Summary: Sora embarks on a mission to reconnect with the people who were separated years ago. Spoilers for all KH games, especially Birth by Sleep. Several parings but no slash.

Summary (Full): Sora embarks on a mission to reconnect with the people who were separated years ago. But in order to do so, he'll need the help of Aqua, one of the lost souls and the last Keyblade Master. They must try to work together in order to fully restore those who were lost. Spoilers for all KH games, especially Birth by Sleep. Several parings but no slash.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything is owned by either Disney and/or Square Enix. Also this is a musical. Disclaimers for music will be at the end of the chapters they appear in.

Pairings: (Romantic) Sora/Kairi, Aqua/Ven, Implied Roxas/Namine, (Friendships) Sora/Aqua, Sora/Riku, Kairi/Riku, Ven/Terra, Aqua/Terra, and Roxas/Axel.

A/N: I've been mulling over what I believe the inevitable final chapter of the Kingdom Hearts saga will be like, so I'm putting it to paper as a story. I've done this before, fans of the Reunion Series will notice that I wrote what I guessed what the games, 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep, would be like. Those were fun to write, but now that we all know the truth of 358/2 Days, and the truth has semi-recently been revealed for Birth by Sleep, so here's my guess for "Reconnect, Kingdom Hearts." Note: This is NOT a sequel to Reunion. It is a stand alone.

Be forewarned, I have a tendency to add music lyrics (albeit slightly altered lyrics) to my stories. When one appears, I'll list the name of the song and what it's from when the music is supposed to start, so that you can YouTube it (Or cue it up on your computer/iPod/etc if you have it) and get a good idea of how it sounds. I also would advise letting the music play in the back ground as you follow along with the lyrics and mentally substitute any changed words when they appear.


That's what he was.

He was all alone.

A young Keyblade wielder with spiky light brown hair, drifting on a simple wooden raft in the middle of the ocean. He looked over his shoulder and all he saw was just more ocean. He looked ahead. More ocean and the setting sun. He looked down at his hand and saw the lucky charm given to him by Kairi before he left the Destiny Islands.

"I have to do this." Sora said to himself. In his heart, he felt that this was right.

"I have to help those people." Sora said as he stretched and yawned. He was tired and it was getting late. He leaned against the lone mast of the raft and rested his hands behind his head. He had no gummy ship, it had been left at Twilight Town prior to the final battle with Xemnas and Organization XIII. It had then been recovered by King Mickey shortly after that.

"The edge of the world has to be around here somewhere." Sora said mid yawn. He then shut his eyes, his mind starting to drift back to what had happened only hours earlier.

Earlier on the Destiny Islands…

Tidus and Wakka were going at it in a game of Blitzball. They had managed to recruit Vaan and Penelo, two other kids from the main island, to join in the fun. Selphie stood on the sand with Kairi, watching the four playing in the water. Riku was watching from the wooden railing nearby, but he couldn't help but notice a certain spiky haired boy sitting on the sideways tree, staring out over the ocean, lost in his thoughts. With a sigh, Riku leapt over the railing and started heading over to his friend.

He knew what was going on, only a day or so ago; they had received a message in a bottle from King Mickey, telling them about something that they couldn't believe. Sora was apparently the only hope of saving three lost souls. Three people who had each suffered a horrible fate due to the actions of Xehanort. Sora had been mulling over this new knowledge carefully in his mind for a while and Riku could tell in his heart that Sora had made his decision. Kairi seemed to notice this too as she watched Riku approaching his friend.

"Sora." Riku said, causing the boy to turn towards him.

"Riku." Sora said as Riku walked up to look out over the water, stopping at the edge of the small island.

"Have you decided?" Riku asked, not looking at the young Keyblade wielder. Sora turned back to looking over the water.

"Yeah." He replied with a cleansing breath. In his hands were an empty glass bottle and a rolled up piece of paper with the king's seal on it. Neither of them noticed as Kairi approached them.

"Sora." She said, causing the two to turn towards her.

"Kairi." Sora said, leaping off the tree and to his feet.

"I…" He said, looking for a way to explain it but failing, looking at his feet.

"Yeah." Kairi replied. She knew what was happening. This surprised Sora, causing him to look at her in surprise for a moment before smiling at her and started approaching her.

"There are still sad people, and everyone's waiting. I have to put back everything that's connected to me." Sora said. Riku gave a small smirk. Kairi smiled, a hint of a tear in her eyes as she sighed slightly. She then reached for his hand and placed her lucky charm in it.

"Hurry back." Kairi said as she closed his fingers around the charm.


Sora took one last glance at the charm before putting it in his pocket. He looked up as the sky started to darken and the light of the stars started to appear in the beautiful night sky. He felt himself getting tired, the motion of the waves gently rocking the raft. He yawned again and leaned against the mast again before closing his eyes, drifting off to sleep.


"His heart is stirring."

