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Crescent by Boogermeister

Chapter 4- Vampires And Glitter Don't Mix

"Tch, I don't think we can take this slow," frowned Nnoitra, as they hanged behind their former yet infamous school. "Why don't we just bag him and sent him to Aizen, and call it a day?"

"It's not that easy, we just have to observe him for some time before we make our move," muttered Ulquiorra. "Only recently did he discover of his possible magic abilities. Maybe then, something interesting might happen."

"Like what?" scoffed Grimmjow, taking off his school jacket and shirt. "I thought it already happened, when we met the half-leech." He turned his back at his friends, a gothic '6' tattoo etched at the lower right side. "I said the sooner this freak learn his magic, the sooner we get him. And maybe I should take him on, our fight wasn't over yet." Quickly, he took off his boots and then his pants.

"Goddamn it, can't you at least wear some underwears next time?" groaned Nnoitra as he glared away. Starrk barely paid attention, as he was dozing in the grass, and Ulquiorra merely gazed at the sight.

"What for? They always tear off whenever I transform," Grimmjow muttered. "I'd like to go commando anyway, like to let my boys free." The necromancer groaned in disgust, somehow seeing a lycan naked was worse than playing with corpses.

"Grimmjow, make sure that there is no trouble that you might cause," muttered Ulquiorra. "Aizen-sama would not tolerate that like before."

"Won't make any promise, leech," smirked Grimmjow, his sharp teeth grew longer as fur started to sprout from his body. Kneeling down, his form contorted into that of an ice-colored wolf, similar markings from his eyes extended up to his ears and the color from his hair ran down his back and tail. Huffing and growling, he trotted into a quick jog. Becoming a wolf was only approved in lycan neighborhoods, anywhere else was considered breaking the law and can get arrested.

". . . . Think we should hide his clothes?" suggested Nnoitra with a grin.

"Don't drag me into this," Starrk tiredly muttered.

Meanwhile, Ichigo fidgeted a little as he came across the invisble border towards the lycan neighborhood. He had never ventured into one before, he had seen pictures but it was from newpaper articles in which it was less than good. He knew that they would smell his presence the moment he steps in. "Uh, do you belong in this neighborhood?" he asked.

"Actually, I don't know!" smiled Yachiru in an oblivious manner. "This was the first time that I left home! I wanted to find Kenny but I got lost!"

"Kenny? Don't you got a mother or something?" he questioned.

"Nope, Kenny found me in a box when I was a baby and I was stuck with him ever since!" she shrugged. Ichigo sighed heavily. At least Rukia was somewhat wrong about the parents part.

"Okay . . . . I can do this," he muttered to himself. He took a few steps into the territory, and immediately he felt the stressed tension in the air. He heard a warning howl in a distance, but he ignored it as he continued walking. He could hear more low growls and snarls, and was pretty sure that he could feel hostile eyes on him.

"No . . . . Kenny's not around here," mumbled Yachiru, glancing around. Ichigo did the same; the buildings and houses weren't bad but most had seen better days. It reminded him of those inner city places in the western countries.

"Do you remember what street you live in?"

"No, I can't read so good."

"Do you even know what your home looks like?" frowned Ichigo.

"It has . . . . windows!" smiled Yachiru. The half-vampire felt like hitting himself in the head, this kid couldn't be more than six years old. "Also, there's a lot of milk crates around the house! Maybe you can find it, Ichi!"

"Uh, I can try," he muttered. His speed was just as fast as a full-blooded vampire, but only used half as he brisked through the area. So far, he found nothing but was nearly met with hostile lycans. "Geez, guess it's not this place," he quickly concluded, rushing out of the neighborhood. "I know there are three lycan neighborhoods, so there's two left."

"And I know just where to go!" Yachiru chirped.

"No thanks," he instantly frowned.


Grimmjow snarled in agitation, he knew that he should have taken his clothes with him when he roamed in the other neighborhoods. It was sullied with what he doesn't want to know. After kicking down Nnoitra for this, he strolled through the littered streets of his neighborhood. It was unusually noisy near dawn, he flicked his ears at aggressive growls in the distance. Lycan translation: stranger invaded the territories. Great, he scoffed at it. Probably just an uppity vampire to 'patrol' the areas.

