Author's note: I don't own Doctor Who. This story is re-loaded onto the net because I make a mistake and deleted it off my story list. I'm blaming it on lack of sleep. Anyway, I'm re-posting it for fans who still like it.

Chapter 1

The doors of the TARDIS flew open with a clang and out stepped the Doctor and he waved his arms out grandly as his campaign followed him from behind.

"Welcome, Rose to the year Colome, at least according to the Utopian calendar, on the planet Varia. The home of among other things to the universes' most fertile soil and the longest running bed and breakfast."

"So, how long has this bed and breakfast been around?"

"Oh, not that long by my standards, but I reckoned at least seven to eight hundred years."

"And you said they had the best sweets, right?"

Sighing, but soon recovering in a wide manic grim the Doctor exclaimed, "Yes, Rose. They've got the best confections around. They're award winning! They're made by this lovely couple. You wouldn't think it when you see them, but they have led quit the interesting life."

Rose smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Right, and we live such boring lives, traveling in our big blue box."

"Oi, I'm an authority when it comes to recognizing interesting people, Ms. Tyler, it—this isn't Varia. We're on a space station."

The Doctor walked up to a large window and saw that they were suspended in space in a large donut shaped space station that looked to be orbiting a green planet down below. They saw small ships zooming by back and forth from the planet and back.

"That there isn't even Varia. That's got to be Pendra, but I wasn't even aiming for Pendra."

Rose noticed the Doctor's troubled stare and went and to hold his hand. She gave him a light tug and said, "Come on then, it's not like ending up at the wrong place hasn't happened before. Come and lets take a look around."

Suddenly, armed soldiers surround them. The Doctor and Rose raise their arms in surrender, but soon they were confronted with a woman who emerged from the pack. She had long black hair and alien green eyes. They shimmer in the light and she gave the pair a smug smile.

"Who are you? How did you get here? And what are your intentions?"

The Doctor lowers his hands and smoothes the lapse on this leather jacket and gives the woman a beaming smile. He gives her an appraising look before he speaks.

"Well, Hello. I'm the Doctor and this Rose. We came to do a bit of shopping, now who are you?"

"I am Captain Tempest Love, head of security and I find it hard to believe that you are here to do some shopping."

Rose barely succeeded in stopping a giggle from leaving her mouth when she heard the Captain's name. She knew Jack would have a field day. A name like that just couldn't go unchallenged, but they were spared the ex-time agent's charm by previously dropping him off at requested pleasure planet.

However, Rose felt that this chat was going bad and decided to speak, she pointed to the Doctor and said, "But he's telling you the truth. It's just we got lost—"

"Oi! We are not lost. I know exactly where we are, Rose."

"We're lost. You are such a bloke!"

Yet, before the Doctor could counter Rose's remark, Captain Love interrupted for what she considered a lovers' spat. She turned her head down and raised her hand to halt their argument farther. As best as she could figure, they were most likely off-worlders who had come to buy Pendra's renowned healing herbs. They didn't seem like a threat—more like lost tourist.

"Stop. That's enough. Obviously, you're lost."

Rose exclaimed, "Thank you. See Doctor, even the love captain knows we're lost."

"Really Rose, I've been doing this for a long time, I know what I'm doing."

Rose simply responded with a smile and looked into his bright blue eyes. She swayed a bit, embarrassed to what she was about to say. Quietly she said, "There isn't anyone else I'd rather be lost with than with you."

Her response melted all the Doctor's fight and he smiled at her with all that he was worth.

"Me too."

Captain Love dismissed her men and coughed into her hand to draw their attention back to her. It seemed to shake the Doctor back from a spell he didn't even know he was falling under. He had to get his head back in the game. Right, alien world—Pendra. These people evolved from plant life and developed a market of herbal cures that helped all sorts of species across the galaxy. They had great serves for the right price. Also they were very advanced and long-lived, nearly as long as his people, but they didn't regenerate. No, they just sprout out new tissue like any plant and they were sent on their way.

Captain Love told the pair to follow her and she brought them to a waiting room filled with other aliens who were chatting about how to market and sell herbs. She swept her hand out in a welcoming gesture to the two as they entered.

"Please, make yourselves comfortable in our waiting room. The market will open shortly in half an hour. Until then, please enjoy our hospitality."

"Yes, we'll do."

However, just as they were about to mingle, Captain Love grabbed the Doctor by the arm. Softly, she said, "You still didn't say how you got on board this station, Doctor. Where are you docked? And what is the name of your people?"

The Doctor gave her a silly grin and wiped out his trusty physic paper and held it up to her gaze. The paper seemed to satisfy her, but she still gave him an odd look.

"See, everything in order. No need to fret. Will that be all? Or do you want to check my horoscope while you're at it?"

The Doctor was getting annoyed by Captain Love's persistence, but he knew she was only doing her job. Who was he to fault her for being a little too attentive? He generally liked people who asked questions. It meant they were thinking, and Pendra wasn't really a place known for people thinking outside the box. The long-lived aliens were almost as stuffy as Time Lords were. People who generally live a lot longer than everybody else tend to grow pretty big egos. Yet, the Doctor was totally unprepared for what she asked him next. She locked her eerie eyes with his and it almost felt like she was drawing him in.

"Are you a Time Lord?"


"Don't try to fool me. My guards found your ship, that strange little blue box on the observation deck. Not to mention this odd piece of paper."

"Don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh please, you think you're the first Time Lord I ever met."