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We Belong

Chapter 1


She was tense. The counselor at school had called her for a meeting. She knew that in her 'zombie phase' she hadn't failed anything, but her average grades had dropped quite a bit. She hoped that she didn't have to re-do the year. That would be the final nail in her coffin.

She knocked on the door and then she entered.

Ms Flint smiled warmly. "Hello Miss Swan, please take a seat."

Bella sat on the edge of the chair.

The counselor said, "Don't worry Miss Swan you are not here for bad news. I actually requested a meeting because I've been looking through your application for your university. I think with your intelligence, and now that your grades are starting to go up again, that you could really have a chance at a scholarship. But, I'm worried about your lack in extracurricular activities."

Bella almost snorted. Could riding motorcycles be enough extracurricular? Obviously, she couldn't really tell the counselor.

Ms Flint went on, "I have the perfect activity for you. There is a guy in La Push who needs tutoring in English and Biology and seeing as they are your best subjects, I will volunteer you for the job. Is that okay with you?"

Bella opened her mouth to protest, but she didn't have much of a choice if she wanted the scholarship. It would be beneficial if she didn't have to put a strain on Charlie and Renee's finances and have everything paid for. She sighed.

"Okay, I'll do it. But I'm not that good with kids."

Ms Flint laughed. "Oh, I can assure he is no kid. His name is Paul Meraz and he is eighteen like you. He is a rebel and has got anger management problems. But the teachers say that he is smart. He just doesn't bother."

Bella chewed her lips. She would have to ask Jake about this Paul, maybe he could give her more information.


Bella reached home and slowly got out of her truck. The day hadn't start well and after everything else, being volunteered as a tutor had really not helped. She heard the faint ring of the phone while she was opening the door. She ran to take the receiver and almost stumbled. She breathed a quick, "Swan's residence."

Jake's voice washed through her. "Hey Bells, how did it go? Do you have to re-take senior year?"

Bella laughed, "Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I will definitely graduate this year. The counselor actually told me that she offered me as a tutor for a guy from La Push. His name is Paul Meraz. Do you know him?"

Jake seemed serious. "Did you say Meraz?"

"Yes. It seems that he has some anger management problems," replied Bella.

"I can't believe it! You can't tutor him! He is a kind of freaky guy, hanging out with Sam and Jared and he behaves like he owns the place. I tell you Bella, I don't want you anywhere near him," said Jake angrily.

"Jake, it's not like I have a choice. I'll go tomorrow and then if it's too much to handle I'll leave the job. But one thing I want to make clear. I don't take orders from you. You can't tell me what to do. I had enough of a controlling boyfriend the first time around," Bella spat.

Jake remained silent for a moment. "Sorry Bells. I guess I have overreacted. Just promise me that you'll be careful. Don't antagonize him or say something to tick him off. OK? And Bells... he has a reputation..."

Bella heard that her friend was hesitating in answering. "A reputation for what?"

Jake coughed, he seemed embarrassed. "He is kind of a ... ladies' man. From what I hear, girls like the angry and brooding type."

Bella sighed, "Great, just great! I get to be in the house of an angry hormonal guy! Why me? Do I have a sign that says I'm looking for trouble?"

Jake laughed. "Well my clumsy Bells, of course you have. You are a danger magnet, but luckily for you I'm always there to save the day."

Bella laughed, too. Leave it to Jake to put a smile back on her face. "Okay, my hero! However could I live without you?" she said jokingly. "I have to go study, but I will see you tomorrow after I leave Paul's house. I'm sure you'll die to know how it went."

"Absolutely! And remember Bells, keep your distance. I'll see you tomorrow. Love you."

Bella was left with the end signal, luckily Jake never expected her to reciprocate his declarations of affection. Could she ever love him the way he loved her? Was she being selfish in holding onto him without trying to make him happy? She took a deep breath. For now she had too many things going on for her.

She barely survived the breakup. She could not think about loving someone else. After all, she didn't have a heart to give away. It was broken in millions of tiny pieces that would never connect again. She was damaged for life, she just hoped that eventually Jake would find a nice girl and move on.


School ended too soon for her liking. She didn't think she would ever be ready to see this Paul. Why did she accept anyway? She could work and pay for the university herself. She shook her head. She was being silly. If tutoring the angry guy would help her get the scholarship then that was what she was going to do.

She arrived at the address that Ms Flint gave her at a quarter to four. At least she would look professional to be there in time. She took a deep breath and got out of her truck. She reached the door and knocked.

A beautiful Native American woman opened the door. She was striking though she had a black eye and some scars peaking out of her shirt. She seemed kind and shy.

The woman smiled and said, "Hello, you must be Bella, Paul's tutor. I'm Jenny, his mother. It's nice to meet you. Please, come in. I'm going out but you can go to Paul's room, it's the third door on the left and you two can get started with tutoring. When you are hungry, I left some sandwiches in the kitchen. See you!"

Bella was left inside the entrance of the house by herself. She wondered what happened to Jenny. Had she been in some accident? The scars seemed old, though. She thought that maybe she was as clumsy as her. While thinking about Paul's mother Bella took the time to look around.

