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Last Chapter, "The new contract"

Naruto rested his back on the mattress, and his legs up against the wall. He bit the chocolate bar, and then shook his shirt to get rid of the flakes that covered him. "Anyway, Ino says this Ebisu guy is sinking Icha Icha," he babbled about the man who had taken the charge over the firm after Sasuke got his promotion.

The raven frowned irritated that the man was ruining what he had worked hard to achieve. He was attached to the kinky firm although he could never admit it, or admit his annoyance for that matter. "It doesn't concern me anymore."

The blond pouted, "I am just making conversation."

"Well, make conversation about something else. How do you like it here?"

"You haven't slept with Jugo, have you?"

"Where is this coming from?" The raven raised both eyebrows.

"So, you did?" Naruto turned around and lied on his stomach.
"No, I haven't even looked at another guy since God cursed me with you," The raven retorted not meaning for it to sound to harsh.

"Hey, I am the best curse God could have ever blessed you with, Bastard!"

"I know," Sasuke mumbled under his breath tying his Salvatore Ferragamo- five fold and made entirety of Italian silk- around his neck. "Don't be late today. I will tell the driver to come back for you in an hour."

"..." The blond pouted in silence.


"Sasuke, I don't want to go."


"It's boring. I do nothing, and everyone just stares at me."

"The stare at you because they thought you were imaginary until you showed up a week ago," Sasuke mocked smiling a little at his previous break down. He still couldn't believe that he had stolen from that nasty woman, although she did deserve it.

"You are always in your office, and I am always stuck with Jugo!" Naruto huffed out the last word imitating the way Jugo usually talked in.

"It's work. You can't expect me-"

"I know! I know, but... Will it always be this way? If I decide to stay here? Will it always be this way? You work even on holidays."

Sasuke opened his mouth to talk but paused when he noticed Naruto wasn't done with his speech.

"I don't want to end up like one of these women who are married to rich dudes, but never get to see them. They end up depressed, sleeping with the pool boy. The rich dude ends up sleeping with the assistant- which seems to be a habit of yours- and bribing his wife with gifts." Naruto shot out in one breath.

"I am sorry," the raven took a seat on the bed next to Naruto. "I shouldn't be focusing on work so much when we are trying to work on our rela-"

"You said before that this week should be just like any other week if we really wanted to test if this is going to work or not. You did what we agreed to."

Sasuke swallowed suddenly dreading what Naruto had to say next, "Bun, I can't lose you."

"I can't as well, but-"

"Work on your book! I will try to take time off. I promise I will. Next holiday we can go back to Konoha and visit everyone," Sasuke spoke quickly trying to cut off the blond before he would utter something neither of them could take back.

"I don't even know how to talk to people here-"

"I will hire you a French tutor-"


"I will teach you myself. No matter how long it takes, I will teach you myself."

Naruto snatched the pillow hiding his face underneath. Sasuke couldn't see, but he figured his bun was about to cry. To be honest, he felt like bursting into tears as well. A horrible feeling. It was as if someone was choking him. It was as if all of his high school and college exams were put into one, and if he failed that crucial exam... if he the wrong thing slipped out, he was never going to be happy again.

"Bun," He massaged the other's back, and then started rubbing the tanned hand. "Stay for a bit more. We can work it ou-"

"Haru called me yesterday-"

"Bring him here! There are many good schools here-"

"He has a life there. Friends-"

"Please!" Sasuke shouted making the other freeze. "I- I don't..." He paused breathing in and out, "I felt so empty without you. I don't know if I can survive it again."

"..." The blond grimaced. If it was his choice he would never leave. But then, it was his choice. But choosing the lesser of two evils wouldn't really be a decision, would it? "I don't know..."

"C'mon. You can move to a house, get Haru to live with us, buy a puppy or cat or whatever you want. Just stay."

"What if-" The blond frowned deeply being tormented by all the thoughts in his mind.

"We will fly there for Nara's wedding and on every holiday."

Naruto shifted starting to feel a little tempted, "Yeah?"

"Yeah? You can even travel there every few weeks, and we can have cyber sex-" Sasuke smirked feeling Naruto give in. There was hope, he was relieved.


"Your pervert," he planted a soft kiss over the other's lips. "I promise you we won't turn out like the rich guy and his wife. I swear I could never touch anyone other than you."

"Really?" Naruto squeaked. "Did I ruin you for everyone else?"

The raven fluttered his lids a few times deliberating the question, "I actually think you did, but I like it."

"Sasuke, you would do everything I ask you, if I agreed to stay here?"


Naruto grinned mischievously, "Would you give me back massages everyday?"

"Starting now if you're in the mood."

The tanned boy wiggled his shoulder for the other to rub, "Would you wear the sweat suit while... you know..."

"I don't know why you even find this sexy-"

"Hey, don't make fun of my fantasies!"

"Fine, sure. Why not?"

"Would you cook me ramen every morning?"

"Sure, I don't mind your ass getting huge."

The blond sulked, "Would you let me spank you if you misbehave?"

Suddenly, Sasuke's brows fused with his hair line. "Come again?"

"You spank me, why can't I spank you?"

