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[11:00 am]

Excella and Irving sat at the table in the meeting room. Excella in a pristine beige colored ensemble, Ricardo in a dark blue suit and looking more worse for the wear. Wesker had walked in precisely at eleven, sitting down and preparing to discuss the issues at hand. Once the tall blonde settled into the head seat, he leaned on his arm and looked to Irving.

" Irving, Excella tells me you have good news to report."

The mousy, hassled looking man stood and nodded.

"I do...you see, we's perfected the Las Plagas. Some of the trials runs were hopeless, I admit...but this time! We's fixed the issue and are prepared to have it tried in another test bed. They had two successful infections of women this time, but would like to have it tried full scale. Tricell still wishes to explore the possibilities of it creating super soldiers, and it has that potential still yet...so. Whatcha think?" he finished lamely.

Wesker remained seated, a single finger tapping his cheek as he contemplated. He swiveled just a bit in the chair, turning to Excella.

"What of the P30 device I was shown a few days ago? Where are we with that?"

"The designer has fitted the prototype to a test subject and is going to have a full report by the end of the week. We shall know then how well it works, then he will be constructing another one for Jill, functional and fixed of any kinks that the prototype may present," Excella replied.

Wesker nodded again, falling silent once more as he thought. With Las Plagas ready, the device nearly ready, the only thing that remained was deciding when to initiate the plan for Kijuju.

"Things are on track for that. With those ends straightened out, I want focus on the Uroboros project and the production of its missiles. We can now only wait until that P30 device is complete before enacting our plans for Kijuju. Good work, Irving. Have the Las Plagas duplicated and readied for use. I want it on call for when the device is finished and fixed on Jill. Irving, you and her will be responsible with the infection of Kijuju once we initiate the plan. Clear?"

Irving nodded vigorously, eager to get out of the meeting room.

"Well then, meeting adjourned."

Irving left, with Excella seemingly busying herself fixing her suit. It was all show to stall and make sure there was time alone with Wesker to speak with him. Once he got up to leave too, she started at him, approaching him with those clicking heels and that glossy smile of hers.

" Albert, I am surprised you slept in so late."

"Tired from the research and formulating ideas which to tame the Uroboros enough to adapt into a person's DNA rather than turning them into a slimy pile of writhing tentacles...the antibodies in Jill's DNA seems to damper the effect, or at least, delay it, but we need something to balance it; adapt it seamlessly into the human DNA chain to enhance the sequences...without the nasty side effects..."

"I know, Albert...with the Las Plagas worry behind us now, we should focus more on that. Some of our leading researchers have made suggestions."

Wesker leaned against the wall, folding his arms as he stared at his Italian business partner.


"...Well, Jill's antibodies are useful, yes...but perhaps a more resistant DNA genome would be helpful. Some suggestions have been to use chimpanzee DNA samples, as they are the closest thing to human DNA."

Wesker nearly scoffed at the idea, but the suggestion may have weight to it...if the animal's DNA had a stronger, more resistant gene to such viral infections like Uroboros. It made him think of the different strains of Ebola, with such strains like the Sudan and Zaire one being particularly lethal to human beings and monkeys. However, the Reston strain of Ebola, effected only monkeys and not humans. Maybe there could be a reverse case where a monkey's DNA could be more resistant or tolerable of the Uroboros virus than human's DNA? It might be worth amusing the idea for a bit, or at least letting the researchers look into the theory. At this point, he was ready to entertain anything to help the process.

"Tell the researchers they are permitted to research into this theory, if they think it may solve the Uroboros problem. I must go, Excella. Watch over the research for a moment, I need to go up and to town."

Excella was apprehensive about him leaving again, but agreed she would brief the researchers on investigating new theories. Wesker took a series of lifts to get back to the rooms where some of them stayed, including one of his own and Jill's. He strode down the hall and stopped in front of Jill's, swiping his card and entered, hestitating only a moment, not sure how angry Jill may be. As he entered though, he found her laying in the bed, staring at the wall, seeming quite out of focus. Wesker approached her cautiously, a hand behind his back.

"Jill, I need you to dress," he said gently, trying not to rouse the anger that surely was in her. Blue eyes shifted toward him slowly,

"Now, Jill," he ordered, his voice now turning cold and firm.

