Any characters, plots, etc. were created by the author's mind. No accounts in this story are real. Based off the movie The Fourth Kind.

So, I just watched The Fourth Kind and I felt inspired to write this. This is just a taste of what the story is going to be about, I hope to submit chapters in a timely manner. It's not really a fanfiction, but it still kind of is...and I figured that you guys might enjoy it. Try to stay patient with me, and feedback is always appreciated! Remember, in the end what you believe is yours to decide.

The Seventh Kind.

The First kind-sightings of one or more unidentified flying objects.

The Second kind-observation of a UFO and/or physical effects from a UFO.

The Third kind-an observation of extraterrestrials.

The Fourth kind-contact with extraterrestrials (alien abduction).

The Fifth kind-contact and communication with extraterrestrials.

The Sixth kind-contact with extraterrestrials that result in injury or death.

The Seventh kind-human/alien hybridization.

Information from internet.