Cold wind tore across the Parisian landscape, dragging the leaves of autumn along with it. A lone man passed through the crowds, a huge case strapped across his back. People were hurriedly trying to get into their warm homes. The temperature wasn't even a concern for him. He only had one thing on his mind.

Saya. She was constantly on his mind, night and day. It tore him apart that he wasn't there to watch her go into her annual 30 year sleep. He wanted her last few days with her brother to be carefree, not riddled with memories of the night at the opera.

However, before he left for Paris, he left her a single pink rose with his blue ribbon wrapped carefully around it, so she would know that he would be there for waiting her when she awoke from her slumber.

He remembered the shrill agony in her voice as she desperately screamed out his name. The crying as she wanted to go back for him, but she couldn't. He silently thanked Kai for getting her out of that building in the nick of time. Her safety was the utmost priority to him. It had always been, even before he had became her Chevalier.

It was growing dark. Hagi looked up at the night sky that was sprinkled with stars. He felt as if he could almost reach out and grab them. Hagi continued on, his feet leading the way. He didn't know where he was going and he liked the feeling of that. After all these years he had been on this earth, life was still one big continuous journey for him.

He couldn't remember the last time he had eaten. All he knew was that he felt weak and he needed to find a proper food source fast. His walking was starting to become sluggish and less precise. His arm hung limply at his side as he trudged on through the night. Hagi stopped, leaning against a wall for support, his vision swimming in and out of focus.

"Saya…," he whispered faintly before his whole world went black.