Naruto the Sea Shinobi

By Yinshadow

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or One Piece

13 years ago, Konoha the leaf Pirate base was invaded by the Fleet Admiral Kyuubi and his 8 Commodores. Kyuubi has the command of a powerful Armada that any Pirate would never survive. The Pirate fleet sailed to stop the Kyuubi's Armada, many have perished and some were captured. Then the pirate Flagship Yellow Flash sailed and sank half of the Kyuubi's Armada with its legendary Rasengan Cannons. The Battle was brutal, Arashi "Flash" Kazama, Captain of the Yellow Flash jumps onto the Kyuubi's Falgship and killed all of the crew, save of 9. Fleet Admiral Kyuubi and his 8 Commodores encounters Captain Kazama and they began to cross swords.

"Ha ha, have at thee, Fox" said Arashi

"You won't win this battle, Pirate Scum" said Kyuubi

"If I die, I die for Pirate King Luffy" said Arashi "ALL HAIL MONKEY D LUFFY, KING OF PIRATE!!!!"

The pirates praises to the Pirate King.


The battle continues as the terrible storm brews and a gigantic Maelstrom forms in the middle of the battle field. The Yellow Flash and Kyuubi's Flagship sails at the edge of the maelstrom, Arashi clashes sword against the Fleet Admiral. Then Kushina Uzumaki, Arashi's first mate and lover fires the Rasengan Cannons at the Flagship's main mast. The main mast fall at the deck of the Yellow Flash and she runs on it like a bridge. Kushina still kills the passing marines as she aids her Captain and Lover. Kushina was pregnant with a baby boy, it happened 3 weeks before Kyuubi's attack. Kushina and Arashi strikes against Kyuubi, overpowering him.

This worries Kyuubi, being overpowered by a pirate is a disgrace to him.

How can this be possible, being overpower by pirates. THIS CAN'T BE!!!!


Kushina stops as she was shot by Commodore Shukaku, she looked at Arashi and collapses to the ground

"KUSHINA!!!!" shouts Arashi as he stops and runs to Kushina.

Arashi then helds Kushina as she is slowly dying.

"I'm sorry Captain, I failed you" said Kushina

"Don't be, you did your duty as my first mate and my wife" said Arashi as he kisses her.

"But Captain, what of our child" said Kushina

"He will make a great pirate, my love" said Arashi "Rest now you are dimissed"

"Aye...Aye, Cap..tain" said Kushina before she drew her last breath.

Arashi lays Kushina's body gentlely and looks at the Kyuubi in the eyes. Arashi then drops his weapons and drops to his knees.

"I, Captain Arashi "Flash" Kazama of the Konoha Pirates hereby surrender to the world Government" said Arashi in defeat.

Kyuubi grins as the marines restrains Arashi.

"For your Defeat, Arashi, I will temporary leave your former Pirate Base" said Kyuubi until the Marine Captain bows to Kyuubi

"Fleet Admiral, we got him, "The Straw Hat" are captured" said the Captain

"Oh, you're in luck Arashi, you will be honoured to die along with your Pirate King, Hahahaha" said Kyuubi.

The Armada leaves Isle of fire and sails to Lougetown, for the execution of the Pirate King and the great Pirate Captains.

Lougetown: Execution grounds

Arashi Kazama is walking to the execution grounds with the other notorious pirates.

Buggy the Clown, captain of the Buggy Pirates and former nemesis and now ally of the Pirate King.

Bon Clay, former Baroque works agent and good friend of the Pirate King.

Boa Hancock, former member of the 7 warlords and wife of the Pirate King.

Roronoa Zoro, the first mate of the Pirate King and the successor of the title; the world's greatest swordsman.

Sakumo "White fang" Hatake, an imamous pirate that rumoured to have devil fruit powers.

These known pirate then look at the greatest pirate that earned the Title of Pirate King. Monkey D Luffy, son of Monkey D Dragon the terrorist, smiles at the momone that he is about to die like his predecessor, Gol D Roger.

Arashi and the other pirates bows in respect to the Pirate King and say something that would forever be remembered.

