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Chapter 1 the move

Sunday August 15 9:34am

Wack! A pillow falls to the ground after being thrown at a nine year old boy.

"Hey!What the heck was that for sis," Says the little boy.

" Oh quit being a baby it was just a pillow besides, how many times have I told you to knock before coming into my room...huh?" says the teenage girl.

"I don't see why I need to knock, it's not like you could be changing or anything. All that's left in your room is a desk and a pillow." says the little boy.

"Dammit Sota that's not the point." states the girl.

Oh hey. Sorry I bet your wondering ' what the hell? Who is this person?' Well the name is Kagome Higurashi, I am 17 years old and music and tennis are my passion. I am currently in the process of moving to a new town. You see my father just got offered the job of conductor for Japan's National Orchestra and it is located in Tokyo. So seeing that we lived four hours from Tokyo we had to move. You have no idea how happy this makes me...I know you're probably thinking, 'What?... She wants to move? She must be out of her mind.' See this is actually quite a blessing for me. I'm actually quite good at tennis and Tokyo High has won the nationals in tennis for the last 4 years straight and they want me to play for them. They have been trying to get me to play for them for the last 3 years but because of my fathers' job we couldn't move. So now we are finally moving and I get to play for the "high school dream team" for tennis...Okay, I am just blabbering now so let's get back to the story...

Sota and me are coming out of the house as we hear our mom call us," Alright kids get in the car it's time to go". "Honey are you sure you're going to be okay following us? We could always have your car shipped to us." my mom asks.

"Yes mom, I will be fine driving it's just a four hour drive. There is no need to ship the car when I could just drive it, besides I will be behind you and dad the whole way."

"Okay... but if you get tired just call your brother that way you won't fall asleep."

"Aww mom...I was going to sleep the whole way there. I don't want to talk to her the whole way," Sota wines!

I roll my eyes at how stupid he could be sometimes. "Okay mama, I will." I say as I get into my black 2010 3.5 S Altima. God, I love this car! Okay time for some music! Hum...what do I want to listen's a long road trip so it's got to be something that can keep me awake...Ah ha! It's time for some Attack Attack. I plug my iPod in and find 'The Peoples Elbow '.This song is one of Attack Attack's best songs god I love it. Alright Tokyo, here I come.

As I was driving, I started to wonder about how my first day of school was going to go. At least I am switching schools before school starts, so I don't have to be worried about the teacher putting me in front of the class and asking me to spill my life story. It wasn't that I am shy; really... it's just that I really don't care for the attention from the guys I tend to get. I guess you could say I was one of the prettiest girls at my old school… Now I'm not saying I'm God's gift to man, it's just that I seem to attract a fair amount attention from guys at my old school. One guy in particular...but let's not go there Kagome (shudders).

-4 hours later-

'WOW! Look at these houses! Is this the neighborhood we are going to be living in? Sweet! I don't think they really qualify as houses though more like mansions.' I thought while gapping at the houses.

I thought we lived in a nice house before but it looks like a hut compared to these. I wonder, 'Moms' books must have done really well, I still haven't read her last one yet, or either dad's making a lot more money than last time. Hum maybe it's both...Oh well'. 'OH he was hot wonder how old he is', I think this has to be the biggest house yet. Out front there was this silver haired God that was getting out of a limo, with a suit that had to be made for him because it fit perfect. With long, silver hair that any female would kill for, that was pulled back into a ponytail. He was probably too old for me anyway and most likely married.

Just as I finish that line of thinking, I pull up to my new home. I must say it was breath taking, three stories high, it also had some nice grounds. 'I'm so glad we hire people to do our yards, I would hate to have to cut this much grass.' I thought. I proceeded to park my car and get out.

"Kagome you better hurry and choose your room because Sota has already gone to find his." my mom smiles while telling me this.

After hearing this I run to find the room I want. I heard Sota running around on the bottom floor so, I go to the second floor and go to the left down the short hallway to the last door and opened it. 'OH MY GOD!I think I am in love with a room!' my thoughts and mouth (note to self close mouth..hehehe) were in agreement that I had found my room.

My room was huge with dark blue walls, with black carpet and two large bay windows. As I was looking around I noticed I had two doors so I opened the first to find a huge bathroom with a door to a walk-in closet. I'm loving this room the more I look in it. I proceeded to open the last one to find...

a recording studio.

"This is so MY ROOM!" I yelled so loud China most likely heard me.

"So, I take it you found the surprise," my dad said as he came up behind me.

"Dad, can I please have this room? Please daddy I really want it!" I begged.

"Yes...You can have's actually more or less a present for you after all the hard work you put into tennis. I know you wanted one so you could produce all the music you come up with in that little head of yours." he said.

Yep I am my father's daughter. I can compose, play and sing music. This has officially made my move perfect now all I need is for school to go smoothly. But before that I must unpack.

-You will meet more characters next chapter-

P.S. anyone care to take a guess at who the first silver haired character is?