Jill knew the consequences of disobeying, and after a night like they had, and memories of what happened when she did resist, she decided it best to dress as instructed. The bluish battlesuit was put on, zipped up and the gun holsters strapped on properly. However, the guns were not provided to her (nor allowed to stay in the room with her for obvious reasons). Blonde hair was combed and tied back while in the bathroom, before she came to face Wesker who wore a small smirk on his thin lips.


Wesker approached slowly, making Jill suspicious of his motives. Within a flash, he had her pinned to the wall, and a needle in her neck. A pained but silent scream came over her features as the P30 rushed through her, rendering her incapable of voluntary movement now. She hated when he did this, as it beared a constant reminder who he really was and reasons why she loathed everything about him. When he stood away from her, she dropped a bit to the floor, barely able to right herself.

"Stand up."

Jill stood on command, and looked to Wesker.

"...We're going for a ride in town. Let's go."

[12:05 pm]

The eerily sterile research lab had ten people bustling about in it. They donned powder white lab coats, with a Tricell Id attached to them and the work they were cleared to work on. These ten had been handpicked by Excella and Wesker himself to handle the delicate and important matter of the Uroboros project. While they been told it was an honor and reflection of their superior skill in their fields to be permitted to work on this ultra secret project, a few of them couldn't help but feel a queasiness at the disappointing, and rather grotesque effects of the virus upon their subjects.

At a table lined with vials and glass beakers, two of these researchers were pouring over some pictures of the virus' microscope pictures while they looked at a laptop, where a program was running where they could test their theories. The girl sat back in her roller chair, hands on her forehead.

"This...is so hopeless, Jack. How are we supposed to engineer a virus to enhance a human's body rather than destroy it?"

Jack, a young, black haired man sighed as he sat in the chair next to her, going over a binder full of research on the virus.

"You got me, Ella. A virus hijacks a body's cells to duplicate itself into the virus' own code...this is sort of absurd, isn't it?"

Ella smirked a bit as she rubbed her temples and faced away from the laptop, its bright light hurting her eyes after staring at it for so long. A slender hand pushed back some brown tresses as she looked at Jack.

"Well...supposedly Mr. Wesker himself has been infected and has super speed and strength, from the T-virus. You think it's true?"

Ella was a bit new, but Jack knew. Brown eyes stared at the metal table in front of him, lined with papers, books, notebooks with pens and the like, as he remembered an incident with that blonde beast. It was true that man could move quicker than the eye could see, a wisp of smoke in movement. Able to lift a grown man off his feet with one hand. It was remarkable...and downright frightening to see someone display such brutal strength. Was engineering such a virus for enhancing soldiers a good idea? With the advancement in weapon technology today, was adding super quick and strong soldiers to the mix wise?

"It is...I've seen it...but that was the pure T-virus, not this offshoot. The T-virus came from the Progenitor virus, a plant virus Spencer got from those plants in that area in Africa. This Uroboros is the same offshoot from the Progenitor virus...not the T-virus. You know, maybe if there was a way to introduce those viruses together, it might negate some of those worse effects the Uroboros has...worth a shot. Right?"

At that moment, Excella came in. Ella and Jack were not at all fond of this Italian woman (who they had more derogatory terms for), but she was the director for Tricell in the African branch. She put her hands on her hips as she spoke loudly to the large research room.

"Gather around everyone, I have an announcement!"

Researchers quickly put up what they were doing safely, removing their thick, broad goggles and pulling off rubber gloves as they approached the woman standing near the door. Ella and Jack were the last to approach, standing behind others as the woman addressed them.

" I have been told that theories you may have to improve the Uroboros virus may be researched now. Whether it is the idea of monkey DNA, or any other form. Anything at this point is welcome to be tried. If you do so believe in your theory, develop it, and make a detailed report of it before we do a trial run of the theory. Best of luck to all of you," she said tartly and left, without allowing them to question her.

As it appeared, there wasn't need to question her. Researchers were grinning and more than eager to test fresher attempts at stabilizing the Uroboros project. They were returning to their stations, chatting animatedly with their fellow researchers about the new avenues they could explore and try out. Ella and Jack returned to their own station, heads buzzing with so many ideas.

"Well, we can forget about begging her and that blonde beast to try out our idea now, seeing as we have permission to try any new way to engineer the virus," Ella said with a grin. "How about we go with that theory you just mentioned? May be a good shot."

Jack smirked and nodded as they grabbed a notebook each, and began to brainstorm and write down their theories.