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Chapter One: Help Needed

Bella's POV: Now

"Miss Swan?" I looked up at the calling of my name to see Mrs Cope smiling warmly at me. "Principal Greene will see you now." I put away my advanced math book that I had been quietly working on while I waited, and nodded at her in thanks before making my way through to the principal's office.

Forks High School wasn't a big place, but the principal had always tried to make his office look like it belonged in an Ivy League School in New York. Why was it that everything I thought about took me back to New York? I had been trying to teach myself not to think about New York at all because I knew I never got anything done.

Principal Greene smiled warmly at me and gestured to the coffee coloured, leather armchair facing his desk, asking me silently to take a seat.

It always made me laugh when someone mentioned how nervous he or she was when he called them in, but then I had only ever been in his company when I was being awarded something for my "academic excellence" within the school. Honestly, I wasn't bragging, that was the only reason he had ever wanted to see me in the past.

I had always been a quiet person; I had a couple of girlfriends that I could talk to and a best friend who practically lived with me, but mostly I spent my time in the house or studying in the park. That was probably why I was ahead of all the other kids in my classes.

The only person I had ever gottenreally close to was a boy I met on vacation in New York last summer. In less than two months, he became my best friend, and more. I smiled at the memories before I got to the end of the reel; there had been no happy ending. I noticed Principal Greene had asked m something and I had completely missed it. I saw the look on his face that I had seen so many times before. Many of the people at school thought that Bella Swan was a little weird.

"Miss Swan? Did you even listen to what I said?" His tone told me what he was thinking; that I thought I was too good to evenlisten to him.

When you keep to yourself, you notice a lot more about people than anyone else ever would. Since I hadn't heard him, he thought I wasn't listening to him because I thought I was too good for him. Depending on what he had said, he could have been right, but I decided to play polite and ignorant to his thought process.

"I'm sorry, can you repeat the question? I zoned out a little there." I smiled sweetly at him, noticing the small shake of his head. He was irritated and wanted me out of his hair.

"I said, we have a new student joining us tomorrow and I would like you to tutor him. He is in four of your classes and his father assures me he won't need tutoring in his other three. While you'll be taking Calculus, he is re-taking Algebra, but I'm sure you can work something out between you.

He has had some issues to deal with in the past few months and has fallen behind on his work. I have been assured he is a smart young man and I promise he won't give you any trouble." Principal Greene looked at me expectantly as I groaned inwardly. The last thing I wanted just after the Christmas break was someone to babysit , but of course I wasn't going to say that aloud.

I told him it would be my pleasure, smiled sweetly and left quietly, as I knew he expected. Mrs Cope waved at me politely as I exited their office and I stepped out into the quiet, deserted corridor.

Knowing that if I went back to Biology I would be doing the same experiment for the third time as no one else in the class could get it right, I decided to head home. Finished for the day, I gathered the books I would need from my locker and headed out to the parking lot.

There were plenty of empty spaces, as most of the students lived within walking distance of the school, and it was easy to spot my red truck from the door. It had been a present from my dad for doing well in my last batch of exams and it suited me just fine.

It was old, very old, but I liked to think of it as retro. The red paint had been peeling off in places above the wheels, but when I had the treads replaced by Rosalie, she had offered to re-paint it for me too.

We weren't best friends or anything, but I respected her, and she was friendly enough that, if I had a problem,I knew she'd help me out. Plus, she had always gotten on well with my mom.

Rosalie Hale was every guy's dream at our school. She was tall and thin, with the longest, shiniest blonde hair you have ever seen. The one thing that made her even more appealing was the fact that she wasn't a "blonde", having an impressive set of results through school. Oh, and throw in the fact that she was an ace mechanic, you have their lust in a box.

She was a senior at Forks High, two years older than me, and had babysat me and my best friend Jasper Whitlock when we were younger. She had always been kind, had a smile for every situation and the patience of a saint. Thinking of Jasper, I dug my phone out from my jeans pocket and sent him a text to tell him I was heading home.

Jasper was, and always had been, the most laidback person I had ever met. Any more laidback and he would be horizontal. We had grown up together, ashis parents had bought the house next to ours on the road outside Forks, when we were three. We weren't joined at the hip but, more so than Rosalie, Jasper was there for me whenever I needed him and vice-versa.

There was something completely different about being friends with a girl and friends with a boy. I loved him to death but I knew for sure that I would never be in love with him. He just got me is all.

I hoisted myself up into my truck, turned the ignition and sighed when it rumbled to life. It had been much louder before I had taken it to Rosalie but even still, it grabbed the attention of anyone in its vicinity.

As I rumbled my way home, I shallowly thought of the boy I would be in charge of (in a manner of speaking) beginning tomorrow. Tutoring someone was a big deal, but tutoring someone in four different classes was on a completely new level, even for me, and I found myself getting nervous at the prospect. I hoped and prayed above everything else that we would like each other; it would be a disaster from the start if we didn't get along even a little bit.