"The first time I met you, you were an inexperienced fool of a pirate, but your bravery of sailing the grand line and claiming the one piece has forever gained my respect" said Buggy as he smiles "It would be a an honour to die by your side, Pirate King"

"You have gained allot of friends and less enemies, that is what I call an honourable person to have that title" said Bon Clay "We will forever be friends, Pirate King

"You proved that not all men are corrupted, you have a king heart" said Hancock as she smiles at her Husband. "I will die with you, my love"

"You have helped me gaining my goal, Captain" said Zoro "Now I can die as the World's greatest Swordsman and humble servant of the Pirate King"

Arashi and Sakumo bows at the Pirate King.

"This is a great honour to die with you, your majesty" said Arashi

"We will be forever be remembered as a legend" said Sakumo

Luffy smiles at his loyal followers and friends.

"I am honoured to be your King" said Luffy as he looks at the crowd "Listen up, I may die today but a new era of Pirates has begun, soon my Successor will find the One Piece and become the new KING OF THE PIRATES!!!!"

Those are Luffy's last words as the executioners plunge their blades into Monkey D Luffy, the Pirate King.

The pirates then shout in respect and salute to Luffy.

"Long live Luffy, King of the Pirate"

They all then walked up to the execution platform and waits their fate.

Since Buffy is unaffected to sharp objects, he was executed by the firing squad.

Bon Clay, Zoro, Hancock dies the same way as Luffy did, to symbolise their friendship.

Sakumo and Arashi are left, Sakumo broke from his chains and took a dagger, the Marines surrounds him so he won't escape, but he dosen't want to escape.

"Sakumo, what are you doing" said Arashi

Sakumo looks at Arashi and smiles and says his final words to him.

"It was an honour to fight by your side, my friend" said Sakumo "Now I will be with my beloved again."

Sakumo then commits seppuku and slowly dies, Arashi saluts to him.

"Rest in peace, Captain White Fang" said Arashi as his fate begins. "Before I die, I would like to say this"

Everyone got his attention, including Fleet Admiral Kyuubi and his 8 Commodores.

"I hereby curse the 9 warlord for their crimes for Regicide, I Arashi "Flash" Kazama, eater of the curse-curse fruit curses you Kyuubi and your Commodores." Said Arashi as an aura of sinister purple fills the area. "Your strength, power and soul will be forever sealed with a person who find that and uses it to DESTROY THE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!!!!"

After that Arashi is executed, the King of the Pirates and the greatest pirates are forever gone but not forgotten.

Kyuubi and his 8 commodore's starts to laughs as Arashi's last words were foolish, until Commodore Shukaku start to collapse.

"Commodore Shukaku, what's wrong"said Commodore Rokubi

Commodore Shukaku, known as the "One tailed Tanuki" starts to vanish.

The Fleet Admiral starts to panic, Arashi's curse has begun.


Cannon fire echoes in the wind as the Konoha Pirate starts to attack, Kakashi "Red-eye" Hatake and Jiraiya the Toad appears in the Execution grounds. Kyuubi starts to feel weak, the curse is affecting him as he sees his Commodores vanish from existence.

"Grr, you knew this would happen, Jiraiya the toad" said Kyuubi

Jiraiya the Toad is one of the great 3 pirates that was trained under the retired Captain Sarutobi. Jiraiya was also the teacher of now deceased Captain Kazama.

"Yes, you are all a threat to the next Pirate era" said Jiraiya as he sees Kyuubi slowly vanish.

The 9 warlords are completely vanished, and Jiraiya now holds a strange fruit that resembles a foxes head. Kakashi then seals the fruit into a chest.

"Keep this fruit sealed, if the world Government gets it, we're doomed" said Jiraiya as he carries his dead apprentice's body to get a proper burial.


The Konoha Pirates buries their Captain by the graves of the Old Captains of Konoha.

Sarutobi carries Arashi's child, Naruto Kazama, Jiraiya the Toad and Tsunade the slug are concerned about the child.

"The child will be a great pirate" said Sarutobi

"Yes, but we must keep his identity a secret" said Jiraiya

Tsunade nods

"Very well, the child will he sent to the shelters until he is at right age" said Sarutobi as he places Naruto at the crib, asleep.

"Soon, he will be a great Pirate, just like his parents" said Sarutobi


I hope you like this chapter, it is based 10 years after Luffy found the One Piece and I wanted him to have an honourable death, just like Gol D Roger. Luffy and Hancock has a newborn child. Anyway Naruto will begin his adventure to become the next King of the Pirates.