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Mistral learned that the places the Kindred stayed were considered minor Territories within the realm of Kaeleer, and they were only loosely connected to the mundane world. Long ago Witch- Dreams Made Flesh had taught how to jump a gap between territories, and eventually permanent gates had also been created and abandoned. Although when Witch had purified the blood it had been necessary, only a comparatively few generations after she left the blood had been weakened and slowly started forgetting everything she had tried to preserve. The Kindred remembered and tried to stay true in the hopes that eventually another Witch would come, but had enough trouble surviving. The mundane world was Terreille, or Terra/Earth as people now called it. Somehow Terreille had grown in size and changed drastically through a series of somewhat strange and cataclysmic events. The magic users had no history or memories of the time of Witch anymore, and had even forgotten or lost their respect for blood females and Queens. They had adapted to many of the mundane or landen beliefs, and now some even governed themselves through elected Kings or Ministers. Male rulers were considered unstable at best by the Kindred, but many magicals had completely reversed the natural order and actually considered females weak and unable to rule. The Kindred tried to stay abreast of the wizard and witches politics, because major upheavals often led to danger. Some of the Kindred in Terreille had become trapped in Terreille and lost their way during one of these periods, forgetting craft/magic and letting their instincts so consume them that they were considered mere beasts without intelligence even by fellow Kindred. This served as a warning to the remaining Kindred.

All of this history was something that Mistral only gradually picked up by listening to storytellers/history keepers during Meetings. She had learned early on that the type of Kindred tribe she was part of were variations of the Aceilan Cats, but time, magic, and some mixing with non-Kindred cats had made them have endless variations in coloring, body type, and size. The Japanese style names her most immediate guardians had was based on the fact that the tribe had spent a long time in a Kaeleer territory with an abandoned permanent gate to Japan in the past, before they had been forced away by Japanese magic users who discovered the gate. Mistal's pale gray stripes on white fur, while unusual or impossible in Terra, was not too uncommon in her tribe. Mistral spent most of time with Kazmaru, Mizura, and Hougumo, and usually only met the Queen, Warlord, and others at official Meetings and in passing. The entire mountain range and some valleys acted as a sanctuary for Kindred of many tribes. All Kindred feared the Magic users who were now unable to hear psychic threads, and often captured or killed Kindred as beasts. The Unicorns were often killed for potions ingredients, although officially they were protected by the magical governments.

Riding the winds, the natural currents of power in the realm of Kaeleer, throughout the Mountain range became one of Mistral's joys in life. She got to know many different tribes of Kindred by that method. Gradually though she began noticing a change in herself. Although her base form remained the same, she started gaining traits and skills from other Kindred as well. Many Kindred began to regard her with hope, and occasionally she would hear the words Flesh made into Dreams, in tones of questioning and hope on the so called private psychic threads between Kindred that she was able to listen in to anyway. The Black Widow spider Kindred, the only experts on weaving tangled webs to predict possible futures remaining, began to speak of a possible new Witch coming into power. Although Mistral tried to ignore this, or pretend it had nothing to do with her, her birthright stone had been darkening in shade even without an offering. Her skills and power also increased. Her name was based on the icy winds that were easily summoned and controlled by her. Now she was gaining new power as well. Her jewel was still mostly blue with yellow, but it was now a very dark blue violet in the center with thin swirls of yellow and more normal blue on the edges. In addition to icy wind, Mistral had gained an ability to summon hot winds and sparks of lightning. Since lightning was considered a type of fire, this was very odd, and a sign of her jewel gaining some of the power of a red jewel. With these all these changes, Mistral began to get the sneaking suspicion that she would be more than an ordinary Kindred, and might possibly become the new Witch.

Although Mistral had long since lost track of years, keeping track of seasons and Meetings instead, midway through her tenth year something occurred that forced her to recall her human past. During one of the confusing nightmares Mistral had, she had changed and become human again. When she had woken she had panicked. Having two legs and short human arms, the horrible dull senses, and feeling cold and vulnerable again made her utterly terrified. After an hour she had managed to return to what she now considered her true form, but becoming human had deeply shaken Mistral. She tried to keep what happened a secret, but she started having more frequent nightmares and changing more often, so her adopted parents and uncle swiftly learned of the new development. They were all concerned, especially since they knew that the human magic users invited young-lings to magic schools at around 11 years, and they knew that Mistral was approaching that age. Eventually they decided to privately bring the issue to the attention to the Queen and Warlord at the next Meeting. Mistral herself did not pay attention to that, other than a sort of nebulous anxiety, because her power was starting to act up. Now anytime she felt a strong emotion the wind would pick up, changing temperature and direction randomly and sometimes creating localized whirlwinds. Hunting became difficult again because of those winds, and when she felt frightened or angry sparks were generated and built up in her fur. Riding the winds around the mountain range to visit the numerous acquaintances she had also became more difficult, with her power fluctuations dropping her into lower level winds or even propelling her into red level winds for short periods of time. Eventually the Meeting time occurred, and Mistral's adopted parents brought all this to the attention of the Queen and Warlord near the end when Kindred had begun drifting away in groups of private conversations and exchanged gossip. Mistral herself had remained silent during that conversation, trying to stay calm and prevent any flareups of power.

Eventually though the Queen turned her attention to Mistral. I have heard what your parents have had to say, but that does not tell me your reaction to all this, the Queen sent to Mistral. I do not know what to do, my natural reaction is to feel more fear, anger, annoyance, terror, and confusion, which just seems to make the situation worse, Mistral replied. I do not know how to control my powers anymore. Despite her earlier attempt at control, the wind was picking up and sparks had started jumping in Mistral's fur again. The Queen stared at Mistral a while, then started up a private psychic thread to the Warlord, which actually stayed private because it was on an Ebon-gray level. Eventually the Queen spoke to Mistral, her parents, and Kazmaru, who had been hanging in the background. Based on the time this problem started manifesting, my Consort and I believe that Mistral may have to actually learn to change to human at will, as well as start leaning more human customs, so that she can go to a human magic school and stabilize her power. It is obvious that we will have to come up with some story that does not betray our location or existence to the humans as well. Thankfully Mistral is small for her age due to the past troubles so when she gains the ability to change at will she can claim to be barely past ten instead of nearly eleven. The humans are unlikely to have records of her after so long, so it will be safe to use her human name.