When I pulled up in front of the house, I was surprised to see that my dad was home, and that there was a slick, black Mercedes parked on the road behind his SUV. I knew my mom wouldn't be home from the junior school yet, where she worked as an English teacher so I grabbed my stuff and headed into the house to investigate. Ironic, as my dad was a Private Investigator. You wouldn't believe what information people in our area wouldpay to find out.

I set my bag down beside the stairs to take up to my room and rounded the corner into the living room where the sounds of the news filtered from our new TV.

"Hey dad!" Even though we had company, a young man sitting on the sofa reading my dad's soccer magazine, I padded over to where my dad was perched in his arm chair and pecked him on the cheek.

"Hey Bells, how was school?" He set his beer down on the table and pressed the mute button. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the new Charlie, but in the past few months he had been trying harder and harder at communicating with me, at my mom's request.

"Oh you know, saving the world one equation at a time." Hechuckled and I suddenly realisedI was being rude and that our visitor's attention was on me. "The Principal called me into his office today." I tossed the comment over my shoulder as I turned to greet our mystery guest.

My evaluation, albeit from the back, had been way off. The man who stood and shook my hand wasn't as young as I hadthought. His hair was blond through and through and his smile was dazzling as he introduced himself.

"Carlisle Cullen," I blushed as he shook my hand and I cursed myself for letting him have such an effect on me.

"Bells, this is our new Chief of Surgery. He's just moved his family here," my dad informed me on his way to the kitchen.

"Oh, the poor things!" I slapped my hand to my mouth at what I had just said and blushed even harder, but the surgeon before me just chuckled warmly. "I'm so sorry, that was so rude." He smiled even wider and I felt myself calming down. If his smile could do that to me, I couldn't imagine what his bedside manner would be like.

"Don't be. I was a little worried what the move would do to them." I couldn't help it when my eyebrows knitted together in confusion and Carlisle noticed. He was too young to have a family over the age of toddler,surely.

"My youngest, Alice, is the same age as you. 16?" I nodded at his inquiry and felt my jaw go slack which, in turn, made him chuckle again. "Edward and Emmett are 17 and 18, so it won't be long until they're fleeing the nest anyway, so-to-speak." My heart thudded awkwardly at the mention of his son's name. Not a popular name in today's society but I chastised myself for even thinking it would be the same person.

"Bells what were you saying about the Principal? There isn't any trouble at school is there?" My dad made his way back into the living room with an iced tea in his hand and handed it to me before sitting back down and I did the same, feeling awkward being the only one standing.

"Oh, he wants me to tutor a new student. Said he was starting tomorrow and doing all the same classes as me and was a little behind. Said he had issues that held him back but he assured me I wouldn't have any problems with him." Myhead whipped around as Carlisle chuckled from beside me and I raised my eyebrow in question.

"I think he may have been referring to my son. Edward is a little behind but was always a straight A student in the past. You have permission to come straight to me if he gives you any grief." He chuckled again and looked up at me, locking eyes with me at the same time.

I gasped at the familiarity I found there. His eyes were a piercing blue-y green that looked straight into me. They weren't the colour I knew, but I would swear a thousand times over that they were familiar. Eyes that I knew could read every emotion I was feeling in seconds. Eyes that smouldered and made me weak in the knees. Eyes that held every emotion that you could ever find in a person. Yet they weren't the same eyes.

"Edward?" My voice cracked and raised a level and I saw something like recognition pass over Carlisle's features before he composed himself.

"Yes, Edward Cullen, our youngest son." I rolled the name around in my head, knowing it sounded wrong. Once again I took in Carlisle's features and felt my face fall and my heart rate even out again as I talked sense in to myself.

There was nothing familiar about the man sitting before me, even if his eyes did remind me of him. Just because his son's name was Edward, didn't mean it was the same person. The Edward I knew was Edward Masen. It took me several moments to bring myself back to the present and realise that Carlisle was, in fact, waiting for an answer.

"Oh, okay. Well,I hope I do it justice." I blushed again knowing that he was wondering why I was scrutinising him so closely and I looked away, picking up my iced tea for want of something to do with my hands.

"Your dad speaks highly of you Isabella. I'm sure you won't disappoint." I nodded in thanks and after a couple more minutes of chat with my dad, left the room.

Picking up my bag from the bottom of the stairs, I decided that there was something off with me. For the second time in one day I sent Jasper a text. This time letting him know that I wasn't going to be meeting him in our usual place, citing more homework than usual as my excuse.

Most nights we would hang out in the trees between our houses. There was a little clearing that we had made our own when we were about six, with tree trunks as benches and a swing to keep us entertained. I would sit with my books open and Jasper would sit with either his guitar or a joint. I didn't smoke, but I couldn't tell him what he should and shouldn't do, and really, it didn't bother me that much. We talked for hours whether he was high or not, and I enjoyed it just the same.

Later that night I crawled into bed, distracted from my homework by the one and only thing I knew could distract me. Edward Masen. I wondered what the next day would bring, and if this Edward was anything like my Edward.

It was safe to say that my dreams that night centred solely on my knight in shining armour, with the emerald green eyes and the heartbreaking smile that, in the words of Taylor Swift, was the only one who had enough of me to break my heart.

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