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"Move out the way, you freak!"

Hinata was pushed aside for what seemed the 100th time that day, but she had gotten used to it. She regained her posture and kept on walking. Her light lavender eyes scanned the room as she looked for her friends, her eyes stopped when she saw a pair of onyx eyes looking back at her, she held his gaze for a moment before looking away. Now she seriously had to find her friends, but she was afraid to look up again, her long time crush had caught her staring at him, the endless buzz of chattering seemed to fade away and the lunchroom seemed to go out of focus, she swayed on the spot before shaking her head to get the faint feeling off her then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a glimpse of her best friend, Ino, well, who could miss her natural platinum blond hair tied up in her usual high ponytail? She scurried over to Ino and the rest of her friends, before she could even be tempted to glance back at her raven attraction.

"Hey Hina! Where you been? We've been looking for you!" Ino exclaimed,

"Yeah, we thought Chouji had eaten you or something!" said Kiba, his fang like canines showing as he grinned.

"Ha-ha, very funny guys," Chouji said, munching on his bag of chips.

"It was very troublesome looking for you," Shikamaru yawned,

"Sorry, I w-was looking for you g-guys too," Hinata stuttered, Ino rolled her eyes,

"Honestly, you don't need apologise Hina!" she said, before Hinata could reply, a shrill shriek echoed through the lunchroom.


….Wait for it…


Everyone turned to see Sakura (A.N. stupid bitch.) running and jump onto Sasuke's lap, then wrap her arms around his neck, with a seductive (A.N. I think I'm going to puke,) smile, Hinata ignored her aching heart, excused herself to the bathroom and nearly ran out the room.

From the corner of his eye, Sasuke saw Hinata go out the room, why did he care? Why did he care if she misinterpreted this situation? Why did he care about what she thought about him? Maybe because she was the only girl that didn't swoon over him? Yeah that's it…at least that's what he kept telling himself.

"Sakura…." He growled softly,

"Yes babe? What is it?" she said, (A.N. at least I think it's a she,)

"Get off me, before I throw you onto the floor…" he replied, in a low voice. Now, being the stupid pink bitch that she is, Sakura thought he meant that he couldn't control himself with her on his lap so he told her to get off so he wouldn't throw her onto the floor and take her then and there…. (Pshh not even in her dreams) she smiled again.

"Ooh I get you, Sasuke, I didn't know what I do to you and you don't want to do it in public so I'll see you after school, I'll pick you up, okay?" she said, sliding off his lap, Sasuke rolled his eyes, this girl was so stupid. If she was sitting on his lap, she would've known that his dick was as limp as ever, there was no point in explaining the whole thing because the stupid hobo wouldn't get it, he just replied,

"I have a car and if I didn't, I'm not getting in the same car as you,"

"Oh yes, we wouldn't want to raise suspicion, would we, Sasuke-kun, I'll just see you at my house then, my parents are out of town, so we'll be okay, see you there Sasuke-kun!" she said before blowing a kiss and walking off.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Hinata washed the tearstains off her face, looked at her reflection in the mirror, nodded to herself and went back to the lunchroom.

When she arrived she saw Sakura blow a kiss to Sasuke and her heart clenched again, she took a deep breath and walked in to the lunchroom, ignoring the stares of people watching her retreat back to her friends, until…

"Hey! Freak! Where do you think you're going?" Sakura yelled, a few snickered, and she seemed to like this so she continued,

"Why do you wear such baggy clothes? Is it cause you don't want people to see your fat figureless body?" she exclaimed, the snickers turned into giggles. Sasuke clenched his hands, he wanted to get up and punch Sakura's face in till she was unrecognisable (A.N. which in my opinion would be a major improvement to her hideous face,) but he knew that people would wander why he cared if she was insulting Hinata, so he forced himself to stay seated, while Sakura carried on.

"Or is it because you can't afford your own clothes and had to borrow your cousin's, well I must say, he has really bad taste!" she laughed, but no one laughed with her, everyone knew Hinata's cousin, Neji, and how he was sent to jail for almost killing another student because he had insulted Hinata and made her cry for days. He had beaten the other guy to a pulp and it had taken Sasuke, Naruto and Lee to get him off the guy, Hinata had bee standing there shocked and frozen, she remembered the bloody knuckles of her cousin and the unrecognisable face of the poor guy, before she had fainted.

Sakura looked around to see that no one was laughing, being the idiot she is, she had completely forgotten that Neji was a sensitive subject to not only Hinata but nearly everyone else who knew what a kind boy Neji was. Sasuke was just about to get up, before Hinata had stopped and turned around.

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Hinata turned around, her eyes were hidden behind her fringe as she walked up to Sakura, the pink idiot stood her place confidently, thinking she could easily beat Hinata in a fight, but Hinata went right up to her and looked Sakura straight in the eyes, Sakura almost gasped.

Hinata's face was a calm as ever, but her eyes was brimming with fury, her tinted lavender, white eyes was almost purple, and if looks could kill, Sakura would be 10ft under. Hinata gave a sigh and spoke gently but clearly.

"First of all, my cousin does not have bad taste, in fact he has more taste than you will ever have, second, these clothes belong to me and I like these clothes and I don't care what people think about them, especially not you and lastly…the reason my clothes are baggy is because I don't want to show off my figure simply because I don't want to look like you, as the slutty whore you are."

There was an ushered silence before the whole room erupted with laughter, Kiba howled with laughter and whistled at Hinata, Ino gave a unladylike snort, Shikamaru put his head up with a big smile on his face, Naruto had fallen off his chair clutching his sides and tears coming out of eyes, Sasuke raised an eyebrow, with a smirk on his face, he was glad that Hinata didn't beat Sakura, otherwise she would've got in trouble and he didn't like the idea of Sakura's disgusting filthy hands trying to mark his Hinata's face. Wait. Did he just say his? He mentally shook his head as he looked back at Hinata, who had turned and left the room leaving a shocked, gaping Sakura.

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