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So, there were several great things about getting promoted to vice captain of squad 13 : One , Rukia could get things done in a timely organized manner . Two, when she had to work late she got well compensated. Three, she somehow managed to gain more respect from her brother. Four, she could listen to what ever music she wanted when she was working late or alone in the office and no one could tell her to turn it off and Five. . . Well there were a lot of reasons as to why she liked being vice captain especially for her favorite Taichou Ukitake of whom she loved like a father.

Today was one of those days she relished in being able to do her work alone with her music on .Home had been particularly silent because her Nii-sama had been in one of his moods . So work was a breath of fresh air because Ukitake let her keep a CD player in the office to use as back ground noise. When he was there it was always soft meditative music or the sound of running water .She knew her Taichou liked those sounds and, she wanted to make his work space as comfortable as possible when he was around the office. That was also another reason as to why she took the job was because she knew it would take a lot of stress off him. She knew he worried when he wasn't there that things wouldn't get done on time because of the constant bickering of his two former Lieutenants.

This morning everyone was out on a training mission so she got the office all to herself. Walking over to the CD player she flipped through her deck of CD's trying to find one that she wanted to listen to but, somehow all of her progressive Trans music had mysteriously disappeared. She knew her third seat had a particular dislike for it so as soon as she got them from the real world they usually ended up gone. She would having to make a note for herself to remind herself on her next mission to get some more and have Ichigo burn copies for her. She could keep them at the manor so she could pull them out when Akira got annoyed and tossed the original out. This would save her a lot of money on CD's in the long run and piss Akira off. This thought made her chuckle as much as she loved her third seat watching her get annoyed was also pretty funny too. She and Byakuya had the same vein that popped out there forehead when they got angry.

She continued to flip through the deck trying to find something that suited her because she was in the mood for something with a heavy drum and bass. Seeing one of her better loved CD's she pulled it out the woman who lead the band had an incredible voice and the backup seemed to fit her mood for noise that could drown out everything around her. With a gleeful smile she popped it in and turned it up loud and why did she turn it up loud . . . because she could. Another great thing about being a vice captain childish as it was she had some control over her very well controlled over life.

Walking back to her desk she smiled yet again because she could have all the Chappy stationary she wanted and no one could say a thing to her or make fun of her. Even better she could send Renji note's on little bunny stationary and there was not a damn thing he could do about until she got out of work. It was almost like a little break in her life for all the serious things she had to take care of at work, and at home she could now have little things around her that made her smile. So being as this was the case god help anyone who used or miss placed her Chappy coffee mug because that was the one thing she definitely couldn't leave at home because Byakuya promptly had the mugs thrown out when he found them. Sometimes it was like he had a sixth sense about when she would bring them home because they were gone before she even got a chance to take them out of the box and into the kitchen.

She looked at her desk and smiled, she had her coffee, her stationary, her stack of papers and her music. Finally sitting at her desk she looked at her itinerary for the week and let out a sigh there was a meeting tomorrow for the vice captains, she has to write out a training schedule for the next week. Taking a deep breath she got butterfly's in her stomach as she read that she was going to get to teach an upper division Keido class. She would have to start to outline her lesson because she had no idea what she was going to do, and how it would work. Rummaging around her desk she looked for her Chappy pens and couldn't find a single one. She searching every drawer it was odd she was usually more prepared than this. Plus it kind sucked when she had to get pens. The supply department kept the pens and paper up on the top shelves so she had to get a chair and sometimes set a book on the chair to get a hold of any one of those things on the shelve they were placed on.

Running her hands through her hair she sighed as she got out of her chair people were either steeling her Chappy pens or Akira was angry with her again the woman got a kick out of watching Rukia having to scale the cabinets to get to a normal pen. She shrugged then smiled a little smile a particularly catchy beat came on and she couldn't help herself she automatically started dance and sway her hips to the music as she got a chair and a large book.

No one was around so she could just cut loose and just dance it was also another thing she couldn't do at home because her Nii-sama would look at her like she was crazy ,and she wouldn't dream of doing in public because she was to self conscious ,and would start to blush and stumble all over herself. Now she could do it and not have to worry about any one laughing at her or look at her oddly.

For some reason he just stood in the door way, and watched Rukia she was amusing to watched because she was just as particular as Kuchiki taichou. Even down to her organization everything on her desk was just so. It had its own neat little place and there was even a neat little coaster to put her mug on so she wouldn't stain the wood. What got him as he continues to watch her was how graceful and clumsy she was at the same time one moment she was swaying her hips in time with her music the other she was franticly searching for something around her desk knocking papers off in the process and letting out little irritated puffs of air .

