"This should be far enough for now."

I stretched and fluttered out of Grovyle's arms to help the Sableye unpack some food. We had made excellent distance between ourselves and the pack considering most of our team had been bedridden not four hours ago. The clearing we had reached was a good place to stop and catch our breath before we rushed off to our doom.

Oh dear, that was a bit depressing. Perfectly accurate, but still. I had to try and stay positive. If I wasn't going to be cheerful, who would? The Sableye were taking their cues from the others and me. My dear Grovyle has many talents but 'cheer' is not high on that list, and I have seen Dusknoir actually smile twice in my lifetime, neither of those times being very happy for me. The smile after the fire in my tree was not included. That left me to be the cheerful one, and with maybe an hour or two left to live what was the point in spending it gloomy?

"We should formulate a plan." Dusknoir said.

"Oh, is it going to be something besides 'charge in and fight the Deity of Time'?"

Grovyle crooked a smile. "No, that's still the main plan."

"Wonderful. I was afraid I had missed something." I handed out a large portion of berries to everyone along with a pile for myself. Other than those we would take for Mystery Dungeons, there was really no use in saving them anymore. After today, the world would either flourish with berries and apples, or a loss of a bagful of fruit would be the least of any Pokémon's problems.

"Yes, well, your mastery of tactics aside, it's getting to that fight that I am concerned with. We need to find an area where we can have a clear view of Icicle Forest and still be able to follow Mas- Primal Dialga to wherever it is he vanished to."

"Wherever it is he will vanish. It hasn't happened yet," I reminded Dusknoir. "We still have about half an hour before time will start to thaw."

"Will that be enough time to find out where Primal Dialga will go, and follow him?" asked Grovyle.

Dusknoir gave a small shrug. "I should think that would depend on how far he goes."

"Well, of course it doesn't," I said absently. I was honestly more concerned with giving everyone a fair share of our last meal, but I do tend to notice when Pokémon get obvious things wrong.


I looked up. Why were they all staring? I hadn't said any sort of grand statement. Of course it wouldn't—



"Oh, I see! You don't know how—Oh my dears, I do forget how little you all know about a proper time flow!"

"If I might remind you that I have been to the past, Celebi," Dusknoir said rather acidly. "I know full well how a flowing time stream works!"

"What about a flowing time stream, plus one absolutely adorable Time Travel Pokémon?"

He blinked.

"The more fluid time is, the easier it is for me to do…well, anything, really. Timeslides, generational jumps and…" I grinned. "Teleporting. All we need is a general direction, and I can jump us within chasing-range."

"Celebi, wouldn't that tire you out even more?" one of the Sableye asked.

"Now that depends on how far Primal Dialga goes. But I'm sure it'll be fine."

Grovyle 'hmphed' "I've heard that before."

"Regardless of your teleportation, we still need a vantage point. We need to know M-Primal Dialga's direction if nothing else."

"What about Barren Precipice?" Grovyle asked. "That should be close enough. Primal Dialga wasn't all that subtle on his exit, so we should be able to see his direction. Plus, we can get there without having to go through any Mystery Dungeons."

"Barren Precipice?" Dusknoir looked out towards the aforementioned area. "Close enough to Icicle Forest, yes, but I'm not sure we can make it there in time. Even without the usual Mystery Dungeon delay."

"Do you have a better idea?" Grovyle asked.

No one said anything.

"Right. Then let's move out—"

"Hold on, my dear Grovyle," I interrupted, pointing at the pile of uneaten berries at his feet. "No one's finished eating yet."

Grovyle frowned. "We don't have time for lunch."

"We have to make enough time for it now. We won't have time for any breaks later, and no one can fight well on an empty stomach."

"Certainly not well enough to pose a threat to the Deity of Time," Dusknoir murmured. The Gripper Pokémon sat down and began eating his own share of the meal.

"Grovyle, eat. We'll make it Barren Precipice and we'll get there with food in us."

The Wood Gecko Pokémon sighed, then sat.

We ate our last meal in silence.

,.,.,,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,., .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,

Wow. Just…wow. I'm TERRIBLE aren't I? How long has it been since an update? Too long, that's what. I'm so sorry. I could use the excuse that I moved across the country…played a lot of Pokémon Black 2…Found Tumblr…but none of those are really good enough. I'm really sorry. :(