Huh . . . . Well, everybody kept saying that I should create this fanfic. And I am, but in my own description of supernatural creatures! You see, a few months back, Black Storm discussed about reading a fic involving a vamp!Ichi and lycan!Grim and I finally decided to write it. Let the sugar-eating begins!!


Witches/Wizards/Spellcasters, etc.: High-class humans who have magical bloods. Their powers vary based on their bloodlines and/or skills.

Vampires: Human-like demons who feed on either energy(psychic) or blood(sanguine) on others. Their powers also vary asides from superhuman abilities. (And no, they're not the immortal undead)

Dhampires: Vampire/human hybrids. Their mixed heritages are often either looked down upon by vampires or feared by humans. Regardless, their vampiric powers often overrides their human side.

Humans: Normal type of people. Nothing special about this race but they are middle-class compared to other races.

Mutts: Lycan hybrids with limited transformation into wolf-like beasts. Usually it's lycan/human hybrids, but very rare lycan/vampire hybrids are around.

Lycans aka Werewolves: Human-like demons that can tranform into wolf-like beasts. Their powers depend on the lunar phase but can transform at anytime.

The Others: i.e., kistune, tanuki, dragons, magical creatures, etc. Most are intellectual and converse with humans and even transform into ones.

Crescent by Boogermeister

Chapter 1- Intro to Both Schools

Karakura Town, it wasn't the most normal kind of town. True, the majority of the population are humans but there are other kinds of people roaming around. Among them were those with magical powers and were called witches, with females, or wizards, with males. They control most of the government, but they mostly resort to teaching at special schools which takes place during the night. Alongside with witches and wizards, most vampires help control the order within the town especially in hostile areas. Others, however, resort into underground crimes.

Dhampires are a common type of hybrids in town, usually with a vampire father and a human mother. But some are often mocked or ridiculed by either races, usually in certain environments like schools. Mutts are often treated more worse due to their unusual mixed heritage of lycan and human, they are sometimes taller and more muscular than most. Lycans, or werewolves as some people would call them, are often considered the delinquent class with their negative, often criminal, behaviors. Physically, they are similar to mutts but the differences are their strengths and their transformation abilities.

Because of this, there are two major nightly high schools for the certain classes and races. The Karakura Crescent High School, for the spellcasters and many vampires, dhampires, and mutts, and the Las Noches Academy, for the lycans and certain vampires as well as spellcasters who practiced the dark magic.

". . . . And so, the Dark War finally ended in the year 1202 when the vampire soldiers defeated the enemy lycans who were terrorizing most of eastern Europe and parts of modern-day Russia," concluded the white-haired man as he scribbled on the chalkboard. Behind his back, most of the students lazily writing notes in their books while a few others weren't really paying attention. Among them was one student, his bright orange hair was sticking out through a small pile of paperworks as he slept silently.

The teen couldn't help it, it wasn't his fault that he felt sleepy. Suddenly, a chalk eraser was tossed towards him and hit him hard in the head. "Ouch!" he yelped out as he sat up, rubbing at his forehead.

"Is my way of teachings bores you, Kurosaki?" frowned the teacher.

"No, Ukitake-sensei . . . ." mumbled the teen, earning stifled laughter from other classmates.

"Good. Now then . . ." Ukitake resumed his lecture, as the orange-haired sighed tiredly and rubbed his chocolate-colored eyes. He then yawned silently, his unusually sharp canines can be visibly seen but it barely bothered anyone around him. Not even a minute after he woke up, someone behind him teasingly jabbed him with a pen.

"You got in trouble once again, Ichigo," said a bespectacled classmate with sleek black hair.

"At least it wasn't from a fight this time," scoffed Ichigo.

"Well, I won't tell you about the lesson you slept through."

"I don't need you to, Uryuu," Ichigo frowned as he fixed his paperworks and written down the notes swiftly, with two minutes left to spare. "Little Mister Know-It-All . . . ."

"I heard that," muttered Uryuu, but Ichigo doesn't care.

