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Radio Kon: Rulz Blo

"Kon: Today, we are going to have another segment of Radio Kon! Today's subject is…"

Behind Kon, in the radio recording booth, the door opens with a click, and Hanataro steps in. The fourth division medic is a tad agitated for some odd reason. "Kon! We have a slight problem!"

"Kon: And what might it be this time?"

Hanataro twiddles his fingers. "FFDN Radio doesn't allow for submissions exclusively in script format!"

"Kon: That makes no sense. Radio and television both are script format."

This causes the shingami to let out a sigh. "Rules are rules, and I intend to obey them and not get into trouble.

"Kon: Well, I don't agree with them, so I plan on not listening. Plus, others do stuff that is exclusively script format."

This causes the small shingami to start waving his hands in the air. "Two wrongs don't make a right. Plus, just because someone disagrees with a shunpoo speed limit, doesn't mean they should break it."

"(Kon sweat drops) Kon: I don't think that even exists."

"I know…" Hanataro places his hands on his hips. "But we don't have cars in soul society… so that would have been a bad example.

"Kon: The way you put it was a bad example."

This makes Hanataro to place a hand on his chin, then begging to pace around. "What if I were to give you reasons and examples why the rules are in place and script format shouldn't be used?"

"Kon: Fine."

Hanataro holds up a finger. "When doing a parody, it is easy to run into plagiarism."

"Kon: We're not parodying. Radio Kon is Radio Kon, not… the Melancholy of what's it's face."

This causes the young medic to sigh, and he holds up a second finger. "Some people use script format as an easy way to write it out, in other words, lazy."

"Kon: I'm not lazy."

Hanataro watches as the stuffed lion bear picked his nose. "I call leaving out the stage directions of you trying to remove excess mucus from your nose lazy."

"Kon: Says you (yells). Don't go spreading my personal business around (calms down)."

The third finger gets held up. "Description!"

"Kon: Now whose being lazy."

"Pull out something… let's say, a flower," comes the reply.

"(Kon pulls out a flower) Kon: The point?"

This signals his assistant to pull out a flower. It had red petals, with bright yellow streaks and center. "See?"

"Kon: Oh yeah! (Kon pulls out a blue flower, with violet petals, yellow streaks on the orange and a reddish green stem)"

"That does it!" an irate voice comes from the doorway, as Hitsugaya Toshiro opens the door to the room. He walks over to Kon's script with a marker, and scratches something out, and rewriting it.

"(Kon pulls out a flower) Kon: Hey, I don't want a plain flower!"

"You are using script format wrong," Toshiro mutters, his irritation growing. "Not to mention that description written was impossible."

"Kon: No it's not."

Toshiro's two teal eyes roll at this. "So you two, what is the color red-green?"

"Kon: what, you're going to tell me it doesn't exist?"

"It's brown," Hanataro mutters nervously. "Scripts use basic description anyways."

"Not to mention scripts only use directions and description when needed," Toshiro states, glaring at the stuffed, living toy.

"Kon: But what if I wanted to let people reading… uhh… listening, know that I'm wearing a particular brand of clothing?"

This causes Hitsugaya Toshiro to scratch his head."First off, the only brand of clothing you wear, from what I hear, is Yuzu Wear…"

"Kon: Now where did you hear that… and why are you here?"

"Ahh…" Toshiro suddenly raises an eyebrow. "That is my business, and the other thing is that Yamamoto thought this would be a social learning experience for me. Oi! I don't need to tell everyone that!"

"Kon: You need it…"

At that, Toshiro feels his jaw clench. "Anyways, you simply don't get it. Scripts are made for open interpretations of the subject matter when presenting it. That is why, even thought the dialog is the same in almost all Romeo and Juliet play, each time, there is a different take on it."

Hanataro sighs. "Script writing isn't easy, remember… that's why we tend to just run with it…"

"Kon: Darn. I give in. So much for this session of Radio Kon!"

Radio Dial Off
Video Screen On

The room is rather dull, with only a screen on the front. On the huge screen, a freeze frame of the Radio Kon members is plastered, and a silver haired man walks up with a pointing stick. "Sorry Chibi-taicho, but you do need more social interaction with kids your age. I think you would love it, more than hate it."

The man tilts his head, while having his arms crossed, opening one eye slightly. "One is possible wondering, what the hell is going on here. I sometimes wonder that to about my sanity. As far as I am concerned, I am not admitting that there is a writer for all of this, because then that would admit that we all aren't real. Believable, but not real, and I refuse to deny my existence."

He then goes on, spattering away. "Anyways… what this about, is the FFDN's rules about content and submissions to its radio waves. Parody, it is so much fun, isn't it. I mean, come on… fine…"

"First off, you are possibly wondering how is it, that this one episode of Radio Kon doesn't break the rules. Kon was lucky that forth pipsqueak showed up when he did, and added some interesting stuff in. I mean, hello… we almost had a full show full of script format, and I wouldn't have anything interesting to comment on, and thus I wouldn't even bother showing up."

"Isn't script formatting a lazy way to tell a story?" Gin suddenly pulls out a picture book, called The Egg, by Phyliss Fogelman. "I mean, imagine this nice picture book in script format, no pictures. Actually, I can't imagine it because I've never read it, but I bet chibi-taicho would like it… it's supposed to be about a boy and a dragon."

The book gets tossed aside. "The point is, if the picture isn't painted for a story, then it is up to the reader to determine those things from the words given. Script format simply doesn't give enough words to do so, and lets to many possibilities run rampant."

Gin turns, suddenly pulling out a hat from the European renaissance period of time. "That was where the reference to different adaptations come in. Script allows for a very free, very lose interpretation, while a story… well, sure, the imagination is still there… for example, you can't tell what color my hat is… I'll tell you. It is blue… no red. That is a point the author doesn't want to elaborate, I mean I want to elaborate."

"Oh yeah… why this episode doesn't go and break rules… simply because it isn't script format. No offense to those who like to work and write in that format, but a lot of them out there… they break to many rulz… yes, I said rulz, and end up being a mess and hodgepodge. Plus, they are better off, being turned into an actual live version, are they not, and presented that way? Most get it wrong."

"Anyway, thanks for joining me for this week's Arrancar Research Time," Gin stats, as an Arrancar with neon blue hair storms in.

"What the hell! What does that have to do with any of us Arrancar!" the cat like man states.

"Ahh… Grimjow… welcome back! I think only one of you are left, so it's a rather mute point, don't you think?" Gin smiles, causing the Arrancar to roar in frustration. "Oh… episode three… might be a little harder to stomach, because of the 'Real Person' issue being handled. Hopefully though, it won't upset anyone.

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