The ornate desk in front of him was littered with papers. There were contracts that needed to be signed, and letters that needed to be read, but those weren't what held the young man's attention.

Twenty years old, Ciel Phantomhive sat in his chair and contemplated the man standing before him. The vest, pocket watch, and crow-tailed coat were long familiar, as were the white gloves that hid the slender hands from view.

The smile was perhaps the most familiar of all.

"Sebastian," Ciel said suddenly, rising from his chair. "I've solved your ridiculous riddle."

"Oh? And what riddle would that be, Master?" asked the demon, smile slipping into a smirk as he watched the man stand.

"'If two strangers pass in the middle of the night on an empty street and exchange no words, but each give the other a token and brush hands, how do we know that the men existed?'" Ciel gave Sebastian his own smirk and walked around the desk.

"Given the parameters that have been set, in this situation there is no way to know if the two men were ever real."

"Certainly that is not your answer—"

Ciel grabbed Sebastian by the tie and pulled him forward.

"The only way to know that the two men existed is for them to meet again."

He kissed him.

"Now, go get me my tea."

The end! I have to say, I'm particularly fond of this story. It's one of my deeper ones, and it has a lot of pretty phrases in it. I just generally love it a lot.

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