The Day The World Stopped

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Beth's eyes darted in a million different directions while she was sitting in John Tucker's jeep. She took in the messy back area, and she thought she could see the top of a bra (that wasn't hers incidentally) peeking at her from under John's letterman jacket. Her chest tightened and her eyebrows furrowed. She didn't necessarily like John Tucker that much, but no one likes the feeling of being cheated on. Her jaw clenched, she let his fingers brush across the soft skin of her exposed thigh.

"You seem tense baby. Want me to fix that for you?" John asked, scooting close to her and putting his arm around her.

Beth closed her eyes. Baby. Kate's words resounded in her head. "Let me guess, he always uses pet names like 'baby' or 'sweetheart?' Yeah. It's not out of affection, it's so he doesn't mix up your names…"

She was so obviously right. Beth wondered who John was thinking of right now. Carrie possibly, or Heather. Or even-

Beth couldn't bring herself to think that. Kate was so far beyond him in intelligence. He was so beneath her. Kate deserved someone who wanted only her, who would hold her when she cried or when she was scared. John Tucker could not provide her with any of those things. As far as Beth was concerned, Kate deserved the best the world had to offer. True, she wasn't actually dating him, but still.

Beth didn't know exactly why she was here with him. She never truly liked him, he was just there. He was convenient. Maybe it was because she was so desperately confused. She needed reassurance about who she was. If Beth was being honest with herself, Kate Spencer did things to her that no one had ever done before.

Beth was pretty sure that everyone knew of her totally alien feelings for Kate except Kate herself. Beth was so confused. She didn't want to act on the feelings for fear of losing the friendship they shared. She didn't want to push her away, which would absolutely kill her. The only reason Beth went to school anymore was to see Kate's happy smile and shining eyes. Kate was the only reason Beth survived.

Carrie would drop snide hints when all the friends were out together about Beth's feelings for Kate. Kate was totally oblivious to it. Heather tried to push them together as many times as possible, but it would all fall through at the last second. Beth couldn't help but "accidentally" brush against Kate as they walked the hallways together. It sent a thrill down her spine that was totally foreign to her.

"Sweetheart?" John asked again, seeming uncomfortable. Beth realized she had not answered his previous question; she had been too lost in her musings.

Beth turned to look at John, the boy that had brought Kate and herself together. She supposed she should thank him for that. He began to lean closer, hoping to get one final hookup from the brunette.

John was thinking about Kate Spencer, not Beth. But who was he to refuse a hookup with one of the finest girls in school? He thought she was acting weird though. He was never one for big speeches; he always got straight to the sex with Beth. She never seemed to mind, so who was he deny her? John started to think something was up with his former flame though. So he voiced it. Being with Kate had taught him one thing, when girls are silent, they need to talk. Well, not all girls, but girls like Beth.

"Um, Beth? Is something up?" he asked, removing his arm from around her tense shoulders. A dark line appeared between her perfectly manicured eyebrows.

"I don't know John…" she whispered back.

"I mean, are you okay? You seem to be off somewhere."

She shook her head slightly. "I'm honestly just too confused. I feel like I'm feeling too many feelings for one person to bear. I just don't know how to handle it."

"Well, what are you thinking about? Who are these feelings centered toward?"

Beth remained silent. She wasn't sure John would take too lightly to her having feelings for his girlfriend. She bit her lip and looked out the window. She saw small pinpricks of light through the foliage of the trees. She sighed.

"Will you just take me home John? Please?" she asked him.

John became concerned. He had never seen this side of Beth. He was worried that something was happening to her, something she had no control over.

"Sure, no problem." He told her, starting the jeep and driving away.

At her home, Beth's thoughts were even more clouded with Kate. She knew the other girl had no idea how she felt about her, but it was probably for the best that way. Beth knew Kate would probably freak out, but the lust she felt for the other girl was nearly uncontainable when they were close. Beth needed advice, and there was only one person she knew who would give her sound advice, Carrie Schafer.

Beth pulled out her cell phone and hit the number 2 on her speed dial. It rang a total of 5 times before Carrie's chipper voice answered.

"Carrie Schafer, how can I help you?"

Beth rolled her eyes. Carrie would answer her personal phone that way.

"Carrie? It's Beth. Can I come over?"

"Wha- um, sure thing Beth. Are you okay?"

"I just really need to talk to you about something. It's driving me crazy."

"Yeah Beth, sure. Come on over." Carrie sounded worried.

Beth hurried to her car and drove to Carrie's, only to see there another car parked there. Beth waked to the front door and knocked briskly twice. The door was thrown open and Carrie stood there, with Heather flanking her. Beth blinked in surprise before shooting a glare at Carrie.

Carrie simply shrugged. Heather had been over to help her study for midterms when Beth called. But Carrie had a feeling she knew what Beth wanted to talk about. Kate, it was always Kate. Heather and Carrie knew about the mutual attraction between their two best friends and had been waiting for them to act on for a while now. Carrie knew Kate hadn't realized the depth of her feelings for Beth. Beth had obviously realized there was nothing platonic about her and Kate's relationship and that was why she was here.

"Will you two please help me?" Beth asked her two friends, who exchanged knowing looks.

"Come on in Beth." Carrie said, gesturing her into the house.

"Okay, you two have to promise not to freak out okay?" Beth said, nervously rocking back and forth on her heels.

Heather and Carrie exchanged another knowing look before promising Beth they would not freak.

Beth took a deep breath, preparing herself for admitting her biggest secret. "I like Kate."

Heather rolled her eyes and Carrie smiled.

"Well duh!" Heather exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air.

"Yeah, Beth, we both knew, you weren't too subtle about it…" Carrie said. "Besides, we totally get it, Kate's a hottie and you have you're whole hippie thing going on-"

"What does being a hippie have to do with me liking Kate?" Beth asked, slightly offended.

