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Chapter 3

'Finally, I'm out…' Sasuke thought, he was glad to get out of that retarded lesson, he couldn't wait to get home, which sounded weird to him considering he normally wanted to stay away from home. His mother and father were away on a business trip and he was left home with his brother. For once in his life, he wanted to see his brother's face, maybe he had some good advice…

"Sorry, otouto. I got nothing." Itachi said with a smirk as he drank his coffee. Sasuke glared at him.

"So useless…" Sasuke mumbled, Itachi raised a perfect eyebrow, before Sasuke could even blink, he was in a headlock by his older brother and Itachi's other hand was tickling his sides. Sasuke burst out laughing, (AN: O_O) as Itachi tickled him.

"Hahahahaha! Stop! Itachi! Hahahahaha! Let go! Aniki!" Sasuke said, Itachi released after a while and smirked as he saw Sasuke's face red with anger and embarrassment.

"Why'd you do that?" Sasuke yelled, Itachi continued drinking his tea,

"You looked depressed. That look doesn't suit you." Itachi said simply, Sasuke's hardened eyes soften slightly before he turned.

"Che, whatever." Sasuke was about to go to his room when his brother stopped him.

"Sasuke….give her time… and whatever you do, don't give up. It would be nice to see Hinata-chan again." Sasuke smiled but never showed his brother.

Uchihas were not allowed to smile.

Next morning Sasuke got up earlier than usual, it was 8:00. He couldn't sleep right knowing that Hinata had a problem with him. He sighed as he went to the bathroom to refresh himself before he went to school.

An alarm rang before being punched by a fist. Hinata yawned and stretched before she checked the time. '8:30' it read…

"Ahhhhhhh! I'm going to be late!" Hinata's yell was heard all over the house, her father was sat in the living room sipping his tea. He smiled as he heard his daughter's scream.

10 minutes later, Hinata came rushing downstairs tugging on her jacket, while at the same time, trying to put her shoe on. When she finally managed to sort herself out she gave her dad a quick kiss on the cheek before she rushed out.

She checked the time. It was 8:41, she panicked, and she only had 19 minutes to get to school. She started running before a car pulled up, she saw the window roll down and her sprint slowed to a walk.

"Hey, get in the car." Sasuke said, she ignored him, he sighed.

"Hinata, get in the car or you'll be late." Hinata glared at him.

"I would rather be late." She said before she continued walking, Sasuke sighed before driving off and he disappeared behind the corner. Hinata exhaled before she started speed walking, when she turned around the corner she saw Sasuke leaning on his car, his arms folded. Hinata's eyes widened before she ignored his presence and continued walking. Sasuke was really starting to get pissed off.

"Hinata this is your last chance to get in the car on your own two feet." Sasuke growled, Hinata just looked at him. 'He couldn't be insinuating…'

"Alright, that's it." Before Hinata could say anything she found herself being hoisted up over Sasuke's shoulder like she was a bag of rice and nearly thrown into the car. Sasuke shut the door before he walked around to get to the driver's seat. He shut the door behind as he sat down but he did not turn the car on. Hinata looked at him then at the time. She only had 10 minutes to get to school.

"Um.. Excuse me do you mind starting the car?" she said, he sighed and answered,

"Don't worry, it'll only take 5 minutes by car from here. I just… We need to talk." Hinata eyes widened, she turned and tried opening the door, only to find that Sasuke had locked it. She took a deep breath and looked at Sasuke.

"What would you like to talk about, Uchiha-san?" Sasuke nearly winced at the formality but managed to stop himself from doing so.

"What Sakura said the other day, I didn't mean-"

"I don't care what Sakura said, Uchiha-san . Whether you said or not, it's your opinion and I respect that. Now if you will be so kind, could you please start driving or I will start to walk again, whether I'm late or not." Hinata said, interrupting Sasuke well-rehearsed speech. Sasuke looked at her before he let his bangs cover his eyes.

"Okay…" Sasuke said before igniting the car and driving off. The whole drive there was in complete silence.

They arrived at school a few minutes later with about 2 minutes to spare. Hinata jumped out the car, and before she shut the door, she remembered her manners. She looked at him, and said with small smile.

"Thank you…Sasuke." Sasuke's eyes widened but Hinata didn't see it as she had closed the door and ran off to her friends. Sasuke gave a small smile.

Maybe there was hope after all.

In the classroom, Hinata met up with her friends and saw Ino her eyes wide.

"Hina! I want details! Now!" Ino yelled, Hinata looked at her confused.