"Keep your temperament on the safe level, Ichigo," sighed the petite, black-haired girl who was sitting next to him as she focused on what's on the blackboard. "Remember what happened last time? You nearly got suspended for beating down that one guy."

"That's because he was messing with me," Ichigo argued.

"You broke his arm," the girl stated.

"To teach him a lesson." Just in time, the bell rang and variety of night students got up to leave the classroom.

"Oh, and remember to turn in your report by Friday," Ukitake reminded. "It's an automatic failure if you write about Dracula." Some of the teens shook their heads at the lame joke as they went into the hallway. Ichigo walked with his motley crew of friends, scratching through his hair just before a strong arm wrapped him around the shoulders.

"Man, wish we could ditch the next class," sighed a red-head man with a spikey ponytail, his tribal-like tattoos can be seen around his neck and eyebrows despite the casual grey school uniform and the headband. "It's so lame."

"You're lame, Renji," scowled Ichigo, pushing him away.

"You're just mad because you're struggling in Shiba-sensei's Magical Chemistry class," frowned the petite girl.

"That, and you'd be making googly eyes at him, Rukia," Renji replied sulkingly.

"What? I do not!" huffed Rukia, though a thin blush was across her face.

"Oh! You shouldn't be doing that, Rukia!" a busty, auburn-haired girl perked up. "Shiba-sensei's a vampire! What if he tries to hypnotize you?"

"Yeah, and be making freaky babies like Kurosaki here!" Renji laughed, only to be elbow'd in the stomach.

"You're freakier than me, you retard," Ichigo scoffed. "I swear, you look more like a monkey than an actual lycan hybrid." As they turned a corner, a couple of vampire upperclassmen bumped into the teen.

"Hey, watch where you're going, half-breed!" scoffed one of them.

"What did you say?" Ichigo scowled as he glared back at them.

"You heard me, freak!"

"Let it be, Ichigo," muttered Uryuu.

"You and that damn mutt are nothing but defects compared to us," jeered the other vampires.

"Are you looking for a fight?" Ichigo growled lowly as he and Renji stepped forward. A dozen or so students noticed the altercation and stayed to see the anticipated fight.

"Let's just go, fighting with worthless liike you is a waste of time."

"You better take that back," gritted Renji.

"And what if we don't?" sneered the first vampire.

"Leave them alone . . . ." The two students were suddenly hoisted up by the back of their collars. A tall, muscular, tan-skinned man was holding them up as if they weighted two pounds each. He appeared to have a meek expression with his wavy dark brown hair often covering his hair. "We don't want to give you guys any trouble . . . ."

"Hey! Put us down, you freaking mutt!" scowled the second vampire as both of them struggled from the hold.

"Ugh, we're gonna be late for our next class," frowned Rukia as she walked away from the silly tension, as did the auburn girl and Uryuu.

"Sorry, Chad. Didn't mean to get you into this," sighed Ichigo.

"Doesn't matter, just doing a favor for my friends," muttered Chad as he promptly dropped the students.

"Freaks!" hissed one of them as they ran off. Ichigo scowled at them before the three of them started to walk to their next class. They got into the classroom just as the bell rang. The teacher, Shiba, was merely scratching at his face as he glanced at the nearly late students getting into their seats. The vampire was tall and slim with fuzzy black hair and had a humorous yet serious demeanor.

"Okay . . . . now that the usual troublemakers are here, it's time for the lesson to start," Shiba commented as he turned to the chalkboard but paused. "Uh . . . . where did we last leave off?"

"Oh, we were learning how to properly create the Raven Twilight potion," Rukia replied eagerly with her hand raised.

"Aw yeah, now I remember!" smiled Shiba. "Thanks for reminding me, Kuchiki!"

"Teacher's pet," Renji grumbled under his breath. Somehow, Rukia must have heard it, as a paperball suddenly hit him in the face. "Hey!" Ichigo wasn't paying attention to that, he glanced out the window and stared at the dark midnight blue sky. The crescent moon was sparsely surrounded by dully twinkling stars and puffs of clouds.

