Chapter 1 : Hidden Doors

"What am I going to do now" said Zoe Graystone (#3).

She was created as duplicate of Zoe as an improvement on Zoe Graystone #2. Zoe had made her after the virtual Zoe temporarily phased out in the V world, Zoe spent days trying to improve this new identical self.

Sitting across the room, Zoe said "There is a place, I need to know if it is real. It is called Earth, you know the legends and most people think it is just that, but I think I found a key. The One True God wants me to find this place and what the people are like." There were candles, glowing in the room dimly in an infinity pattern. Zoe #3 stared intently at the person she thought she was, but knew she wasn't. Yet she had Zoe's memories her thoughts and in a strange way felt connected to her, as if she was a part of her. Zoe #3 said, "Why is it important and why can't I go into V-World". Zoe said, "My second Zoe doesn't need to know you exist, she thinks that she is the only other Zoe; The only person that is going to know that you exist is me. For now, I am putting you into a special phased sleep until I call on you, there will be alarm to wake you up if something goes wrong. You will be feed news through the net and a special AI teaching program will enhance your mental abilities."

"Wait" said Zoe (#3). Zoe #3 felt very anxious, even though she practically knew what Zoe was thinking she couldn't help feeling being abandoned by her own self.

"I've got to catch a train, I'm going to "... Zoe said and suddenly disappeared. A few minutes later, Zoe (#3) felt as if everything was blurring together in the dark square room. Into the darkness she fell into a dream, where she was thinking but her mind was at rest dreaming of a large green and blue planet, hanging in a sea of stars. Her mind could hear a strange melody she heard as a child, something from a music box, an antique that was in her mom's family. The music drifted slowly around her and a planet started spinning in a blue, green, and brown kaleidoscope of colors. She could see a part of the heavens opening to reveal the insides of a music box. The inside lid was a mirror which had a small figurine on a turning pedestal shown in it. She began to cry.