Episodes 2 through 59 are written in script format, at some point I might go back and rewrite them into novel format but until then I ask that you bear with it. Here is a key for the script format


Name: Character taking

Name (Character's thoughts audience hears but other characters do not)

Bold Text is action or description sequence

I write anywhere between six thousand words to ten thousand words per episode and I try to write new episodes every two weeks.

If you are still reading this then I thank you. There are a couple of things I like to point out before you begin to read this story. First I like to say that all forms of constructive criticism welcome. For explain don't just say "I think your story suck", yea that's not very helpful. Say something like "I think you need more action scenes", "I think your grammar sucks", "I think your character interaction needs work". Those kinds of criticisms are welcome, but if you think my story is fine the way it is then please recommend it to your friends also feel free to tell me, hearing only the negative about my work tends to get depressing.

I know that it made seem like a long shot but I would like to see this script turn into an actual anime or manga; I mean how many times have you heard that some guy on youtube got offer a job in a movie, so it could happen if the right people read this and like it. However in order for the right people to read it I need your help. If you're on a Gundam chat site then tell people about this story, spread it throughout the web until it becomes the biggest thing to talk about, and if you don't think it's good enough to be an anime or manga then tell me what it needs in order to become good enough.

This brings me to my second point, please feel free to send me plot, weapons, Gundam, characters, or any other ideas you have. For instance I suck at coming up with names as you will see, so please for the love of god help me out and send me some name ideas. Now with that being said I don't want people to think that just because they send me ideas I'm going to put it in their right away, I will only put ideas in the story that I agree with, when I do borrow an Idea I will put the user name of the person who gave me it.

This brings me to my third point; don't bother to send my ideas for adding Kira or Athrun to the story. This story contains only one recurring character and that is Cagalli. I have chosen to have Cagalli be the only recurring character for two reasons. One is I have felt that Kira and Athrun characters have evolved and mature to the point where I could add no more to them without screwing them up, with that being said I felt that Cagalli's character was under play in Gundam Seed Destiny (understandable since the writer had a lot of new characters to deal with) and has much more room to evolve and mature. The second reason is that the other characters such as Shinn I feel I could not successfully copy their personality or portray them due to lack of scenes or complexity of the character. Which is why all the other characters will be completely new and original.

This brings me to my final point, for all the Athrun and Cagalli fans I like to make in clear that I have not decided who Cagalli will end up with at the end of my series. I do not agree with the idea that Cagalli and Athrun got back together again after Gundam Seed Destiny. If that where the case we would have scene Athrun with Cagalli instead of Meyrin in Gundam seed final Plus, however I also do not think Athrun is with Meyrin. I agree with the idea that Arthrun thinks of Meyrin more as a sister then a lover but that does not mean he is back with Cagalli, the only reason someone would bring their sister to that kind of event would be if they don't have a lover at the moment. Which is why I think that Cagalli and Athrun are at the "let's see other people" stage of their relationship. Which is why at the beginning of my series Athrun is at the Plants acting as an ambassador for Orb, and helping to finish the final details of the Peace treaty with the Plants and Orb. I think he and Cagalli agreed they needed time to think about where their relationship is heading and that this would be the more realistic then if they just got back together again.

That is all I have to say so thank you to those that read this and let's begin the story.