"Man . . . . this is boring," he mumbled.

"What was that? You think my teachings are boring?" Ichigo was suddenly startled when Shiba's frowning face appeared in front of him. "Hm? I didn't hear you, Kurosaki," he scolded, giving the teen a very hard noogie. "Did you just say my class too boring for you?"

"Ouch! I'm sorry, Shiba-sensei!" whined Ichigo.

"I swear, Ichigo . . . ." sighed Uryuu from nearby, pushing up his glasses.

Audibly cracking his knuckles, the lycan sneered as he glared down at his so-called opponent. his bright blue hair shone under the crescent moon from the hallway windows and his cyan eyes narrowed with glee. "Huh, guess this fucker wasn't so tough now, right?" Dusting off his opened, white-colored uniform jacket, he walked over the unconscious classmate as he went up to his friends in the hallway. "Tch, what a weak-ass prick," he scoffed in amusement. "He could barely land a punch on me."

"Quit acting so conceited, Grimmjow," muttered a shorter, pale-skinned teen with slightly jagged jet-black hair. His deep emerald eyes were wide and expresionless as he glanced at Grimmjow, who merely smirked.

"Heh, if it were me, I would've ripped that guy into two," sneered a very tall, lanky guy with a very wide grin and long, black hair. His left eye was covered by an eyepatch.

"Hmm . . . . such a bother anyway," mumbled another guy before yawning loudly, he had dark brown wavy hair and lazy dark grey eyes. "Looks like we're gonna get in trouble once again . . . ."

"As expected . . . ." sighed the pale man.

"Hmm, ya got that right . . . ." A sleek, silver-colored kitsune appeared out of nowhere, slithering above the night students. "My, my . . . . ya guys just love ta create problems, don't ya?" smirked the kitsune. Immediately, the magical fox transformed into a slim man with silver hair, trickful squinty eyes, and a wide smirk. "Looks like I caught ya guys red-handed."

"Why do we get in trouble? It was Grimmjow's idea to fight the guy," scoffed the lanky teen.

"Oh? And ya didn't bother ta stop it, Nnoitra the Necromancer?" questioned the kitsune, wagging his finger in humourus scolding. "Along with Grimmjow, you, Ulquiorra, and Coyote are now in trouble."

"I prefer to be called Starrk," muttered the brunet lycan. "What a weird name . . . ."

"Doesn't matter, Aizen's gonna be mad, y'know," the kitsune smirked.

"As expected of being his flunky," scoffed Grimmjow.

"That's vice-principal Gin Ichimaru ta ya, Mr. Jaegerjaques," grinned Gin, resuming back to his fox form. "Come along, Aizen would like ta know as of why ya guys skipped class an' beaten up a fellow student."

"Like I care . . . ." Grimmjow scoffed under his breath, and Gin glanced at him.

"Ya should . . . . It's tha fifth time yer gettin' in trouble, an' Aizen's losing his patience over ya." The kitsune leapt into the air and magically twirled into disappearance. "An' he doesn't like it when he's angry . . . ." The blue-haired lycan frowned in agitation and gritted his animal-like teeth. The fox demon was right, being confronted by Aizen being angry was very troublsome.

"Well, we should get going," muttered Ulquiorra as he started to walk. "We may get reprimanded by Aizen-sama, but surely Grimmjow would take most of the blame."

"Quit acting so fucking so high and mighty, bloodsucker," spat Grimmjow.

"No point being so angry about it . . . ." Starrk mumbled tiredly, following after the pale vampire.

"Yeah, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass," shrugged Nnoitra as he did the same. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at his friends, but it was pointless. He knew he would get more get an actual talking to. The principal, or the headmaster as Aizen smugly referred himself, was a high-ranked sorcerer who practiced destructive black magic. It was bad enough that he playfully hexed people on a pridefully good mood, on a bad mood it was rumored that he often tortured or even killed people with a few incantations.

