AN. Hey Guys! Welcome to Total Drama 'Ailana, I know these stories are popular, but I love them :D. I have some great challenge ideas, a lot of free time, and a love of exclaimation points! TDI, TDA, and TDWT (Still TDM in my heart) did happen, this is an unspecified amount of time after them. The setting is very cool and will be revealed in the first chapter. '

Also, I plan on creating a group photo via Sims 3 (because I can't draw) but I can create sims, If you DO NOT want me to create your character, please either put that in your application or PM me it. Thanks

Rules for character creation:

1. Please, please, please don't make them perfect, cause thats dull. And because everyone has faults. This goes the same for those super sad back stories, TDI wasn't a show full of depressing back stories, so I don't want everyone's family to have died horrifically, thought a few here and there are interesting.

2. Send in original sterotypes, Yea I do need an antagonist, but a story can only have so many rocker goths, right?

3. I know a lot of you have a signature type character, but please don't send them in, if you've already posted them a zillion times before. Cause how interesting would this story be if it has the same characters as all the other stories? So Please send me something fresh.

4. I love details, they help me understand your character better, they're fun, and they make stories a lot more interesting

5. Finally, please send guys in too, cause having more girls then guys throws off the balance.

I talk a lot... or I guess, type a lot, so here's the application. Fill out everything, please and thank you.

Name (First and Last):


Age (15-17):



Appearance (Hair, Hairstyle, Skin, Eyes, Height, Build/Body, Other)

Other: (Accessories, Tattoos, Piercings, Freckles, Facial Hair, etc)

Everyday Clothing:

Bathing Suit:





Pet Peeves:

Likes (and Favorites):



Things he/she likes to do in spare time:



Odd quirk:

Paired up? (If yes, what type of guy/girl?):

Flirting Type:


Why come on the show?:

What would they do with the money?:


Anything Else:

Challenge Ideas (I have some, but I like your ideas too, credit will be given to you):

Audition Tape:

AN. Like I said above, I plan on creating the TD'A contestants in Sims 3, which would give you a visual idea. Of course it wouldnt be a.) The exact idea in your head, or b.) exactly like the app. Thats because the Sims 3 game only has a limited amount of clothing/hairstyles to choose from.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns either Review or PM them to me. Thanks!