Turning a corner, he heard something else near him. A hurried voice, it seemed a little panicked. Twitching his ears forward, his cyan eyes narrowed at the familar voice. Jogging a few streets down, he blinked at the nearby sight. It was Ichigo, panting for breath as a lycan pup was in his arm. He frowned at this, what was the dhampire doing here?

As if he could hear his mind, Ichigo stiffened and inhaled sharply. He whipped his head and saw the wolf, and noticed the soiled white uniform in his mouth. ". . . . Grimmjow?" he frowned, narrowing his eyes. In reply, the white-blue wolf grinned at that. "Damn, I don't have time for this . . . . please, just leave me alone for a second? I'm doing something right now."

Grimmjow scoffed in amusement, he wanted to mess with him but it looked like his hands were tied. "C'mon, Yachiru. You must know something else about your home," sighed Ichigo. Yachiru? Grimmjow literally barked out a laugh, dropping his clothes in the process, and Ichigo glared at him. "What? What's so funny?" Grimmjow shook his head before picking up his clothes. He then gestured the dhampire to the right, telling him to follow him to the right direction. "Tch, fine but don't do anything funny," frowned Ichigo.

The lycan merely grinned but said nothing as he walked. Ichigo was in the right neighborhood with the pup but the one looking after her was nothing but a blood-thirsty behemoth. It would be entertaining to watch, at least he won't get into trouble himself. "Oh, there it is, Ichi!" Yachiru smiled as she pointed it out. Across the street was an one-story housing with so much cracks around the door, as if a wrecking ball hit against it. Sure enough, there were a mountain of milk crates next to the house.

"This is it? Guess I can take you to this Kenny guy," shrugged Ichigo as he placed the pup down and they walked across the street. Grimmjow gazed at the two with silent glee, he could smell the anticipation. "Uh, is anyone in there . . . .?" Ichigo muttered as he was about to knock on the crooked door. Before he could even do it, the entire door was ripped off.

"Who are you?" Ichigo's eyes widened at the towering sight before him. He knew that most lycans were tall, but this one took the cake. He appeared raggedly and wild, with a thin scar down the left side of his face and an eyepatch on his right eye. His jet-black hair was spiked with tiny bells at the ends. "I said, who are you?" growled the lycan as he loomed over the dhampire, who shuddered at the presence.

"Kenny!" squealed Yachiru as she bazooka'd herself into the guy's hard abdomen. "Yay, I found you!"

"Where were you, Yachiru?" frowned the gruffy lycan as he lifted her up to his level by the back of her shirt. "And . . . . why do you smell like this runt here?"

"Ichi saved me from the meanie humans! Then we tried to find you!"

"Really?" The lycan glared down at Ichigo before unexpectedly held out a hand. "Guess you're brave enough to come here, kid," he suddenly grinned with such jagged teeth.

"Uh, you're welcolme?" Ichigo gulped, lifting his own hand. It was tiny compared to the giant werewolf's when it was gripped rather tightly.

"I think I owe you that one," he said. "I'm Kenpachi Zaraki."

"I'm Ichigo Kurosaki," he replied with slight boldness. Kenpachi glanced at Grimmjow, who was waiting across the street. "Hey, Jaegerjaques. Didn't expect you to help him. Thought you hated everyone." Grimmjow snorted and made a muffled bark. "Huh? You thought I would maul this guy to death?" he questioned, much to Ichigo's heated surprise.

"What? You're trying to set me up, Grimmjow?" scowled Ichigo, glaring at the smug wolf. Grimmjow merely shrugged before turning and walking away, letting out a few grunts. "What was that?" the half-vampire scoffed.

"He said that maybe you'd be tore to pieces on the way out," frowned Kenpachi, while Yachiru wiggled from his hold and leapt onto his shoulder. "But I doubt it, now the you've met me. They probably won't with you."

"Guess that's a good thing," sighed Ichigo. "Well, I need to get home. Nice to meet you, Kenpachi."

"Please, come back anytime," Kenpachi grinned scarily.

"Bye, Ichi!" chirped Yachiru. "See you later!" Ichigo nodded and smiled a little as he turned and left, though mentally he was glad to get away from the freakish brute.


