This is a two shot hope you like it.

I walked into our house

But he's busy on a couch with a girl. Whom I know

She's kissing him. But he can't be seen

I think I screamed, I'm not sure.

But inside I did, because there was something you said a week ago

a vow and you sealed with cold lips

I had been sort of comforted.

I felt like it could last forever.

but I see that it will never be the same as before

and that girl. she just accepted a few months before

was it just so I wouldn't suspect this

or so id forgive her

to make me know this would happen

but who had caused it.

all I can say, I thought you were different

I thought the magazines lied

but they didn't you did

you promised forever, after a year and I believed you.

only a week since that vow and you broke it

I can say one thing Devon Smith, and Tawni Hart, just know Sonny Monroe-Smith does not say I do just to say I don't a week later. and you have fun with each other. because I'm not going to sit around and pretend not to care. it was good knowing you. but I have someone to see. a good friend, the one whose always cared. So goodbye past and hello future, cause I'm movin on.