It made him smile it had been so long since he had seen her. Even though they both spent a good deal of time with their mutual friend Renji their paths rarely ever crossed they didn't work near each other and their ranks for the last few years had been so far apart they never had a need to see each other .As well whenever he and Renji went out drinking or out with everyone else her brother had such a tight hold on her she usually wasn't allowed to go out with them.

He leaned against the door way now and frowned she looked different then from the way he remembered she did, she was still short but there was something else. He couldn't put his finger on it but it was obvious to Shuuhei that something was different .Perhaps she was less timid or shy he didn't know. It intrigued him though as he watched her puff a piece of hair away from her face and stand shaking her head in dismay then just as quickly smile .

He heard the song switch and suddenly she started to sway her hips with the beat of the music it made sense now why she was smiling. As she started to move he couldn't help but notice she had good rhythm. The second thing he noticed that took him by surprise was she was listing to music, actually modern music with a modern beat. It wasn't a sound he herd often anywhere around here none the less the offices of the Seireitei this struck him as odd but everything about this girl stuck him as odd. She wasn't like the other women of the Seireitei she didn't giggle or go out drinking like Matsumoto she never worse skirts or dress's she was plain and nondescript . Perhaps that is often times why he looked over her for the simple fact she just blended in so well. He shrugged to himself as he was about to watch a disaster in the making as he watched her put a rather large book on precariously wobbly chair up next to a tall shelve .

Rukia HATED having to use step stools and books to get up to a place where there was something she needed especially something as simple as a bloody pen. Thankfully she had fairly good balance and she didn't have to worry about falling. Not really paying attention to what stool she was using she continued on her in her little grove pausing only for a moment to look for the biggest book she could find to set on the stool. She found a huge book and, when she looked at the cover she couldn't help but laugh it was one of the many rule books for her squad .Some days it simply marveled her as to how many rules this place had. Between rules for the guard and rules at home she was surprised she didn't live her life afraid of her own shadow for fear if it didn't follow the rules and deviated from where it was supposed to be when the light shinned down on it there would be some horrid consequence.

She set the book on the chair and leapt gracefully onto the top of the book again scaling a chair and a book to get to her pen's this was ridiculous . Setting herself lightly on the book she stretched herself up on her tip toes to grab the container of pens , but as she reached up she felt the chair and the book wobble 'oh god' she thought as her hand grabbed hold of the pen container 'this is going to hurt.'

She felt herself fall back and heard the book fall on the floor with a resounding thump and the pens scatter all over the place. Cringing and closing her eyes she braced herself for the hard impact of when she hit the ground. Thankfully no one was around and it would only be her back that would be bruised and not her ego, but the impact of the floor never came in fact she felt like she fell into a set of arms .A much more pleasant feeling, but whose arms?

Cringing slightly did she really want to open her eyes and see who saw her look like such a dork. Resigning herself that this person was mysteriously not going to know who she is was she slowly opened her eyes . When she did she was temporarily stunned and had to pause. Looking down at her was one of the most intense pair of slate grey eyes she had ever seen it almost took her breath away. All she could blurb out was

"You're not Nii-sama," at that she put her had quickly over her mouth and blushed profusely. "Oh god" she looked away from the set of eyes to view the persons who's arms she was in.

"Nope" there was definite amusement to his voice "I am certainly am not your Nii-sama." This brought a full fledged laugh out of him.

Searching the face once more she saw a tattooed 69 on the man's cheek and a blue tattooed band across his cheek and nose.

"Shuuhei?" she wrinkled her nose slightly confused now "What are you doing here?"

He set her down gently watching her rectify herself and brush herself off. She tilted her head to the side almost looking confused "And why are you wearing squad nines captains' haori? Halloween was a few months ago did you and Renji make an odd bet? "

He still couldn't keep the amusement from his voice "Well hello to you too, it has indeed been a while since I have seen you and by the way you're welcome for catching you." She could feel the blush start to creep up on her face and felt like even more of a dork then before.

" I am so sorry for my rude behavior." She bit her lip truly embarrassed "and thank you for catching me it would have sort of hurt to connect with the ground."

He nodded in agreement and looked over her seriously.

"And if it's Halloween for me, it is for you as well." He motioned to her sleeve where her vice captains band was.

It was her turn to look him over taking in his squad nine haori mixed with the tattoos on his face it looked just about as odd as Renji with the squad three haori.

She pursued her lips looking almost as closed off as her brother ."It's just odd to see you and Renji as captains, my apologies Shuuhei Taichou."

"As to why I am here Lieutenant Kuchiki I wanted to formally present myself to Ukitake Taichou seeing as he was sick at our ceremony."

At the mention of her Captain she thought about how sick he had been the last few days she was really quiet worried "I will tell him you called on him when he returns to the office in a few days." She noticed a note in his hand and looked back up to him quirking an eyebrow."Do you wish me to pass anything on to him?"

