Radio Kon: Rulz Blo
~Radio Edit~

Kon the mod sole sits at the radio control panel, a gleem in his eyes. "Today, we'll be listening to some music. First up is a nice song by the Jonsus Brothers!"

"Stop!" Hataro opens the door, a pererped look on his face. "It's Jonas Brothers for one thing, and second, we aren't allowed to play that!"

"What do you mean?" Kon suddenly asks, as Hitsugaya sticks his head in the room to listen, mouthing the words, never heard of them.

"Sorry, but we're only allowed to use stuff in the public domain," the fourth division medic sighed.

"Justin Beaver?" Kon's eyes look hopeful.

"Who?" Two teal eyes feel with confusion, which causes Hanarou to hold back a chuckle.

"Ah… no… sorry," Hantarou covers his mouth.

"What is so funny about this?" The small taicho shakes his head.

"What about lady gaga?" Kon sighs.

"Ahh…" the fourth medic scratches his head. "No… and Unohana taicho doesn't let me listen to her anyways. We'd be in huge trouble."

"Shakesphere?" Kon's final hope escapes his mouth.

"He isn't music baka! Where did you get the idea that he was?" Toshiro's mouth twists up in a smirk.

"I thought that because of Ichigo's interest in him," Kon shakes head. "Metalica… and don't tell me you don't know who they are,"

"Oh… I know who they are, do you? Or do you simply know who they are because of Kurosaki?" The tenth division taicho's reply is meant to shock, not to mention, is part of his own humor.

"No…" the other male in the room sighs.

"By the way. We have a request. One that we can play." There is mirth in the small taicho's eyes.

"Finally, we have something!" Kon responds, as Hitsugaya leaves the room. He pops the tape in.

"Ahh… Kon… he's up to something." However, that question is awnsered when the song comes on.

"I love you. You love me." Barney continues to sing, causing the two to cover their ears. The phone calls begin to roll in.

A voice identifiable as Renji's suddenly pops up. "Why the hell did you guys play that beep song!"

A small, very hyper voice suddenly comes on the line, as there is a wacking sound heard in the background. "Thank you for playing my request! Baldy is having much fun beating up my giant Barney stuffed toy!"

The next call comes on the line. "Can I request the Chappy Song?"

"Nee-sama!" Kon suddenly turns starry eyed. "Hold it! That brat did that on purpose!"

"I don't think Hitsugaya taicho would do something like that… would he?" the small medic's voice is timid sounding.

Radio Dial Off
Video Screen On

Up on the screen in the room, a few pictures flash by, as Gin plays with a remote control device. It finally ends on two side by side pictures, one of the small taicho, and another of a star. He turns towards the video camera, as he sits in his chair. "I don't know about you, but I find the fact chibi-taicho doesn't know about Justin Beaver too!"

"Jokes aside, seriously, the definition of public domain, isn't freely found on the net. If Rangiku had pictures up on the net, she wouldn't want you to use them for whatever purpose," the man smiles.

However, a blond haired female steps irritable into the room. "Why would you mention a female having those kinds of pictures on the web. It's going to go and make people look for them."

"Those kinds of pictures?" Gin suddenly scratches his head. His mouth then opens in a big round shape. "Oh… ahh… not those kinds. And I never would have… posted any… uhh… Ran's pretty? And aren't you one to talk?"

Haibel sticks her hands on her hips. "Sure, I'm one to talk… you are the type that would post such pictures."

As she then storms out, Gin mutters under his breath. "No I'm not. That's mean."

However, he quickly cheers up, and turns back to his audience… which is non-existant. "Well, anyways, I have a few things to say about song fics."

"First, most songs have nothing to do with the actual fanfic, and the song is simply used to spice up a story. Cheating anyone, but then… you probably think I'm one to talk here. Second, the more the fanfic is comprised of the song, the less unique and ingenious you are really being. Is it possible to have a songfic where only ten percent is the authors."

"Oh… and we can't forget reasoning for using songfics. They just so happen to be playing songs on the radio. Wouldn't a few lyrics suffice. Or, the notorious fanfic idol. Actually, this one I have to laugh at. Can you imagine chibi-taicho to participate. You would have to either get him drunk or on a sugar high for him to participate. Not that he doesn't have a good singing voice, he's just… very shy about it. You can ask Ran!"

"Well, good-bye for now! See you next time!" Gin also smiles. "I am also glad no one is bothering to watch. Aizen would kill me for my idiocracy."

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