"Because I am sensei, and you're a very bad boy," The raven teased.

"So, can I spank you sensei?"

"Fine," the raven looked away.

"How about..." He twisted, and started whispering in Sasuke's ear.


Naruto shrugged his shoulder.

"I never thought you would be interested, and I only tried it once before."

Naruto blushed, "I get so excited just thinking about it."

"It takes a lot of commitment, especially the first time."

"I can do it."

"You have to have a lot of stamina."

"I am committed!"

"Then, sure, we will take rock climbing lessons. Anything else?"

"Show me the room!" Naruto wiggled one eyebrow.

"What room?"

"The room like the one you had back at your old place."

"Oh, that room. I don't have one here." Sasuke lied himself on top of Naruto.

"There is always a room," the blond kissed the raven.

"And what will you do after seeing the room?"

"I wonder..."


Itachi glared at the door feeling Deidara's stare burn through him. Although he was mulish, the blond turned out to be more stubborn. He had insisted on coming even if he had to pay for the ticket himself. And since Deidara couldn't possibly pay for it himself, Itachi ended up paying for it. So there they were.

The raven glared at the door some more and then knocked anxiously already frustrated with their situation.

"Don't knock so hard, you'll need your hand later." The long haired boy spat.

Itachi heaved a sigh while knocking again even harder.

"Deidara, stop staring. You have been acting like this for two days."

"Stop being a jerk, and I will stop staring."

"Don't be childish."

"Don't you prefer if you were fucking the hell out of me in some French hotel, rather than standing here being glared at in attempts to ruin your brother's love life?"

Knock Knock

"It's your loss, yeah."


"What is it?" Sasuke opened the door half nude and panting. He froze as soon as he saw his brother looking back at him, "You?"

"Aren't you going to invite me in, little brother?"

"Actually no. I am a little occupied right now."

"I am sure you can finish whatever you are doing later.'

"I am sure you can come back again later."

"Where are your manners?"

"Where is your humanity?" The younger raven retorted. He attempted to close the door, but Itachi used his hand to keep it open, although he almost got his fingers smashed by the door.

"Is this how you take care of your boyfriend?" Deidara tilted his head and pointed at the hand.

Sasuke backed away opening the door again, "I am glad other people are starting to see the snake I have been seeing all of these years."

"You might want to reconsider your words since I am currently the one keeping Orochimaru from replacing you with his little boy toy."

Sasuke adjusted his posture, face suddenly as rigid as stone. "You know what Itachi, I quit."

The other two men stood in shock for a few seconds before Itachi decided to spoil the silence, "What? For him? You're going to go back to working in a porn company?"

"But brother, his love is the only thing you can't take away from me." Sasuke had always felt bizarre going on about love infront of his brother, and therefore always avoided it. Yet, this one time; the words were easy to utter. "I feel sorry for you."

"He is just going to break you're heart and rip you off-"

"I don't mind."

Itachi paused face losing all composure.

"Anything else? I need to go pack."

"What's going on?" Naruto peeked from behind Sasuke's shoulder sinking in the other's larger shirt.

"Itachi was just firing me."

The sapphire eyes quickly snapped towards the taller man, "Bastard! Do you know how much he-"

"It's okay," The raven stopped him. "I have been worried about Icha Icha anyway."

Itachi stood there panting heavily not knowing how to respond to the other. That man wasn't Sasuke. Sasuke wouldn't give up his dream for no reason.

"Itachi," Deidara whispered a little softly concerned about his man, watching Itachi's reaction to Sasuke slamming the door in his face. "Let's go home."

"I did all of this for his sake."

"A lot of people do bad things with good intentions, that doesn't mean they're not mistakes. Yeah." He rubbed the lover's back.

Itachi flinched still a little agitated, "He..."

"Itachi, I need you to be with me."

Slowly, the other raven looked at him.

"You can't live your life and his life at the same time. You will both end up hurting."


"If you really need to be in someone else's life, you can be in mine. I don't mind you being in it. I don't mind you being it. I want you to be it," He said, and as soon as he realized how sappy it was, he looked away blushing.


"He will be fine without you making his choices. How about me?" He tiptoed planting a kiss on Itachi's lips. The raven swallowed. Tempting. "I love you."


Before Itachi could get to utter the name out, the other mashed his lips against his. When they broke away for air, Deidara grinned. "Don't break my heart, yeah."

"I don't want to," Itachi whispered.

Right then the Sasuke's door opened, and Naruto peeked out. "I don't like you, but you're Sasuke's brother. I don't want him to lose you."

He then turned his head towards Deidara who was biting his lips remembering their last encounter, "I know how it feels to be betrayed by people you consider friends or family. If you knew as well, you would save him the trouble of going through it, Itachi."

"I'm..." The long haired blond gulped trying to avoid Naruto's accusing gaze. "I'm sorry. I was selfish."

"You're a match made in heaven," Naruto closed the door after dropping the bombshell. But a second later, the door was slammed open, "Are you really sorry or is it just another lie?"

"Really sorry."

"No jealousy anymore?"

Deidara shifted, "Just a little bit, but I won't be trying to destroy your relationship anymore. I shouldn't. I can get any guy I want anyway, even the ones who say they're straight. Yeah."

