As promised, Dink and Valentine.

I was thinking about just ending Shadows in Flight here and i think i will. I'm not too happy with any of the four chapters and anyways, i'm in a bit of a poetic mood, hence Song of the Giants (*hint*imightwantyoutoreadthattoo). Although i will be a tiny bit sad to see it go. After all, this is my first fanfic and i've learned a lot from it. For starters, i suck at writing speculatives and should probably stick to flat out stories, which the next one definitely will be (either a story or another poem).

So i guess this is it, the last chapter everybody! Enjoy.

*i also found out, about a week too late, that Carn Carby is Australian

and i just found out how to make that line thing! Yes!

From: Dink Meeker

To: Valentine Wiggin

Subject: Battle School

I've read your volumes on the Bugger Wars and I have to say, you've analyzed me well, though it wouldn't hurt to squeeze me into a few more places would it? Though I can't complain, you didn't mention Bean at all. Was that to save him? To let humanity forget about his existence? To set him free? Or did you not know? No matter what the reason, and no matter how much we all know he deserves to be recognized, it's better that no one knows. Did you know? Did you speak to Ender; ask his opinion, when writing the volumes? Or is the completely your own speculation?

If it is, then I deem you quite mad indeed. Just as Ender needed to love the Buggers to defeat them, you must have understood us in order to speak for us. That means you are just as insane as the Jeesh. The hours of research and thought you spent on us may have made you even more so than us. But, you were already crazy before that. To work for Peter.

They say you were too soft, but I think you'd be perfect for Battle School. Just look at what Peter made you. Demosthenes. Reading your work on the nets, I saw nothing of what 'Val' was, of the angel that Ender had described. The propaganda you spread moved even me. I knew the truth, yet your lies, your poison still worked so well. You should have been with us up on Eros. Played with us, fought with us. You would have made it to the very end, then their death would be your fault too. Have you asked Ender about this? He and Bean were the only ones to feel it then; that our Xenocide would not be forgiven. The rest of us thought we had won, were heroes, to be exalted in all the Earth. But now we're murderers, hated by everyone. They forget that we were just children. And sometimes I forget that you were just a child. Molded and manipulated by Graff, by Peter.

They called you soft and you drove for power; they called you sweet, and you made bitter the nets. Peter knew the truth and Ender was lost in his delusions.

But I know you differently. All this time, you've lived for Ender, you left for him, and before that, you wrote for Peter. Your whole life has been dictated by others and I wonder, Valentine, what you would have wanted. You told the world what we would have wanted, what Ender wanted, and what the Buggers wanted. What about you?

Dink Meeker

From: Valentine Wiggin

To: Dink Meeker

Subject: Re: Battle School

I already have what I want. I have Ender, I have Demosthenes, I have my volumes, and I've lost Peter. What more could I ask for?

I've seen my brother live and laugh, and I've seen my other brother bring about world peace. But those things aren't my life, their others'. The truth is, Dink, there was never anything I really wanted. Not even to be with Ender those seven years. And that's why you were wrong about Battle School. I was too soft, I wasn't ambitious enough. The cruelty and ambition you saw from me weren't me, they were Demosthenes. Valentine and Demosthenes are not the same. You were also incorrect in saying Peter made me. I chose to follow him, I chose to become that person. If I couldn't help the brother I loved, then what else could I apply my intelligence to than to help the brother I hated to accomplish a future that I approved of? I work not for profit now, but to see it bloom in the future. That's where Battle School fell short. You guys didn't look ahead. You couldn't see the true outcome. It was not fame and power, but isolation. I did not belong with you.

And about Bean, I did know where he was, but that place was not a part of Ender. You, the rest of his Jeesh, were bound to him, his story was yours. But as for Bean, though he was closest to Ender, his story is far greater than my dear brother's. He deserves more than to be written on these pages. His story is for him to record, for I cannot even begin to analyze Julian Delphiki.


P.S. I noticed that I inadvertently signed this email Demosthenes. I thought about changing it back to Valentine, but decided against that. I've realized that I am no longer Valentine; I'm closer to what Peter wanted, closer to Demosthenes.