Rory was laying across her bed face down when Lorelai came into the room. She needed her daughter more then ever right now. How could Chris do this to her after everything they had been through. She thought Chris still loved her like she did him, that at some point he would want to be a family with her and Rory. Then like a bomb being dropped he told her that he loved someone else and that they were going to get married soon. She felt as if she was losing everything and her only daughter the one person in this world that was always by her side was not speaking to her.

Rory had heard the door open but she stayed face down on the bed. It was probably her mother come to yell at her! Why wouldn't she just leave well enough alone? Rory's life was falling apart and fast, she didn't know what to do anymore. Just then she felt her mother crawl into her bed and wrap her arms around her the best she could. She loved feeling her mother arms around her.

"Rory, You know that I love you right? You know that no matter what happens I will always be there for you right? I just want you to know that I only told Luke to keep Jess away from you for your own good baby." Why was her mother talking like this? What all had dad said to her on the phone?

"Mom, I love you too and I do know all that stuff but you have to let me make my own chose on Jess. I love him more then anything and I want to be with him. I'm not saying that I am going to go running right back to him right now but sooner or later I am going to be with him. You have to accept my choose because in just a few months I will be 18 and I will be on my own. I know that you don't like Jess but I love him and I want to marry him and have a family with him someday." Why was she trying to explain all of this to her mom? Why did she feel that all of this had to be said and it had to be said now?

"Rory, please don't do this. I just want things back to the way there where before Jess came back into town. What about Dean?"

"Dean will probably never talk to me again!"

"Why what happened?"Lorelai sat and listened to Rory as she told her how Dean had seen her and Jess kissing and how she had called Dean right before her mother had come home. Rory told her everything that Dean had said to her and how he had exploded on her over her and Jess. Rory also told her how he had kissed Lane right in front of her and how she hadn't even been mad or anything.

How was he going to get Rory to see him Jess wondered as he stepped onto the bus back to Luke's. He had to go get the rest of his stuff because if Rory didn't want him he was going to leave. Fuck this town, hell fuck this state if Rory didn't want to be with him. He knew just where he could go too. As Jess sat on the bus he thought up ways he could get Rory to come and see him but most of them where too damn dark and twisted. Just then Lane stepped onto the bus.

"Oh Jess, how are you?" Lane asked as she walked over to him.

"Not to good Lane." Right then Jess knew how he was going to get Rory to come see him and he was going to have Lane help him.

"What's wrong Jess?"

"Well I might be leaving soon and Rory won't come see me think you can help?" Lane being the good person she is agreed to help Jess get Rory to come see him. The made up the plan as the bus made it's way to Luke's. Lane and Jess both got off a stop before Luke's and went their own ways.