Lovely Hearts Club
~An After Story~

Good morning, Tenri. Did you sleep well?

Bathed in the warm sunlight, Tenri was greeted by Diana's telepathic voice as she awoke from her long night's sleep. Like always, it was seven o'clock sharp in the morning.

"Good morning," replied Tenri as she stood up from the bed. "A-re? Why am I wearing my mother's school uniform?"

"Ah, I visited Katsuragi-san while wearing it in the morning." Diana said nonchalantly, manifested in the dressing mirror not to far away.

"E-eh?! Why did you do that for?!" Wide-awake, she dashed towards the mirror.

Diana let out a sigh, "You managed to become his neighbor again after these long ten years of separation, and you're living right next-door to him this time. Interact a little more with him."

"I'm happy with that… Knowing that he is there beside me, and sometimes having the opportunity to talk to him… Expecting more than now… would be luxury."

"Girls, be ambitious! For eternal love and pure romance, HeartCatch Kiss!"

"I, I can't do that…" The daring words ignited Tenri's complexion into a flare.

"As Katsuragi-san's childhood friend, it is your privilege and right!" Abruptly, Diana pointed at her with the right index finger.

"Wh, what kind of justification is that?"

"Then, are you fine with some other girls kissing Katsuragi-san?"

"I… I'm not really bothered by it…"

"How can you be so careless? Katsuragi-san is yours!"

"Ke… Keima-kun doesn't belong to anyone… I told you before…" replied Tenri, blushing scarlet.

Grown weary of hearing timid answers, Diana informed her again, "While you're acting like this, someone else is becoming Katsuragi-san's lover. It might be tomorrow, or even today. What will you do then? Ah—"

Realizing Tenri had become depressed in the midst of her criticism, she stopped talking.

"Diana, you dummy…"

"I, I'm sorry, Tenri! It's just that I'm worried about you!" Diana apologized right away. "You have loved him steadfast for the past ten years, even though he was not by your side, and it would end as an unrequited love at this pace. Not only that, it would also mark the end of my…"

What Diana said was true, for the past decade Tenri's heart withstood the test of time far away from her love. In the whole wide world, she understood him the most; her love for him was unconditional, not blind.

"Would you forgive me?"

Unbeknownst to Diana, she was already forgiven by Tenri. Like the kind heart she had, the sisterly love for Diana and their bond of friendship was indestructible.

"It's okay, Diana," she smiled at her tenderly. "I know you were just trying to encourage me."


"Ah, speaking of which, what did you do in Keima-kun's room?" she inquired, her eyes reflecting curiosity.

The innocent question evoked the incident earlier that morning in Diana's memory, and she vanished from the mirror — perhaps to avoid talking with Tenri face-to-face after her subsequent words of reply.

I-it's a secret…

A/N: The relationship between Tenri and Diana established in this bonus chapter was constructed from our own understanding, and it does not necessary reflect the characters themselves in the manga.