The house was simple but clean. It reminded her of Jake's house. At the Res', people didn't have much money but they seemed to live happily anyway. She saw a picture of Jenny and a child. She looked younger, and the child was probably Paul. She was smiling lovingly at him and he was sulking. She smiled, the guy was an angry child too.

She shook her head and proceeded to go to Paul's room. It was not difficult to find it because loud music was blaring out of it. And on the door the sign -do not enter- glared at her.

A bit of apprehension started to rise in Bella's mind. She still had time to go back. Why was she hesitating so much? He was just a guy after all. She straightened her shoulders and knocked. When she didn't receive an answer she slowly opened the door and being the klutz that she was she stumbled over nothing.

She braced herself for the impact but it never came. She only heard a husky voice near her ear whispering. "I've had lots of girls throwing themselves at me, but you are the first to practically fall at my feet."

Bella blushed and her blush continued to deepen when she realized that her hands were spread on a very toned, muscular and naked chest. In a matter of seconds Bella felt heat pulsing under her hands and she snatched them back. She felt goose bumps when she heard his gruff voice murmuring, "Can't handle the heat, baby?"

She finally decided to look at him and when their eyes met she gasped.

Paul was definitely the handsomest guy she had ever seen. He was tall and muscular, with a nice defined jaw, perfect nose, white flashing teeth and two gorgeous dark brown eyes to die for. She frowned, when had she ever taken notice of a guy? Only when she had met him, and the thought of her vampire love took her back into reality.

She looked attentively at him. She noticed a strange change in his demeanor, his eyes that had shined with mischief turned to a darker color and flashed angrily.

He turned away from her and she heard him mutter, "That's fucking great. Fuck imprinting!"

Bella cleared her throat, she was embarrassed to be in a bedroom with a half-naked guy, hot to the touch and unusually attractive. She didn't know how to interpret his behavior. "Are you well?"

He turned his dark eyes to her. "I'm fucking great! Now, it's better if you wait for me in the living room. I'll be there shortly."

She was confused by his mood swing and she opened her mouth to say something but he was quicker and snarled at her, "Leave now!"

She closed her mouth, turned, and went back in the living room. There, she saw a sofa, with her shaking legs she wobbled there and sat.

What had happened? When had a guy ever had such a great impact on her? Why Paul? He definitely looked dangerous. Why couldn't she be attracted to some kind sweet caring guy like Jake? She jumped up and was at the door before she knew. Had she just thought that she liked the guy?

She put her hand on the handle to open it when a bigger and darker hand clamped on hers. She felt him behind her, his warm body almost touching hers. The heat was almost unbearable and her cheeks were redder than ever. Paul's voice made her jump. "Where do you think you are going, baby? I thought you had to teach me a few things."

Bella's mind was in overdrive. His words were laced with so much innuendos that between that and his closeness she almost felt like she was going to faint. "I... Nothing, I just th-thought I forgot a book in the car. But now I re-remember that it's in the bag with the others," she managed to said and then grimaced at her stupid poor excuse.

He chuckled and let her hand go. "Whatever works for you, baby. I'm ready for my lesson ."

Bella turned to look at him and she had the need to swipe away his sexy smirk and his amusement at her expense. "The name is Bella and not baby. You better go get your books now because I'm not here to waste my time."

His eyes narrowed and he took a step forward. She didn't back down, he could go to hell if he thought that she would show him fear. He looked at her with intensity and then laughed. "No sense of preservation. I should have guessed it." And with that cryptic phrase he left to presumably gather his books.

Bella took a deep breath and started to organize her books on the table. The sooner they started the sooner she would be able to leave him. Although she had to admit that she hadn't felt this alive in months.

For the next two hours they studied together. He tried to provoke her, but she stood her ground. Finally they called it an end.

She started to gather her books and when she finished she found him closer than expected. She dropped the bag in fright and he chuckled, "Did I scare you?" His smirk returned full force. "I didn't mean to."

"Oh I'm sure you didn't mean it," replied Bella, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

His sexy smirk widened and he quickly took a strand of her hair and tucked it behind her ear. "So, baby, I'll see you in two days time."

Bella took a step back, still blushing at his touch and she hurried toward the door. Then she stopped and shouted at him, "Bella! My name is Bella! I'll see you Friday, and when I come back I want you to drop your little name calling and innuendos. Am I clear?"

She saw his eyes dancing with amusement and she felt her cheeks heating up again when with a sexy strong voice he said, "Sure, baby. I can't wait to see you again. However did you know that I like tough girls?" He walked closer to her again while she walked backwards toward the door. "You, my angry kitten, are very entertaining."

She felt anger rise, she wanted to punch him. He was this cocky guy who thought that every girl was going to fall at his feet only because he was handsome and he had his way with words. She really wanted to reply in kindness but he had managed to rile her up so much that she only said, "Ugh! You are ..." and then she reached the door, opened it and ran out. She was in her car before realizing that the last thing she heard was his warm laugh.

She was beyond angry. She was enraged, who did he think he was? Baby? Angry Kitten? How dare he! She would show him on Friday what would happen to someone who crossed Bella Swan. She was going to get the last word in their little game. Even if she had to go to Lauren and Jessica for advice.

Paul wasn't going to know what hit him!

AN: Next chapter we will see Paul's POV on the meeting.