"'Witches, werewolves, and vampires. The three main creatures in the supernatural world, they are related to one another in the sense of fear and persecution from humans . . . .' I don't get this, guys," frowned Renji, eyeing at the words in his textbook. "I know this is from a historical point of view, but what good does it do for certain people? It doesn't say much about the other kinds . . . ."

"That's the history book, of course it wouldn't say that," muttered Uryuu, as everyone began to settle in the classroom. "That section talks about how the supernatural were percieved in the European world. You're thinking about the whole world, Renji."

"Oh, but what about dragons? Around here, they were once considered gods but anywhere else they were thought to be the devil."

". . . . That's the point of having Human Mythology, Renji," he sighed, pushing up his glasses.

"How can you guys just sit there and talk about boring stuff?" frowned Rukia. "It's been two days, and Ichigo hadn't come to school. Aren't you worried?"

"He often doesn't come to school," shrugged Renji. "Maybe he's having an anemic attack or something, Rukia."

"It's not that, I told you that he went into a lycan neighborhood. What if they attacked him and he ended up in a hospital?"

"It wouldn't be the first time," Ichigo muttered out of nowhere as he stepped into the classroom. Rukia turned and sighed in relief, only to frown again.

"Where have you been, Ichigo?" she questioned.

"Uh, at home," he replied, moving to sit behind Uryuu. "I had an anemic attack, Rukia." Renji smirked at the proof but hid behind his book from Rukia's glare.

"Then what about that night, Ichigo?" she questioned. "Did anything happen over there?"

"Yeah, why don't you ask that dog?" suggested Ichigo, just as Grimmjow walked in. "For some reason, he helped me finding this girl's parent, only to try to push me into a trap."

"Huh? Is that right?" frowned Renji. Grimmjow merely grinned as he made his way to his seat, already knowing that they were talking about him. "What happened, did you get attacked?"

"No, this big lummox of a lycan thanked me for finding the kid and I left, or practically ran outta there," Ichigo sighed. "At least I know that Grimmjow lives in that neighborhood."

"Heh, is that right?" grinned Grimmjow. The half-vampire glared back at him, subtly realizing that the lycan was wearing the school's grey uniform, and scoffed.

"Don't mess with me, I bet you don't want your friend to beat you up like before," he muttered.

"I'm not worry, he's gone for the night," he replied smugly. "That means I could mess with you if I feel like it. Lucky for you, I don't right now."

"What does that mean, Grimmjow?" frowned Ichigo.

"Lunchtime," Grimmjow pointed out. "I think I'd rather fight you or your mutt right then."

"What did you say?" scoffed Renji.

"What, you wanna back down?" smirked Grimmjow. "You half-breed are nothing but cowards, anyway."

"Fine then, meet us at the rooftop," scowled Ichigo. "We'll see who's stronger there!"

"Oh my gosh, why do I even bother?" scoffed Rukia as she moved away. "I need some better friends . . . ." As before, the fight caught attention of most of the student body as the words spead like wildfire, eventually to Starrk and Nnoitra. The other lycan sighed tiredly and scratched his head at the news, while his friend speculated of joining the fight with Grimmjow.

"Don't bother, it's Grimmjow's fault anyway," sighed Starrk, as the time neared.

"Come on, I just wanna teach these pathetic half-breeds a lesson," sneered Nnoitra. "I hadn't done anything fun since we were sent here."

"You let the dissected frogs attack those freshmans last night," he replied quietly.

". . . . Oh yeah, I forgot about that," realized the necromancer, they managed to find the stairways the led to the rooftop. As expected, crowds encircled the three guys as they prepared themselves. Both the lycan and the mutt took off their jackets, though Renji took off his shirt. The tribal tattoos were etched around his upper torso, he reached up to remove his headband and scrunchie.

"You're ready, Renji?" muttered Ichigo.

"Wait a sec . . . ." grumbled Renji, shifting his pants.

"What're you doing?" he frowned.

"I don't want my tail to rip my pants." Ichigo rolled his eyes before glaring at Grimmjow, who merely smirked.

"Are you guys done talking like cowards?" he sneered.

