Two drabbles of a perfect 100 words each. The first was written after "Sex and Violence" The second was written after "I know what you did last summer". Sam-centric for sure. If you happen to read them, please at least say hi! Thanks! :)


In my experience, the truth equals rejection. I knew this even as I clung to Jessica, hiding what I've always known, that I'm different, a freak. If only I'd been brave enough to tell the let her go. She would've ran screaming, but she never would've died. This time, I've learned from my mistakes. Now Dean knows the truth, the demon blood makes me stronger, smarter, the better hunter. He thinks I don't need him. It's only a matter of time before he leaves, and when the demons come for me, he'll be safe because I set him free.


If this was the garden of Eden then Ruby was playing the role of the devil and he was Eve. Green leaves led the parade of branches that had eviscerated the walls of the old house. Ivy had found its way inside choking the broken window frame. "Don't you want to know what it's like to go there with a demon?" Ruby's hand was gentle on his face, stroking his hair. Her tongue probing in his mouth, making him want. Offering him knowledge along with her body. He was long past questioning. The flesh was warm. He bit the apple.