Knowing You:

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Beth had been gone for 3 months. Three long, painful months. Kate Spencer hadn't realized how much she would miss the bubbly brunette. She missed the late night sleepovers, the way Beth's dimples stood out the most clearly when she was looking at Kate. The only thing Kate and all her friends knew about Beth was that she had been sent away to some camp to control her "wild behavior." Beth did have her wild streak, but no one would really say it was totally out of control.

No one knew when Beth was supposed to come back. Her phone was taken away, so no one could get in touch with her. She had just disappeared, without a goodbye, without anything. Kate realized that life without her bestfriend was hard. Okay, life without your bestfriend is undoubtedly hard, but life without whatever Beth was to Kate…even harder.

Kate got the light tingles all down her body whenever Beth smiled at her, or even smiled in general. Sometimes Kate felt as if Beth subtly flirted, but that honestly didn't mean anything. Beth flirted with anything if it amused her. Kate thought Beth enjoyed the light flush that would appear on her cheeks with the flirting by the way her eyes shone.

"Kate?! You with us?!" a voice broke through her reverie.

"Wha-oh! Yeah, yeah I'm here." She nodded briskly once.

"You sure?" Carrie Schaeffer asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes." Kate nodded again, her eyes traveling to the Jeep that had brought on the barrage of memories.

In John Tucker's jeep was where it had all started. The kiss had changed Kate's perspective on the world. Beth had tasted of mint and the raspberry of her lipgloss. Kate had felt the slight tingle of Beth's lips on hers for the rest of the night. It was all Kate had thought about for about 2 weeks after it had initially happened.

Beth seemed oblivious to the fact that it even happened. It was like it was nothing, like she'd done it 20 times before. Kate secretly wondered if Beth had done that before. It was Beth they were talking about.

"Kate!! You're zoning again!" Heather smacked her on the back of the head to snap her out of it.

"OW! Heather! Did you need to hit me that hard?!" Kate exclaimed, rubbing her head.

"Well! Stop fantasizing about Beth and join in the conversation!!"

Kate felt herself go 10 different shades of red. She felt the familiar tightening in her chest whenever this was brought up among her friends. She was afraid Carrie, Heather, and worst of all, Beth, would disown her as a friend if they ever found out about the weird feelings.

"Woah, Kate…I was kidding. No need to get all defensive on me, girl!" Heather said, backtracking.

Kate made a split second decision. She was going to tell her friends about this. If they called her weird and ignored her, well, she would figure that out if it happened. Her eyebrows furrowed, she grabbed Carrie's (who was closest) wrist and hauled her into the bathroom, with Heather tailing close behind.

"Alright, I have to tell you something…" Kate began hesitantly.

"What?" Carrie asked, exchanging a bewildered glance with Heather.

Kate hesitated; she was having second thoughts about her split second decision. She ran a hand through her blonde locks, furrowing her eyebrows and trying to figure out a way to word what she wanted to say.

"Guys…I kind of…like Beth."

"Um, friend-like?" Heather asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"No, not friend like. Um, romantic like." Kate cringed, waiting for the backlash.

It was silent for a minute, before Carrie said, "Well…okay!"

Heather rolled her eyes at her friend. "Kate, Beth has been undressing you with her eyes ever since we met you. You have nothing to worry about."

Carrie laughed at the comment. "Seriously Kate. We sort of had an idea, but we didn't want to bring it up in case you would get all weirdly defensive, like out in the hall."

Kate blinked; it was not the reaction she had been expecting. "You guys aren't all weirded out or anything?"

"We've been dealing with the sexual banter…and the sexual tension ever since we started hanging out. I'd say we're used to it." Carrie said crisply.

Kate ran a hand over her face. "What the hell am I going to do about this, guys?"

Heather rolled her eyes. "Well, whenever she comes back, you should probably tell her this. Just a thought."

"What if she freaks out though?"

"Trust me Kate, this is Beth. Nothing can possibly shock this girl. Plus, she totally wants to have sex with you." Carrie shrugged, wearing a shit-eating grin.

Kate felt herself blush again, and cleared her throat uncomfortably. Just then, her cell phone rang; a shrill sound that made all three friends jump.

"Hello?" Kate asked into the receiver, shrugging at Carrie's questioning look.

"Kate? Hey, it's mom. I just wanted to let you know that Beth's mom called and she's coming back this weekend."

"Mom, I'm at school, this couldn't have waited until I got home?"

"Well, I figured you'd want to know since you two totally have a thing going on…" Lori said to her daughter.

Kate's eyes widened. "MOM! Geeze, how does everyone know?!"

"It's not that hard to figure out, sweetie."

"Okay, okay, thanks for telling me, bye." Kate said in a rush, snapping her phone shut.

"Um, care to explain?" Carrie asked, narrowing her eyes.

Kate rolled her eyes. "It was my mom…she said Beth was coming home this weekend."