"Watch it," gritted Ichigo, as his eyes turned golden. Renji growled lowly, his fingernails turned into sharp claws as rust-colored ears and tail shot out. Grimmjow merely laughed, though he could better than the mutt he can't afford to transform. Just because of his own tattoo, that and having to take off his clothes to transform. "Let's go!" Ichigo snarled, disappearing out of sight. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes in anticipation, he turned to block the kick with his bare hand.

"Too easy," he grinned. But Ichigo quickly twisted his body and kicked at him with his free leg, Grimmjow gritted slightly in pain and pulled back. "You little pest . . ." he frowned.

"Thought you could take me on, dog," smirked Ichigo, crouching back. Grimmjow scoffed before turning his attention to the transformed mutt, baring his sharp teeth at him and snarled. Renji growled back before charging at him, his clawed hand reached for the shirt but instead missed with a slash at the fabric. Grimmjow retaliated with a swift kick to the side, knocking the mutt onto the ground.

"Damn it, Renji," scoffed Rukia from the cheering sideline, watching the fight along with her friends. "I knew this would happen."

"Then why didn't you try to stop it, Rukia?" questioned Orihime with concern.

"They're boys, they're too stubborn and stupid to back down," she frowned.

"We couldn't stop it anyway, they even suggested where to fight," muttered Uryuu. Chad said nothing the entire time, it wasn't his business anyway about his friend's decision no matter how stupid. Meanwhile, Ichigo pounced on the lycan's back. Before Grimmjow could move fast enough, Ichigo leapt over him as he grabbed his hair and immediately flipped him over.

"Argh! Fuck!" growled Grimmjow, his spine throbbed from the harsh impact. He didn't have a chance to recover when the mutt suddenly elbow'd him in the chest. "You fucking half-breeds, I'll tear out your throats!" he snarled, shoving him off and pounced at him.

"Wow, Grimm's getting his ass kicked," frowned Nnoitra, he and Starrk appearing out of nowhere behind Ichigo's friends. All of them were startled slightly and turned around.

". . . . You're the werewolf's friends," muttered Chad.

"Tch, guess you can call it that," Nnoitra shrugged.

"Then why can't you stop him?" frowned Rukia.

"This is his problem, we don't care what happens to him," muttered Starrk. "And I doubt that he wants our help anyway."

"I can fucking hear you guys!" snarled Grimmjow, dodging the punch from the half-vampire. So far, his shirt had recieved a few rips and had a bruised cheek. "Damn it, I would fight better if I was in my other form . . . ." he gritted, spitting on the ground.

"Heh, guess that cocky attitude was just a front," smirked Renji.

"Just face it, Grimmjow. We're winning against you, just surrender," muttered Ichigo.

"Tch, why should I?" Grimmjow suddenly smirked. "Like I would be defeated by pathetic half-breeds." Ichigo gritted his teeth at that, his fangs lengthened at the insult. Thinking about it, he wondered if he could a spell against him now. He was sure this time, now that he knew what type of magic he got. Sprinting around the lycan, he aimed his finger at him.

"Bakudou 4, Hainawa!" he chanted, and a rope-like energy shot out of his finger. The rope entangled around the lycan's waist, Grimmjow snarled at the binding before he was pulled towards Ichigo. But the dhampire miscaculated of the spell, the solid body collided against him and they tumbled to the ground. "Ouch . . . . Damn it," he groaned, Grimmjow's heavy body was sprawled across his. Guess Kidou really was difficult to begin with.

"You damn half-leech . . . ." gritted Grimmjow as he struggled to get up; Starrk narrowed his eyes at the ripped shirt and subtly noticed the tattoo underneath from the distance. "I don't care about what Ulquiorra said, you're not that worthy . . . ." Baring his teeth, he glared down at the vulnerable neck. But before he could anything, he suddenly felt a whack to the head and he tumbled away. "The fuck was that?" he snarled as his eyes darted at the assaulter.

It turned out to be a black cat, who narrowed her eyes at him. "That's enough, all of you," she muttered in her masculine voice.

"What? Why you-" Grimmjow was quickly pinned down by the other lycan, he growled when a knee pressed against his back and his arms twisted behind it. "Damn it, Starrk! Let me go!"

"You-know-what is showing, Grimmjow," Starrk said nonchalantly, but the dominance was evident in the undertone. "I suggest that you end the fight now, or I'll have to do something about it." Grimmjow scoffed but nodded a little, he was let go and was given his jacket. "Sorry about this, my friend's an idiot."