"You still hold out hope do you?"

"I told you once before. I'm not giving up."

"And I have told you several times before. I've already won."

"You haven't won as long as I exist."

"None can withstand my might, and you know that more than anyone."

"If you were truly powerful, you would have destroyed me already."

"I have use for you, which is why you are not extinguished."

"I almost pity you for your arrogance. That's what he is; he is what will restore and maintain the balance."

"Balance. Balance is nothing compared to everlasting darkness."

"So says he who doesn't realize his plans stand a good chance of crumbling, all because of one boy."

"He is alone, with no one to aid him. He will fall into darkness and remained trapped for good along with his heart. And we both know what will happen if his heart falls into darkness. Not one but two hearts will be lost and all of that optimism within you will have been for naught."

"You truly believe that you're going to win huh?"

"Oh quite so. The boy isn't even a true Master of the Keyblade. I will crush him easily."

"And how do you explain the Heartless and the Nobody he slew? He's defeated both and masterfully so. Granted he lacks the guidance of a true master and he could stand to learn a thing or two. Was he to meet a true master…then you're plans will undoubtedly crumble."

"But there are no masters left to teach him. They're either dead or gone, as are your hopes of finally being rid of me."

"Then by all means, send him into darkness now and get it over with."


Back on the raft…

Sora was awoken by a loud roaring sound. He looked around to see that the sky was still filled with stars. He looked at the water which was starting to move faster around him, all in one direction. He looked straight ahead and saw a spot close on the horizon where the water just disappeared. He immediately realized what it was, a waterfall off the edge of the world, leading into a black abyss below.

Sora quickly turned the sail on the mast around away from the waterfall but it was no use. The currents were too strong and the raft kept being pulled towards the edge, dragging Sora along with it.

"Come on glide, don't fail me now!" Sora exclaimed as he double jumped into the air and started to try and glide away from the waterfall. Much to his relief, he managed to start gliding. But much to his horror, he was inexplicably floating slowly backwards towards the edge. He looked over his shoulder and saw the raft plunge into the abyss. He looked ahead to see the water start to churn. He then saw a Darkside Heartless appear from the churning water. Sora quickly summoned his Keyblade but the monster reared back its hand and then swung at the young Keybearer. Sora successfully dodged but that was enough. The dodge caused him to accidently turn towards the edge.

He lost control of his glide and immediately fell into the water and over the edge into the endless darkness below.

"All too easy."

"So it would seem."

"Are you ready to capitulate now?"

"Not quite. I'm still not convinced that he's out of the game."

"You are an optimist aren't you."

"I know light when I see it, and I still see his light…and the light of another."

"Your senses fail you. He is trapped, alone, within darkness."

"He may be in darkness. But he's not trapped…and certainly not alone."

"Foolish boy. You just don't know when to quit."

"You'll see. You haven't defeated him. Sending him into darkness will only end up making him even stronger."

"Darkness always makes one stronger, for darkness is strength."

"You misunderstand me. I did not mean that he would gain strength from darkness, but he would instead find strength from the light hidden within the darkness."

"You are delusional."

"Then I shall not waste my breath on you anymore. If you want to talk again later however, I'll be the one with the smug grin on his face."


It was cold and dark. He could hear the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore. He was laying face down on the dark sand and black rock covered beach. He pushed himself up to see the light of a single moon reflecting over the water's surface. Large craggy rocks hanging menacingly over the water only added to the effect of the world's dark existence. He looked around and he knew where he was. He had been there once before, with Riku, shortly after defeating Xemnas.

The Realm of Darkness.

He rolled over onto his back and sat up, looking out at the water.

"How did I end up here?" he asked. He looked around and saw no one, but that was partly due to the large black rocks surrounding him. He did however hear the familiar sound of footsteps in the wet sand. They sounded like they were getting closer. He climbed to his feet and looked around again. This time however he promptly came eye to eye with a pair of sparkling blue eyes. He yelped as he jumped back slightly, getting a better look at who he was looking at.

The person was wearing a black and blue, high-collared halter top, two pink, intersecting belts over its chest, and black shorts. It had an odd silver badge on their chest. On its arms are white bell-sleeves and tan, fingerless gloves. It was also wearing what appeared to be black stockings or socks on its legs which reached to about halfway up its thighs, leaving a small area of bare skin on its upper thighs. It also bore two strips of blue cloth that drape over either side of the hips, along with a smaller, white strip of cloth tied around its waist, draped in the same manner. It wore pointed, armored, silver boots with a sharp "hook" on the outer side of each. More importantly, this person was a late teenage looking girl as evidenced by her short blue hair and obviously moderate to large sized breasts.

"W-who are you?!" Sora asked as the girl stared at him in silent curiosity for a moment.

"You're real, aren't you?" the girl asked as Sora blinked, confused at the question.

"Yeah. I just got here though. But you never answered my question." Sora said as the girl turned away slightly.

