Snapshots of Life

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Characters/Pairings: PruCan

Matt had to admit it; Gilbert had a certain charm about him.

Maybe it was his odd looks; shaggy silver hair, deep crimson eyes, and pale skin that seemingly glowed. But there had to be more to it than just that, there had to have been.

Could it be the fact that he remembered who he was or that everytime he saw the Canadian, he would yell "Birdie!" and run over to the man, intent on glomping him with the force of a thousand fangirls. This always managed to make Matt turn into one of Antonio's tomatoes, but there was still something missing.

Or was it the way he smiled at Matt, making the world disappear and making Matt feel like he was no longer invisible.

Matt couldn't put his finger on it, but maybe one day he would unravel the mystery that was Gilbert Beilschmidt, but until then, he would be content with just cuddling with the albino.

Sequel to Negotiations

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