E/O Challenge: Weird.

Tag to "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester."

Really, really hope this is not weird!!

For Katydid43 – hope you're feeling better.


Herbal Remedy

"Okay Weirdy McWeirdison ... you mind telling me what you're doing?" Dean asked incredulous as he watched his brother scramble about the forest floor.

"Looking for fresh Bellygos spores," Sam replied, matter of fact.

"Of course you are ... wow ... congratulations," Dean smirked. "You finally made it to the pinnacle of Geekiness."

"Funny Dean ... for your information Bellygos is extremely rare."

"And I should be excited about this because ...?"

"Because its spores have miraculous healing powers and ... well ... I'm all out of antibiotics."

"So," Dean laughed. "I take it Patrick's magic still hasn't worn off."