"Well, aren't hippies all about 'open love' and not discriminating against liking someone of the same sex?" Carrie said, raising an eyebrow.

Now Beth saw where she was going with this. "Oh, well, I guess you're right."

"Of course I'm right." Carrie scoffed. "I'm always right."

Heather rolled her eyes and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Well, what are you going to do about it?" Heather addressed Beth.

"I don't know, that's why I need your help."

"Well…" Carrie started, "How long have you liked her?"

"Since we kissed in John's truck."

"Wait! You two kissed and you're not together? What the hell Beth?!" Heather interjected.

"It was to show her how to kiss John, Heather! It wasn't meant to raise, you know, feelings for her! Besides, you saw it on the boob cam, don't you remember?" Beth snapped.

"Um, no I definitely do not remember that." Heather grumbled.

"Okay, enough you two! Beth, why don't you just tell her?" Carrie asked.

Beth's eyes widened and she shook her head violently. "No! What if she freaks out and never wants to talk to me again. I don't think I could bear that you guys."

Heather rolled her eyes again. How in the world could Beth be so blind? It was so frigging obvious that Kate was into her too. These girls needed their eyes checked, seriously. Heather just wanted them to be together so she would stop having to feel the sexual tension between the two of them every time they all hung out together. It made for awkward evenings.

Beth put her head in her hands. "God you guys, this is all so confusing! Why can't it just be simple?"

"Because life isn't simple Beth, get used to it." Heather commented quietly.

Just then Carrie's phone rang. Confused, she answered it.

"Hello?" Her eyes widened. 'It's Kate!' she mouthed to the other two.

Beth's stomach hitched and she bit her lip. God, Kate Spencer was going to kill her. Beth would kill to just taste her one more time. The brief kiss with Kate in the car left her breathless. Her lips had been hesitant against Beth's, driving Beth crazy. She had longed to reach out and caress her face and had been about to, if not for that stupid boy interrupting the moment.

Beth wanted Kate to kiss her again. She wanted to mark Kate as her own; she wanted to be able to caress Kate's beautiful face without interruption.

"Are you serious Kate?! When?!" Carrie's frantic voice cut through Beth's reverie, bringing her fully back to attention.

"What?" Beth asked, feeling knots in her stomach.

"Yeah, Beth and Heather are here. Hold on. Kate's moving."

"What?" Beth's voice was almost a whisper. She felt like her whole world was crashing down on her. She couldn't lose Kate.

"When are you leaving?" Carrie asked her. "Oh! Yeah, sure, hold on." Carrie wordlessly held the phone out to Beth.

Beth took it, her mouth suddenly dry.


"My mom met another Skip. She's moving us…again."

Beth closed her eyes, pain tearing at her insides.

"Katie…I don't want you to go."

"I don't want to go. But I want you guys to be there tomorrow when I leave. Please?"

The pain in her voice made Beth want to reach out and hold her.

"Of course we'll be there Kate."

"Thank you Beth…"

The next morning Carrie, Heather and Beth all rolled up to Kate's house to see her off. As soon as she emerged from the house, Kate made a beeline for her friends. She sidestepped Carrie and Heather and pulled Beth toward her. They embraced, and Beth buried her nose in Kate's blonde curls. She swallowed back tears before releasing Kate.

Lori came out of the house. "Come on Kate, honey, we need to get a move on."

Beth glared at the older woman, hating her for taking Kate out of her life. Kate gave one last sad wave to her three friends, before turning and walking slowly to her mother's car.

"Are you an idiot Beth?! Tell her!" Heather screamed, punching Beth in the arm.

"Seriously Beth, it's now or never!" Carrie stressed, shoving her forward.

Beth's throat tightened, it really was now or never. She had to tell Kate, or she would always regret it.

"Kate, KATE!" Beth called out, running forward.

Kate turned, with tears swimming in her gorgeous blue eyes. "Beth?"

"Listen, this probably isn't the best time for this, but I just need you to know."


"I'm about to do something very very stupid, so you should probably move now."

Kate didn't move, she wanted to see what Beth was going to do. A pleasant squirming in her stomach told her that she was about to do the thing Kate had been yearning for.

Beth's breathing hitched, and she grabbed Kate's chin, pulling her forward. She pressed her lips gently against the blonde girl's. It was like a replay of John's jeep, except there were more people watching. Kate's lips were hesitant against Beth's, driving Beth completely crazy. She reached out and cupped Kate's face in her left hand, stroking along her cheekbone with her thumb. Kate began to respond to the kiss, moving closer to Beth and gently biting her lip. Beth melted at the intimate contact.

Carrie and Heather were witnessing this from the sidelines but they felt like cheering. In fact, they turned and hugged each other, squealing with happiness and jumping up and down together.

"Kate, come-oh!"

'Damn it Lori' Carrie thought, watching with apprehension now.

Beth tried to break the kiss when she heard Lori behind them, but Kate kept her securely in place. She tucked a flyaway strand of dark hair behind her ear and sucked intimately on Beth's bottom lip. Beth whimpered at the contact, and was disappointed when Kate broke them apart.

"If there's one thing you've taught me, it's that I take control." Kate winked at a stunned Beth.

"Well…I guess we're not moving then Kate, you can unpack." Lori said, smiling a little at her only daughter.

"R-really mom?"

"Yes, how often do I get to see my little girl happy? Skip will just have to stay out of the picture."

Beth felt a beaming smile working its way onto her face. Kate turned and faced her, staring into her shining hazel eyes.

"I'm staying." Kate told her, her own smile luminous.

Beth turned and shot a wink at Carrie and Heather, who smiled, before turning back to Kate.

"You're staying." She said, leaning down and recapturing the blonde's lips again.