"W-What are you talking about, Ino-chan?" Hinata said, Ino rolled her eyes,

"Don't play dumb! I saw you coming out of Uchiha Sasuke's car! Something must've happened! Tell me" Ino said, Hinata sighed and told her how Sasuke wanted to talk to her and how she had completely ignored what he had to say. If possible, Ino's eyes widened even more.

"Are you serious? Oh my god, Hina! You should've let him speak!"

Before Hinata could say anything, she heard squeals coming from the door, she looked to see the commotion and saw that Sasuke had entered the classroom. She rolled her eyes mentally but he couldn't help but notice how the light touched him making him look even more stunning. She didn't notice before but the fitted, black turtleneck sweater he was wearing just defined the rippling muscled torso underneath, he covered his sweater with a casual jacket that just made him look even more stunning. His black jeans were not too tight but not too loose either. His simple black shoes just looked amazing because they were on him. Hinata exhaled as she felt heat just rushing down to her southern region. She closed her eyes trying to get rid of the feeling and she didn't notice Sasuke coming closer to her.

Sasuke looked around the room and found Hinata sitting there with her eyes closed. He smirked as he walked towards her. He went to the seat next to her and saw it was occupied by Ino who staring at him. He whispered something in her ear that caused her to giggle and get up from her seat. Ino went to sit next to Kiba while Sasuke took her chair. Sasuke continued looking at Hinata before he leaned in and whispered into her ear.

When her breath rate went back to normal, she sighed mentally and was going to open her eyes until she felt a pair of lips on her ear and a deep, masculine, silky voice whispered:

"You're welcome."

Hinata's eyes opened and she turned her head towards the husky voice… however, she had turned to suddenly and Sasuke's lips were still quite close and when she turned… his lips were so close to hers, Hinata could feel their breaths mingling.

No one moved. No one said a word. Hinata and Sasuke just looked at each other, neither of them moving a muscle. Sasuke's fan girls were livid. You could see the fury just waiting to be free. They watched intently as Sasuke began to move ever so slowly towards Hinata's lips. Everyone held their breath waiting for their lips to connect. The majority of them who normally taunt Hinata on a daily basis were shocked that Sasuke would even be in that position in the first place. Sasuke was about a few centimetres away before…

"Sorry I'm late, I got lost on the road of life!" Kakashi said before he came into the room. Sasuke and Hinata jerked away and a dust of red was on both of their faces, well in Hinata's case, she was as red as a tomato.

Everyone released their held breath and continued to their seats. The fan girls were grumbling about the 'freak' Hinata and Kiba had to restrain Ino from jumping out of her seat and slapping Kakashi for ruining the moment.

For the rest of the lesson, although they were sitting next to each other, neither Hinata nor Sasuke said a word to each other. Sasuke tried to glance in her direction but failed miserably as he saw many eyes watching his every move. He sighed mentally as he knew that he would'nt be able to say or do anything involving Hinata in front of them. He nearly jumped for joy when he heard the bell ring and immediately jumped out of his seat. Because of how bad Kakashi was as a teacher everyone had left the classroom, forgetting that they had left Sasuke and Hinata alone in the classroom. Kakashi smiled behind his mask, took out his book and walked out the classroom , letting the young youths having a moment to themselves. Hinata tried to ignore his presence but found it quite difficult. She quickly tried to grab her things off the desk but dropped one of her books on the floor. Sasuke took this opportunity and grabbed the book and offered it back to Hinata. She looked at it hesitantly and then slowly reached out to grab the book. While getting the book off Sasuke, her finger grazed his hand and they both felt a spark of electricity and Hinata tried to jerk away but Sasuke grabbed her hand and held it in place. He ignored the feeling of electricity that overcame him again and looked at Hinata. She looked at him and they were lost in each other's eyes. Sasuke smirked sexily, making Hinata's heart skip a beat. He leaned in slowly at a snail-pace rate. He was scared that she might move away so he thought 'Fuck it.' And closed the gap between them.

Both hearts skipped a beat as the feelings they felt overcame all their worries. It started out a shy tender kiss but Sasuke grabbed onto Hinata pulling her foward and deepening the kiss, Hinata moaned slightly which turned Sasuke on even more. He licked Hinata's lips asking for entrance. Before Hinata complied, a flash of Sakura's face and the things she had said appeared in her mind.

"He would never like you!"

"He would never like you!"

"He would never like you!"

Those words echoed in her head causing her to pull away. She didn't want Sasuke to see her eyes that were filling with tears no matter how much she tried not cry. He muttered a quick apology before running off. Sasuke was too shocked with what happened to run after her. He closed his eyes and suddenly remebered that Hinata still knew about what he had said to Sakura and he had failed to clear up that misunderstanding. He then understod why she ran away. She probably thought that he was using her. He sighed sadly.

He could've just ruined his one chance to be with Hinata.

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