He looked down at the note and shook his head briskly. "No that is quiet alright Lieutenant, I will present this to him myself when he comes back to the office."

She arched her eyebrow at his business like air it was odd for someone not to trust her with something it almost stung her pride that he would think she was just another nosey Lieutenant. She mentally shrugged this off he really didn't know her any way so he really shouldn't know her mannerisms.

She watched him take one long look around the office with mild amusement there was paper and pens all over the place and it did look like her office exploded n. Shuuhei bending down he pickup a pen

"I believe you wanted one of these."

She took the pen and turned as red as beet.

"But that is all I wished to discuss Lieutenant Kuchiki." With that she watched him turn gracefully much like her Nii-sama or Kaien would and walk out the door.

God that thought was disturbing her Nii-sama and Kaien rolled into one thought.

He walked out of squad 13 a little more confused than when he entered it; it had truly been a long time since he had seen Lieutenant Kuchiki. It was odd to call her Lieutenant he had remember her from academy as Rukia-san the quiet shy girl that had entered the academy the same time as his good friend Renji. They couldn't have been more different, and his friend had always been fiercely protective of that woman. Looking at her today he couldn't see why she held her self exactly like Kuchiki Taichou same stiff back same cool demeanor. The only thing he could never see the captain of squad six do was fall off a chair or anything for that matter.

He really thought about it as he walked down the corridor back to his squad he knew nothing about Rukia, and what he knew he only knew by reputation. Well she had two different reputations that she was known by. The first one he had always known was from what his friend had told him , that she was care free and happy what you would call a free spirit and stubborn as hell , he also said she was unforgettable once you took one look into her eyes . His friend had always praised her violet eyes saying that he could look into them for days and for that sheer fact women like Matsumoto had nothing on her. That one Hisagi would strongly disagree Rangiku was just plane hot who cared about her eyes when a woman had body like that. However he could see where his friend did have a point the woman did have unusual eyes that definitely let you know that the lights were on upstairs. She definitely was not a good time, fun, party girl who was up to for anything.

That was where her second persona that she was known came in she became a stickler to the rules like her brother. She was an efficient woman who when she had a mission she would complete it as neatly and efficiently as possible. Her skills in the art of Kido were legendary it was one of the things that she was praised for. She wasn't a great swordsmen but ,she was very smart not as tactical or as fast as her brother but she was faster than almost anyone which made her great in missions because she could lead a group in and out in the best safest manner. It wasn't just her intellect she extremely agile and could manipulate her spirit pressure to amplify her art of kido and magnify it to make it near impossible to beat or counter. She may not be able to crush someone with sheer strength, but she was an asset to her squad to any squad for that matter. So he just couldn't see where his good friend got this notion that she could ever relax and be normal. Perhaps it had been a while since they had talked and maybe they had not been around each other in a long while so maybe she had changed

Suddenly Shuuhei felt a firm hand clasp on to the back of his shoulder in a friendly clap. "You look like your deep in thought."

Speaking of the devil, it was the man himself that he was thinking about ."Hey Renji." He turned back and waited for the man to catch up to him and walk by his side.

"I don't know if I was deep in thought." I let out a smirk.

" Oh god don't tell me you are still trying to order Matsumoto to go out for drinks with you." His friend did not look amused. "The last time you did that she stood you up by actually doing the work Hitsugaya gave her to do."

I grinned ear to ear "But after she was done she did come over and visited with me at my house, God that was a good night." Still smiling widely I thought back and it was a great night the type of night you don't forget any time soon.

Abari gave me a withering look "Sure man." He shrugged "She is hot but I don't see it."

I couldn't help but laugh "But tell me if you had the opportunity you wouldn't nail her?"

It was the other mans turn to laugh "You got me there dude that is an offer I really couldn't refuse."

Both men paused for a moment thinking their own none so pure thoughts about the buxom lieutenant the bounced around there offices when she had to deliver things.

The two captains were quickly approaching the office of squad nine when Renji spoke up again. "But you were just coming from the direction of squad thirteen. What were you doing over there?"

I could see the apprehension in his face and the protective tone in the tall red heads voice. It was my time to give him a withering look as I stepped into my office.

"I was doing little Miss Kuchiki." This came out extremely dry, dryer then I intended but it got the point across to Renji. I could see the anger flash through the man's eyes ever so briefly. "In all honesty I was hoping to catch Ukitaki so that I could properly introduce myself to him because he wasn't there when we went through our ceremony." And for the briefest moment I looked down at the letter that was in my hand then looked back up at Renji curiously.

"How much do you really know about Lieutenant Kuchiki?"

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