuubi, right? Anyone who speaks of it is to be executed on sight?" Shivering, the Hokage nodded.

"Oh, may I submit my report on the status of team 7, sir?" Kakashi asked the Hokage, a wicked twinkle in his one visible eye. After a weary nod from Sarutobi, Kakashi continued. "After a short examination, I have determined that Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno are unfit to become shinobi. I would like to request that they be removed from the ranks of team 7. I would also like to take up Naruto Uzumaki as my personal apprentice."

"Very wel-" Sarutobi began.

"Unacceptable." A bandage wrapped man proclaimed. "You will train the Uchiha and the Haruno girl. The Kyuubi boy should enter my ROOT division, in order to train him properly." Most of the council agreed. Sasuke was smirking at Naruto.

"With all due respect," Naruto began. "Which is to say, none at all. Go to hell. I will not allow one of the two men in this entire village who I actually respect to be bullied in this manner. If you try this, I will summon Kyuubi here and now. She will consume all of you and do with this village as she see fits."

Leaves burn well! Kyuubi said. Naruto saw her grin.

"And, as she puts it, 'Leaves burn well'." He said with a sadistic grin. The entire council shivered before agreeing to his Kakashi's terms.

"Are we done with these matters now?" Sarutobi asked, tired. There were nods across the table, except from Sasuke, who was shrieking in outrage of not getting his way. "Good. You two are dismissed."

"So, you really want to teach me?" Naruto asked once they reached training ground 7.

"Yes, actually. You're the first decent student that I've ever come across. Plus, if you can fight me to a standstill as a 12 year-old, I can only imagine what you could do as a 20 year old. Now, what can you tell me about your abilities?"

Naruto shrugged. "I can summon, I have the bunch of taijutsu styles and the few ninjutsu that the Bosses taught me, I have my sword skills, and I have my bloodline."

"What bloodline?"

"Well, when I was sent to the Summon Realm, my dad was worried about my survival, so the death god promised him that he'd bless me so I could survive. Thing is, he kinda went overboard." Naruto indicated his left eye. "This one's pretty simple. I can project a special seal that has one of two effects. However, the drawback is that it'll need time to cool down after I use it." Naruto looked around. "See, watch that rock." Naruto looked at it intensely and suddenly there was a flash of red light between Naruto's eye and the rock, which was then blasted back a few feet, a cross mark identical to the twin slits in Naruto's left eye on it. He looked at Kakashi, who saw that the black slits had turned red. It took about five seconds to turn back to black.

"Now, watch what happens when I hit the same spot with it." Again, a red flash connected the eye to the seal on the rock. Then, the rock vanished. Naruto gestured in the direction of the Uchiha compound and Kakashi laughed as a giant rock slammed into the main building.

"All right, that's the left. The right is a bit more complicated. It has three abilities, hence the three points. He moved his index finger in a triangle. The first," He indicated the bottom point. "is the ability to summon without needing handsigns. You've seen me fight." Kakashi nodded. "Well, if you'd been paying attention to my eye, you would have seen that silver triangle replace the center black, while the other two outer triangles would turn black. Oh, and when I'm summoning anything big, I still have to press my hand to the ground. And when I'm using something really big, like a Boss, I usually clap my hands together for a second before pressing both to the ground."


"The chakra rebounds between each hand, enabling me to use less chakra to more effect. But it only works because of my eye." Naruto hesitated. "I'm also able to summon without any gestures at all, but that takes more work for anything big. In fact, I usually don't use the eye for normal combat.

"All right, so the second point is one that you'll love. I can gain the ability to use the bloodline of anyone I touch. Do you mind?" Naruto asked. When Kakashi shook his head, Naruto touched his arm. The right point triangle vanished, while the central triangle turned silver and the other two points turned black. The sharingan appeared in the center of the triangle. After a moment, Naruto turned it off, allowing it to recede.

"That's pretty awesome. Any drawbacks?"

"I can't use either of the other two abilities of the eye." Naruto said with a shrug. "Oh, and it's not like I can just use the Sharingan whenever I want to now. Once I let a bloodline go, I have to reacquire it to use it again. Of course, any part of a person would work. And, eye techniques are only in the right, which can kinda mess with your head… As I'm sure you're aware of."

"What's the last ability?" Kakashi asked. His new apprentice had one hell of a list of abilites.

"It's a bit more difficult to use than the others, plus it drains chakra to use, so I don't really want do demonstrate. Essentially, it becomes a mirror."

"What do you mean?"

"It gives me the ability to turn a ninjutsu or genjutsu back on its user. Of course, it drains an enormous amount of chakra… probably about twice the amount the caster used."

"That's an incredible ability."

"Oh, and it automatically triggers on genjutsu."

"Training you is going to be fun." Kakashi said with an eye smile.

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