"Rory Gilmore get your butt down here now!"

"Coming mom" I yelled as I walked out of my bedroom. What could I have done this time? It couldn't be to bad because she only called me Rory and not Lorelai. I bet its something silly that she just wanted to pick at me about! "What mom?" I asked as I reached the last step.

"It's pizza and movie night what kind of toppings do we want tonight?" See I knew I wasn't really in trouble.

"Hum, I say pepperoni and extra cheese"

"Ok then pepperoni and cheese it is" As mom ordered the pizza I went to go get me a soda. As I walked into the kitchen there he was. Why was Jess in my kitchen?

"Hey Rory"

"Jess" I wanted to punch him he had broke my heart and then just left no goodbye or nothing just left. Me and Luke had spent hours looking for him and he was in Cali! It didn't matter and more cause I was with Dean now.

"What do you want Jess?"
"I just came to tell you that I'm back in town"

"I see that so now you can go" I want nothing to do with him why is he still here? What would happen if Dean came over he would see me and Jess in the kitchen and think something bad. How could this be happing? The kitchen door opened and my mom walked in


"Hi "

"Why are you here?"

"I just wanted to tell Rory that I was back."

"Yeah well Rory's with Dean so I'm sure it doesn't matter"

"Mom could you give us a minute?"

"Yeah" As Lorelai left the room I could see the hurt look an Jess's face.

"You're with Dean huh?"
"Yeah seeing as you left without so much as saying goodbye and I didn't know when you would be back yeah I got with Dean"

"So you just thought hey since my boyfirend left town I'm just going to go find the first guy to get with?"
"It's not like that Jess"

"Then how's it like please tell me."

"Jess you dumped me then left the state! What was I going to do just wait til you came back not even knowing when that might be since you never picked up a phone?"

"Rory I love you and I was scared what was I going to do just put it all out there and have you not feel the same way about me!"