"I can see that," muttered Yoruichi, turning to Ichigo as he finally got up. "And you, Ichigo. You and Renji are also in trouble."

"What? But, Yoruichi-"

"Nope, don't wanna hear it," frowned the cat. "Soi Fon already apprehended Renji, so you either go to the principle on your two feet or get dragged there. It's your choice."

"Ugh, fine," frowned Ichigo. Yoruichi sighed before returning to her human form with a poof, she turned to the Jiang Shi who already knocked out Renji.

"Soi Fon, take him to the office. I'll deal with these two idiots myself."

"Right," nodded Soi Fon, dragging the mutt by the tail. "All of you, get back to your classes now! The show's over!" Many of the students groaned or whined and went back inside, the half-vampire's friends glanced at Ichigo before doing the same. Nnoitra, meanwhile, eyed at Starrk who merely nodded and walked inside. Scoffing, he followed him with a grumble of curses under his breath. Now there were just three of them, Grimmjow frowned as he fixed his jacket and glared at the two.

"Once again, both of you guys are fighting," sighed Yoruichi. "I actually let it go since it was the first time, but because of this one it was nearly a riot. I know that you just came back, Ichigo, but because of this I believe that you might get suspended for this."

"But, Yoruichi . . . ." groaned Ichigo. "I can't get suspended, Mom'll get mad at me."

"You should've thought of that before either of you were bashing heads," she frowned.

"Tch, good luck with that," scoffed Grimmjow, as the bruise quickly disappearing. "I don't have anybody for you to call home."

"That doesn't mean you won't get suspended as well. Now, both of you, apologize and shake hands and I might minimize the punishment." Both the lycan and the dhampire immediately balked at the idea.

"You want me to say sorry to this bastard?" they exclaimed simultaneously in disbelief.

"Why not? Unless you wanna give me the reason to punish you guys," she shrugged, crossing her arms. Two narrowed eyes glared at each other before glaring away, but neither one said anything. "Fine then," sighed Yoruichi, cracking her knuckles.

"All right, all right," muttered Ichigo, glowering a little at the lycan. ". . . . Sorry about the fight," he mumbled quickly.

"Hpmh, didn't quite hear that," smirked Grimmjow. "What did you say, half-leech?"

"I said, I'm sorry," he gritted.

"Heh, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he scoffed amusingly as he turned to leave.

"Wait a minute, I'm not done with you yet," frowned Yoruichi. "Go and apologize to him, also." Grimmjow scoffed again, but in annoyance, and glared back at them.

"What for?" he grumbled.

"Just do it, you stupid dog," scoffed Ichigo. Grimmjow frowned a little and stepped forward, before a glint of leer was in his eyes and he smirked once again.

"Fine then." Without any warning, subtle or not, he stepped forward and suddenly smashed his lips against the unexpected half-vampire's. Ichigo inhaled sharply at the sudden contact, out of repulse he harshly pushed him away and jumped back.

"The fuck was that?" growled Ichigo as he bared his fangs defensively, but Grimmjow merely grinned.

"Huh, didn't expect that one," shrugged Yoruichi.

"Aren't you gonna do something about this? He just attacked me!" he snapped.

"Before he attacked you, just now he kissed you," she shrugged again.

"Oh, that's it! I'm gonna-" Pressure points on his body was suddenly jabbed, he collasped to the floor just before passing out. The shapeshifter sighed and easily hauled him over her shoulder.

"Well, until this dies down, I suggest you to stay home for a few days," she muttered, finally leaving. Grimmjow shrugged but was still grinning. He knew it, he knew it from earlier during the fight. Lycan has a higher sense of smell than vampires and half-vampires, they can easily distinguish the scent based on emotions, virtually they can smell 'fear'. But it wasn't 'fear' that he smelled after tumbling with Ichigo, it was something else though it was slightly subtle.

Grimmjow shook his head a little at it. He couldn't believe that half-leech has a liking for someone like him.


Jiang Shi- a Chinese vampire that feeds on life energy. Wiki it, and find out. Anemic attack- some sh*t I made up in which half-vampires go into seizure-like attacks if they don't drink enough blood, don't ask me about it.

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