Carrie and Heather squealed. They started jumping up and down, startling Kate into speechlessness.

"Oh my God, Kate! You have to do something when she comes back!!" Carrie squealed again.

"What?! No way! I'm not good with this kind of stuff guys! I have no idea what to say or do or anything!"

"KATE! Calm down okay? That's why you have us. We know how Beth operates, we know what she likes, what she goes for. You'll be fine as long as you're with us."

"Guys! I didn't even know how to talk to John Tucker…a guy! Girls are so different! I'm totally gonna screw this up!" Kate was becoming frantic.

Heather reached out and grabbed Kate's shirt, yanking her closer to her.

"Kate Spencer! We are your friends. We are NOT going to let you screw this thing up, you got it?!"

Kate nodded; Heather was scary when she got like this.

"Alright, we need to break the boob cam back out and put Kate through the crash course of hardcore flirting." Carrie said, pacing back and forth across the bathroom tile.

Kate fiddled with her fingers nervously. She wanted Beth, but dear lord, Carrie and Heather were going to kill her.

Kate waited patiently in the crowded airport, her shirt ridiculously low on Heather's insistence. The boob cam was hooked in the same place it was when the John plan was still in affect. Her skirt was high on her thighs. Kate felt exposed and stupid.

Carrie and Heather were hidden behind a trashcan close enough to where Kate could still see them. They were both ridiculously excited about their little plan. Kate looked over to their hiding place, visibly shaken. Her two friends nodded vigorously to urge her on.

Kate looked away, grimacing. This plan was going to fall through, she could feel it. She shifted on her feet as she started to scan the airport for Beth. She stood on her tiptoes and would feel a thrill whenever she'd see a head of brunette waves. But Beth was nowhere to be found.

"Kate?!" she heard from behind her, in a voice she knew and loved.

Kate turned and saw Beth for the first time in three months. But it wasn't the Beth she remembered. The spark that once lit her eyes was gone. She had dark bruise like circles under her eyes, with a matching bruise running along her jawline. A shiny pink burn adorned her neck, but her face broke out in a genuine smile when she saw Kate standing there.

Beth dropped her bags and walked forward, pulling Kate toward her and hugging her tightly. The taller girl buried her face in Kate's blonde hair, inhaling deeply and sighing.

"God, you smell good…" she murmured into it.

Kate tightened her own hold on her best friend. "You don't smell too bad yourself."

Kate felt rather than heard the soft chuckle from Beth.

"Where are Carrie and Heather?" Beth asked, never lessening her hold on the other girl.

"They couldn't come…grounded." Kate murmured into Beth's neck.

"Hmmmm, that sucks…" Beth said, finally releasing her friend, but not moving too far away.

Kate caught a sudden movement out of the corner of her eye and looked toward the source. Carrie was holding a makeshift sign that said 'Say the line!!!!!!!!'

Snapping her eyes back to Beth, Kate moved closer to her, watching as the taller girl's smile started to spread across her face.

"Well, it doesn't suck too badly, because that means I'm here with you…" Kate felt like a moron saying that, but it apparently had to be done.

Shock registered on Beth's face for a full minute before she smirked. Her eyes traveled downward, taking in the lowcut shirt and short skirt.

She grabbed a handful of Kate's shirt and pulled the blonde to her slowly. She brought her lips to her ear, taking the shorter girl's earlobe in her teeth and biting gently.

"You need new advisors Katie, I taught Heather that line." She took Kate's earlobe in her teeth again, giving it one last bite before letting a small laugh escape her lips and turning away.

Kate stood motionless as Beth brushed gently past her. Now she really felt like an idiot. She looked over to the trashcan where Carrie and Heather were hidden. They made frantic motions for Kate to follow Beth.

Before Kate could even turn, she heard an amused voice call, "Coming?"

She turned and saw Beth shoot a wink at her. Flushing slightly, Kate walked over to her, studying her bruised face. Beth, smiling, pushed her fingers through Kate's and led her outside.

Kate took the lead and led the brunette to her car, opening the door for her. Beth gave an amused chuckle and flopped into the passenger seat.

On the drive home, Beth had her eyes closed. The music was blaring softly out of the speakers and the two girls sat in comfortable silence.

"So, Katie, what's with the obvious flirtation?" Beth asked, cracking one eye open to look at her friend.

Kate rolled her eyes. "Well, it was kinda meant to turn you on, according to Carrie and Heather…" Kate said, deciding not to pull punches about the situation.

She glanced over and saw that Beth had closed her eyes again.

"You know Katie, you don't really have to try that hard."

Kate flushed dark red. She could feel the heat creeping up her face.

"See?" Beth whispered, running the tips of her fingers across the heated areas. "You don't have to try hard at all."