"That's a crappy apology!" The Uzumaki squeaked before giving the other a pat on the shoulder, and pulling him into a quick hug. "And I can get more guys, by the way."

"Naruto!" A voice reprimanded from inside the condo.

Xxxx Six month later xxxX

Sasuke tossed the manuscript onto the bed huffing as he ran into the bathroom. When he heard a sweet childish laughter, he glared at the three year old girl threatening her. "Just wait till I get the gum out of my hair!"

The raven puckered his brows as he looked into the mirror trying to figure out how to get the sticky glue out of his dark locks. He then hissed looking out of the bathroom at the girl and shouting, "Don't you think I am not telling Iruka about this! You're getting a spanking young lady!"

The girl continued to laugh at his angry rant. Not once did he ever follow through with his threats, so she wasn't going to believe this one. The only thing his outburst was good for was calling Naruto's attention to the scene.

The blond walked in followed by Haru, "What's going on?"

"She put gum in my hair again!"

"Calm down."

"That's the third time!"

"It's okay, just put some peanut butter on it, and rub it out."

"I already cut half of my hair the last time, and I am not doing it again. I look like Sai with this hair cut."

"Well, Sai is not half bad. Actually, he is pretty good lookin- Don't glare at me!"

"I am telling Iruka!"

"Sure you are," Naruto said slyly but sweetly. "Let me get it out for you."

Haru pursed his lips as he watched Naruto attempting to calm the other man down, "If he is going to have bald spots, I don't want him attending my parents' meeting day."

"Bold Spots!" The raven shouted again unlike himself.

"Stop shouting, you're acting like dadd-Naruto." Haru mocked his tongue slipping at the end. "It's like he's contagious," he mumbled to himself.

Before Naruto could reply to the insult, he was met with Sasuke's complaints about living in the orphanage. It was an ordinary fume that Naruto had to hear everyday, and then hear Sasuke take it back before the sun set in.

"I am sick of changing diapers."

"You never change diapers. You glare while I change diapers." Naruto sighed knowing that this type of bubble gum was the hardest to get out, and he would most likely be forced to hack another lock of hair.

"I cook."

"I hate to bring it to you; but kids don't like the fancy food you make. I swear I tried but I can't just sell lamp salad to kids, and that green mash you make. No one likes it."

"Its pea puree, and I like his cooking." Haru defended the man, trying not to make eye contact so he wouldn't blush at the nice comment he had just uttered.

"Oh God, two of him are too much for me to handle." the blond whispered to himself, and then raised his voice up. "It's not getting out. I will have to cut just a tiny bit of hair."


"Think of it as a makeover. Just this part," Naruto fingered the spiky hairs at the back of the raven's head.

"That's the part I like most about my hair."

"Really?" Naruto curled his lips in disbelieve. "The duck's butt?"

"Now it will look to Itachi tonight as if I am so broke, I need to get my hair cut by the blind homeless man at the corner of the street."

"Last time you got it cut at that fancy place you go too, and still complained. So stop complaining about how I cut it."

"I complain because you are doing it wrong!" The raven hissed, earning a lash back from Naruto who dropped the scissors.

"Fine, cut it yourself!" The blond walked away.

"Naruto, come back."

"No, you keep criticizing me."

"I didn't mean it, bun, come here." He pulled the blond by the hand closer, and planted a few kisses on his cheeks. His hand slowly started to fondle Naruto's behind.

"I shouldn't be seeing this," Haru – the smart ass- added. "It's bad for my emotional development."

Naruto backed away smiling, forgetting all about his previous eruption. "You will look so handsome tonight. I can't wait."

"You know your marriage will not be acknowledge by the state, right?" Haku added once again. "Regardless how good you both will look."

"I don't care. I will know he is my husband," Sasuke planted a soft peck on Naruto's lips. "And Itachi will know."

The blond looked away laughing, "You will never change, won't you?"



Kiba messed with Naruto's hair before running off to join the crowed. Iruka smiled sniffling as he hugged the boy tightly, and then patted Sasuke on the shoulder. "Take care of him."

In turn, the raven hugged his best man - Haru- before signaling for him to walk down the aisle. He had grown attached to the boy as if he was the younger brother he never had. He then turned to kiss Naruto on the lips but the blond pinched his nose playfully. "Save it for the altar."

"Sure, I have a life time of kiss-" He stole the kiss quickly before dragging Naruto throw the gates of the hall.

The only family he had in the venue was Itachi who sat with a very subtle smile on his face next to Deidara. Deidara, however, was too busy trying to get Karen's hands off his baby, to notice the couple. Only one family member, but Sasuke didn't care. He had a new family now.

He tightened his grip on Naruto's hand. He turned his head and saw Naruto gazing at him. "Now, you're stuck with me forever, coffee."

The raven grinned knowing that he had changed, and Naruto did as well. He wasn't the aloof person who spent his mornings burring himself working, and his nights with whatever warm body he could get his hands around. He didn't mind though. He didn't mind it one bit. Naruto was enough.

The new contract he was signing was worth it.

- The End-

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