Chapter 18

The Doctor casually leaned towards Jarva and said, "You know, your big sis would be really disappointed in you right about now."

"Silence! Guards seize them!"

However, the guards were halted from drawing nearer as the two Captains stepped forward and drew their weapons at the Time Lords.

Tem turned her glance towards Jack and said, "That's a nice pistol Tex, but you should really turn that in for an upgrade."

"Trust me, I would if I could honey, but there aren't many obtains in early 21st century."

Tem tossed Jack an extra gun from the holster at her hip and he easily caught it with his left hand. He smiled and replied, "Nice, triple setting laser fire-rode. Oh, Santa has been good to you."

"Well, handsome I wasn't all together honest about being a hunter. I'm also a space pirate too."

"Well, maybe we could go treasure hunting together in the future?"

Suddenly, the Doctor ended his companions' conversation by shouting to Jarva, "Besides, having apparently two captain hormones on my team. I think you should know they both can't die, so out numbering us really isn't a problem. I suggest you stop and let us go."

"I told you Doctor, I cannot permit Rose Tyler to leave. Do you really think you can violently force your way out of this facility?"

Tem smiled and said, "Watch me." She then pulled the trigger and astonishly bathed the entire room in an overwhelming flash of white light.

When the light finally faded the Doctor and his companions were gone.

The Doctor and his group crashed unexpectedly on the TARDIS floor. The whole group startled laughing like mad on the ground as they slowly began to straighten themselves out.

The Doctor bounced up and eased Rose to her feet and in a merry voice said, "Oh that was absolutely brilliant! Using a triple setting laser fire-rode, set on flare and blinding the whole lot of them while using a temporal teleporter to zap ourselves out of their like magic—wonderful! Now, all we have to do is use the shield harmonic signature Tem obtained from one of the Omega TARDIS, which I'm sure she got by the most honest means and use it to pass through the City's dome."

The Doctor ran to the console when he finished seating Rose on the jump seat and called the Captains to the controls. It wasn't long before they got the dematerialization sequence underway and the TARDIS finally made it into the freedom of space and then into the splendor of the Time Vortex.

Hours later, the TARDIS crew were gathered in the galley and sharing a bit of tea time and a chance to unwind. At the moment, the TARDIS team were having a laugh at Tem, who had never drank a cup of tea in her life which the Doctor thought pretty strange considering she came from a culture that was extremely zealous about marketing herbal.

"Why would I want to drink a brew of old dried out leaves boiled in water if I'm not sick?"

Rose said to the Doctor, "You know it does sound odd when you put it that way."

The Doctor replied, "But it taste brilliant! And plus, it's got lots of anti-toxins and natural radicals which are fantastic in cleansing the body of impurities."

"I don't get it. My body naturally disposes of all internal impurities. In fact, my blood is considered the universe's top biological purifier of adverse substances."

The Doctor huffed, "Yeah, and it's one of the universe most deadliest poisons. And anyway, why would anyone want to drink somebody else's blood? It's terrible nasty—but maybe if you're a vampire or a Vhampr from the Jop sector you might. Though, there isn't anything leisurely or enjoyable about sipping a nice hot cup of plant juice."

Jack turned to Tem and said, "Don't listen to him. I'm sure you taste absolutely divine."

Tem smiled coyly at Jack before finally standing up from her seat. She replied, "There isn't any doubt about it, but I think it's time I cut out."

Rose asked, "You're leaving? Where're you going to go?"

The Doctor added, "The Time Lords might try to track you down."

Tem laughed and reached over and gave the Doctor a quick kiss on the lips and ruffed his hair. She said, "Don't worry about me bed-head. I can manage on my own."

Jack rose from his seat too and said, "Yeah, I should be heading back to my team. Though, you know Captain, I wouldn't mind if you came along. What do you say? Fancy a little down time on Earth? After all, we near immortals got to stick together?"

Tem smiled, "Alright. I'll give it a try, but I have to warn you, I never stay put for every long."

Jack gave her a wink before stated, "Duly noted."

The Doctor got up and made his way to the control room. He shouted, "Alright! One earth bound trip coming right up."

The Doctor and Rose said their good-byes to Jack and Tem and promised to keep in touch. The Doctor like Tem, told Jack that he didn't have fears about being on the run from the Time Lords—after all, he'd been doing it most of his life.

When it was just the two of them, Rose and the Doctor found themselves quietly seating in the control room while sailing in the Vortex. Rose leaned over and rested her elbows on her knees while her hands supported her head and let out a sigh.



"Back to the same old life?"

"No! Rose, it isn't going to be the same. I'm done with being a coward. I'm done pretending I don't want more. I'm done being afraid. I've learned a lot while I was in Love's world—I learned—I learned that I've lost faith in you. I learned I've lost faith in us, but I do now. I want you to know that I love you, that I'll never stop loving you. I'll love you forever and it doesn't matter how long that forever is, just as long as I can have you for however long that may be."


"But what?"

"How do I know you won't try to do something stupid like make up your mind what's best for me and send me away?"

"Oh—well, I guess y-you can't really…"


"Oh! I have it! I, the Doctor, the most brilliant Time Lord and utter genius of the whole of time and space promise that I will not try to send Rose Marion Tyler away without her consent or suffer the most terrible of punishments in a Tyler slap."


"Cross my hearts and hope to die!"

"Stick a needle in your eye?"

"Rose…I want you to trust me. I want you to know you've got me."

"Don't you get it? You've always had me…it was you…it was you who left me. I-I promised."

Rose walked up to the Doctor and hugged him tight. She rested her head over his chest and listen to the beat of his two hearts and sighed. The Doctor circled his arms gently around her body and slowly began to sway.

"Rose, I'll never leave you again, I swear, not if I can help. I'll move all of time and space to be with you. Please—let me be with you?"

After a moment, she said, "Tell me again."

The Doctor smiled into her hair. He knew she'd give him a chance. He was certain he'd have to prove worth of her trust again, but Rassilion he don't care how long it took as long as he was able to be by her side. He felt saved. He overjoyed.

Tenderly raised her head up to capture her lips in a kiss. The kiss was sweet and seductively slow and left Rose yearning for more. She had for so longed for this otherworldly man. His light touch had fueled her nerves and set them on fire that she found her pulse racing with need. She hadn't even realized she had shut her eyes as she savored the alien taste of his lips.

He smiled at her lovely and serene face and gradually, the Doctor brushed away the golden hair over her shoulder and lightly planted a kiss onto the warm smooth skin of her neck. At the contact, Rose mewed and sank deeper into his embrace.

The Doctor then pressed his lips close to her and whispered, "Rose Tyler, I love you, always."

Rose felt so perfect. She had been waiting so long for those exact words. Since becoming the Bad Wolf again, she knew all that had come to pass for her Doctor. She knew how guarded his hearts had become. How hard it had been to turn away and forbid himself for ever seeing her as a dying Rose. He never wanted to gaze upon her as frail or failing. She knew what he had said was true. He didn't have faith in their love. He wasn't content in holding on only to the splendor of their love for what it was and for however fleeting it maybe, but now he had changed, now it could all change. The possibilities for forever now appeared within reach—Bad Wolf could make it so.

Rose asked, "How long are you going to stay with me?"



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