Kate glanced sharply toward her friend. She saw that Beth's eyes had opened and she was leaning toward her. Seconds later, Beth's face was buried into Kate's neck, with her lips pressing gently on her pulse point. Kate's hands gripped the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white.

"Don't take me home Kate..." Beth murmured into Kate's neck.

"What? Why?"

"Just don't…" she sighed, nuzzling the soft skin.

"Okay…where do you want me to take you?" Kate asked.

"Anywhere Katie…anywhere."

Kate pulled up to her own house and helped Beth get all her bags from the back seat. Beth still looked tired, and the spark that usually lit her eyes was nowhere to be found. Kate would do anything to get it back.

"Mom?!" Kate called, walking in the front door. She got no answer.

Beth stood silently behind her, leaning against the door frame.

"I guess no one's here. You can crash here tonight if you want." Kate said, turning to see Beth's relaxed form.

"Okay…I think I'll take you up on that offer." Beth winked at her, pushing herself off the door frame and walking toward Kate.

Beth cocked her head to the right, reaching out and tracing Kate's jaw with her fingers. She placed her index finger under Kate's chin and traced her lips with her thumb. Beth smiled softly before leaning forward and touching her lips to Kate's.

It stared soft but became more passionate as time passed. Beth leaned forward, making Kate lean backward until her back was touching the counter. Beth got handsy, trailing her fingers down Kate's neck and across her collar bone. Her hands traveled lower, trailing across Kate's cleavage.

Beth jumped a little, pulling her lips off Kate's and looking down. Kate, realizing what Beth was looking at, began to freak out.

"Oh, God, Beth uh-"

Beth yanked the boob cam out of Kate's shirt and muttered, "First five minutes…"

Kate closed her eyes and shook her head, flushing again.

"Carrie, you're boob cam is going to be thrown somewhere out of Kate's window, good luck finding it."

Beth opened the window and threw the tiny camera out of it. She turned to Kate again, who was blushing furiously.

"Why am I not surprised?" Beth asked, pulling Kate closer and running her finger over the blush.

Kate didn't have a chance to answer, because Beth was attacking her neck with her lips. Sighing, Kate helped Beth in her quest to get her shirt off. Both half naked, they backed up into a wall, with Kate's back touching it. Beth hiked Kate's leg up to hook around her hip, running her hands across her tight stomach.

In the aftermath, Kate was lying on top of Beth, with her head buried in her neck, absentmindedly tracing patterns on her right shoulder with her left hand. Kate's hand traveled up toward her neck, her fingertips grazing the burn very lightly. Beth's sharp intake of breath alerted her that it was still tender.

"Sorry, I'm sorry!" Kate whispered, placing a kiss on her collarbone.

With a slight groan of discomfort, Beth sighed out, "It's okay Katie…I'm fine."

Kate looked up to meet Beth's hazel eyes, and was surprised to see they were just as dead as before.

"What happened Beth?"

Beth's jaw clenched. "They break you down Kate, they break you down and reshape you how they want you."


"The camp I went to. They break your spirit, and reshape you into the 'dream child' your parents want you to become." Beth smiled slightly, glancing down at Kate's shocked face before continuing.

"I wouldn't be broken. I stayed as true to myself as I could in those months. Those people who ran it got so angry." She let out a snort of mirthless laughter. "They took me and beat me down…literally." She pointed to her bruised jaw.

"They weren't going to let me be the same person as when I entered that hell hole. I refused to be broken. So they would take me in a room and break various parts of me until I broke fully. It didn't matter to them whether they broke me physically or emotionally in that room, as long as there was a notable change when I left." She shut her eyes tightly and sighed shakily.

"I finally broke Katie. That's why I'm home. I'm willing to do anything to get myself back again."

Kate pushed off of her, causing Beth to open her eyes. "So…I was a distraction?"

Kate wasn't mad, she just wanted to know.

Something sparked behind Beth's eyes and she pushed herself up and got on eye level with Kate.

"I-I mean I'm not mad or anything, I just wanted to, you know, make sure I knew what to do tomorrow-"

"KATE!! Are you stupid?" Beth was angry. "You could never be a distraction! Do you have any idea how long I've thought about doing that?"

She leaned forward and hugged the blonde girl. "God…you are so moronic sometimes…" she murmured into the soft skin of her neck.

Beth fell back onto the pillows, her eyes back to their dead state.

Kate bit her lip and laid down next to her. "Beth…I love you."

"What?!" Beth snapped her head around, clearly shocked.

"Oh, oh, that was word vomit! Ughh I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that-"

"Katie…quiet." Beth said softly. "What did you say?"

"Ummm, I love you?"

Beth's face broke out into a smile and she pulled Kate on top of her, pulling her face down. With her lips at the blonde's ear, Beth whispered, "I kinda love you too blondie."

Kate smiled and pulled Beth's face around to kiss her.

The spark in her eyes was back.

Beth was back.

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