"That reminds me, how come you think that Aizen won't do anything to you, Ulquiorra?" frowned Grimmjow as he caught up with the diverse night students. "Is it because you're a fucking teacher's pet? You sure like being on his dick."

"It's not that," Ulquiorra muttered monotonously. "It's very odd that an honor student like me would be friends with a delinquent like yourself, however. But it seems logical that I'm there when Aizen-sama castigate you."

"Quit talking like a nerd, it irritates me," scoffed Nnoitra.

"Are we there yet . . . .?" yawned Starrk.

"Man . . . why am I friends with you guys?" grumbled Grimmjow. Thoughout the bickering, they managed to reached the principal's office. One of them barely reached for the door handle when it somehow opened on its own. Very typical. They walked in; Gin, in his human form, was smirking next to a desk. Aizen didn't look at the newcomers, as he was sitting in front of a large window and gazed at the night sky.

". . . . You know why you're here, right?" muttered Aizen. Suddenly, the door slammed shut but none of the students barely flinched at the noise.

"Yeah, I do," Grimmjow replied quietly.

"Oh? Can you care to tell me, Jaegerjaques?" questioned Aizen, with an mocking tone that the lycan loathed so much but restrained him from mouthing off.

"I skipped class and beaten up this fucker into a bloody pulp," he explained. So much for mouthing off.

"And why did you do that?"

"I'll explain on the behalf of my idiotic classmate, Aizen-sama," replied Ulquiorra, and Grimmjow scowled at him. "You see, Grimmjow thought that a classmate was provoking him earlier, and decided to take matters into his own hands."

"I see . . . . what of Jiruga and Starrk's role in this, as well as yours?" Aizen asked.

"When we realized that Grimmjow wasn't in the classroom at the start of the lesson, we decided to try to locate him. When we finally found him, he had already thrashed the fellow student."

"Well, guess that explains it," grinned Gin.

"Yes, but still . . . ." Aizen stood up and turned to face them; he was fairly tall but his presence was overwhelming aside from his slick-back chestnut hair and dark bronze eyes. His mocking smirk always irritated Grimmjow, who frowned silently. "I am getting tired of punishing you over meager things," he smirked. "However . . . . your latest trouble hadn't come at a better time now, had it?"

"Wait? What?" Grimmjow questioned in surprise. Starrk and Nnoitra and even Ulquiorra was taken aback.

"It just so happened that the headmaster of the Karakura Crescent High School, Yamamoto, was thinking about adding a few new students," replied Aizen. "And he specifically requested for some pureblooded lycans." At that, Grimmjow scoffed before letting out a chuckle in disbelief.

"Wow, really?" he scoffed. "You're looking for a way to expel me, huh, Aizen? I can't believe this bullshit." Within seconds, the lycan's body was suddenly thrown down to the floor. He couldn't get up, he knew Aizen used a powerful wordless spell on him as the crushing pressure was pushing him down.

"I won't have you talking back to me like that, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques," the dark sorcerer muttered calmly. At the flick of his wrist, he removed the spell. Grimmjow panted heavily through his gritted teeth, despite his pride Starrk helped him to his feet. "Regardless, I'm sending you to that school," smirked Aizen. "Whether you like or not."

"Um, don't mean to be rude but you said you'd be sending a few lycans," muttered Starrk. "Does that include me also?"

"Yes. In fact . . . . I'm actually sending all four of you specifically."

"What the fuck? Why?" Nnoitra questioned.

"Ya guys should know why," drawled Gin. The students glanced at each other and Ulquiorra nodded in understanding.

"I see . . . . what kind of mission do you want us to do, Aizen-sama?" asked the vampire.

"Oh, it's nothing . . . ." smirked Aizen, glancing at the bright crescent moon. "Just want to find something interesting from my dearest nephew."

Just an intro chapter. Nothing big . . . . for now. I know I said that Ichi's a vamp but making him a dhampire would make more sense cuz I'm thinking about the storyline along the way. Anyway, I just realized while halfway writing the chapter, the settings sound similar to that American manga called Nightschool but I only had read the first few chapters though.

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