"It won't make a difference who I am. I've been wandering around this world for a long time with no foreseeable escape in sight." The girl replied. Sora looked at her curiously, almost as if he recognized her somehow.

"Have we met? I feel like we've met before." Sora said as the girl sat down on the sand, facing the shore.

"We have never met. You do remind me of a boy I once met though. But that feels like it was so long ago." The girl said as Sora sat down next to her.

"Well, I know one thing's for certain. If I'm here, there's no way I can do what I'm supposed to do. I need to find those people and reconnect with them. I know it in my heart." Sora said as he reached into his pocket and pulled Kairi's charm out, running his thumb over it gently. The girl glanced at him for a moment then her eyes suddenly widened as she spotted the charm.

"Wait…that charm…where did you get that charm?!" She asked as Sora held it closer for her to look at it.

"A close friend of mine gave it to me. I promised that I would never lose it. She said that it would protect me and bring me luck." Sora replied as the girl gazed at it in shock, her mouth hanging open slightly.

"Are you okay?" Sora asked worriedly. The girl looked at him in surprise before reaching up her sleeve and pulling out a small blue star shaped charm of her own.

"Where did you get that charm?!" Sora asked surprised as he saw the charm.

"I made this one. It's one of a set of three. They're each made of Paopu Fruit skin. The very fact that you have a charm so similar to this one-…" the girl said, letting her sentence drop off before she looked Sora straight in the eyes.

"Is it really you? Are you…him? The boy with the Keyblade that's been keeping the worlds safe?" the girl asked hopefully as Sora looked at her worriedly.

"I've been trying to keep things normal…and I think I've succeeded. I defeated a very powerful Heartless and then the Nobody of that Heartless just recently. So the worlds should be safe now." Sora replied as the girl looked at him in silent curiosity for a moment before a smile spread across her face.

"You are the one. I knew that one day you would come." The girl said as Sora looked at her confused.

"What are you talking about?" Sora asked as the girl stood up.

"It's a very long story. One that's almost as old as you are Sora." The girl said, causing Sora to leap back in surprise at the mention of his name.

"How do you know my name?! I don't remember telling it to you." Sora said as the girl smiled and a joyful tear ran down her cheek.

"I knew it already. A stranger told me recently that he had encountered a young boy with a Keyblade that had been restoring many of the worlds out there. At first I thought it was one of my old friends from before, but when I asked for the boy's name, the stranger only shook his head and told me that the boy's name…the one who was destined to restore balance to the worlds…was Sora." The girl said as Sora looked intrigued.

"Who was this guy? Can I meet him?" Sora asked as the girl shrugged.

"I don't know who he is, where he's from, or where he's gone now. He vanished into the dark recesses of this world. It's not hard to do. Nothing in this world is as it seems. It may look familiar but you are always in a different place. It's like an endless maze." The girl explained as Sora's heart sank.

"Oh. Well any ideas on how to get out of here?" Sora asked as the girl sighed.

"None. I've been trapped here for what seems like only a few hours, but I understand that time flows differently here. A matter of hours here is probably a few years in the other worlds. Regardless of how time flows, I've been unable to escape. I can't find any sort of secret passages or any methods of travel. I dare not risk trying to swim in the water." The girl replied.

"Well then let's go looking for a way out together. I remember someone telling me once that Light is easy to find. I believe that this case isn't going to be any different." Sora said with an assuring smile as the girl looked at him curiously for a moment before smiling.

"Are you always this optimistic?" the girl asked as Sora shrugged.

"Pretty much." Sora replied. He then looked at Kairi's lucky charm and pressed it to his chest thoughtfully. The girl was about to place her charm back into her sleeve when it suddenly started to twinkle with light.

"Huh?" She asked confused. She looked over at Sora and saw that the other charm was also starting to twinkle.

"Sora! Sora look!" She exclaimed as Sora looked at the charms. All of a sudden the twinkling lights started to appear in the air around the charms, leaving small trails of light as the two streams of light started to move towards each other. Finally both streams merged and started moving at lightning fast speeds towards the moon. Without warning a blinding rectangle of pure white light appeared in midair, appearing as if a door was opening.

"Is that-?" the girl asked as Sora grinned excitedly. (Music Cue: Hikari (Simple & Clean) Orchestral Version - Utada Hikaru)

"The Door to Light! It's showing us the way out!" Sora said as a look of absolute relief swept over the girl's face.

"I don't believe it." She said breathlessly. She turned to look down at Sora who looked back up at her.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Sora said as the girl smiled and nodded.

"I think I should answer your question, Sora." The girl said as Sora looked at her confused.

"What question?" he asked back.

"My name…my name is Aqua." The girl replied as she extended her hand to him. Sora smiled and took her by the hand before turning towards the Door to Light. They both took a deep breath before walking towards the light which quickly grew to envelope them within its beams of crisp white light.

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